Hints for Far Cry 3

Here are some hints and tricks for Far Cry 3

  • Codes can be activated the same way as Far Cry 2: in the properties of the game shortcut, add command lines (separated between commas):
    -GameProfile_GodMode 1, -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1
  • If you are capturing the base, use a sniper rifle equipped with a silencer. Get within shooting distance of the target, and then take out opponents.
  • If you’re riding the jet ski and spot the enemy, leap off at high speeds so that the enemy doesn’t be able to.
  • If you’re in danger of dying If you are in risk of dying, turn off the map, and teleport back into the back of your base.

And here is the Far Cry 3 Android iOS version you can enjoy on your mobile device.

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