Hitman 3 Guide Best Weapon and Equipment

When playing Hitman 3, the best equipment and weapons aren’t offered free. You’ll need to earn them by repeatedly completing missions and raising your Mastery level. The higher your mastery level for every task, the more bonus rewards you’ll make. You can also obtain new locations to start weapons, equipment suits, and much more. However, we’ll concentrate on the basics. These are the top tools to unlock that are essential.

You’ll likely gain access to most of these weapons on the first try. If you can complete each task using Silent Assassin as your Silent Assassin rank, you’ll quickly earn five levels of skill within a single session. If you try your hand on Silent Assassin, Suit Only, and Suit Only, you’ll earn more points for skill.

However, levels can be completed in any order. So we’ve put together a list of items worth acquiring the first time and the missions that go with them. Certain of them are essential to reach the rank of Silent Assassin on Master difficulty.

How do unlock the most effective weapons

  • Emetic poisoning: Dubai, skill level 5. The poison causes nausea. After drinking or eating the poisoned drink or food, the poisoned person goes out of the area and then tries to locate a spot to dispose of. It is typically a private toilet.
  • A Briefcase ICA Mk. III Dubai with skill levels 7. A briefcase where you can store an item. It allows you to carry an additional illicit item in your bag without raising suspicion.
  • Lockpick Mk. III: Dartmoor, skill level – 2. It is used to open doors. This is not a solution for doors equipped with smart cards and electronic locks.
  • Sedative Poison Vial: Dartmoor, skill level 7. Similar to Emetic Poison, Sedative Poison can be applied to food or drinks in order to make the victim pass out following the consumption.
  • ICA Remote Micro Taser: Berlin, skill level – 2. A small device that when activated remotely, can paralyze any person within the area of its effect. Because of its tiny dimensions, its location is not visible to NPCs.

    • Custom 5mm DTI: Berlin, skill level 7. A pistol with an silencer that is able to be concealed in the course of the search. Small ammunition that is not recharged.
  • Custom 5mm DTI.
  • The Lethal Poison: Berlin, skill level 10. The poison is potent and causes death when inhaled. Food or drinks can be poisoned and even cause death is considered to be an accident.
  • Electal Poison.
  • Electronic Key Hacker Mk. III: Chongqing, skill level 2. A device that is disposable and allows you to select electronic locks. This is your only chance to enter certain places without disguise.
  • ICA Pen Syringe Emetic: Chongqing, skill level – 5. Special Emetic Poison delivery method with the help of the pen. It allows you to make drinks poisonous without raising suspicion.
  • Kalmer 2 – Tranquilizer: Mendoza, skill level 5. A highly effective weapon that can shoot tranquilizer darts to result in unconsciousness upon impact. It is extremely useful in the non-lethal incapacitation of guards.
  • Krugermeier 2 Silver: Mendoza, skill level 10. The most quiet weapons in games. Great for distracting enemies.
  • Krugermeier 2-2 Silver.
  • Sieger 300 Viper: Mendoza, skill level 20. Sniper rifle equipped with silencer that is the most effective available. It is essential to pass that have Sniper Assassin ranks.

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