Henderson Skate 4 Is Already Being Tested – Wait For News Soon

It appears that news of Skate 4 is just close to the surface. The first hint was made through Electronic Arts head Andrew Wilson, and then by journalist Tom Henderson.

Sources have told the Henderson:

  • It is likely that development is farther ahead than we would expect.
  • As per the Origin API, Skate 4codenamed Project Dingoproduction is currently in the quality control stage.
  • Within API The game known as Skate So we can anticipate a reboot from the franchise.
  • Rumors about a conditionally-free distribution system aren’t proven.
  • There is probably going to be some cross-play.

When will we get an official announcement? It’s not likely to be regarding EA Play Live -the company has pulled the summer show in 2022. The news about the game “electronics” will spread on top of the whole year.

Skate 4 is expected to be released on PCs, at the very minimum.

API Origin.

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