Hell Let Loose Test

The designers have gone to great lengths to recreate the battles as accurately and thoroughly as possible. The scope includes the design of the uniforms and locations of the historic arsenal of weapons. The entire tank army is straight from a straight-from-the-past. In this sense, Black Matter has done exceptionally well that has the most positive influence on the mood and the atmosphere.

The authentic feeling continues throughout the actual game. In this way, Hell Let Loose is almost a shooter with a harder edge, which is quite distinct from the multiplayer options of Call of Duty & Co. There aren’t a lot of visual aids like the crosshair, which aids players when shooting at the enemy. However, there are at least markings that allow you to identify the position of your enemies. In addition, it’s as hard as nails: Just a couple of strikes can cause death – sometimes only one. Thus, bloody beginners may struggle to get the ball rolling and not quit from sheer discontent.

It’s impossible to do without collaboration

This brings us to the following central element in Hell Let Loose. Although in other multiplayer shooters, you can play by yourself – at least to a certain degree; however, here, you’ll never get much further without genuine cooperation. Everything is centered around good coordination, agreements, and strategies in this game. The 50-man team is split into multiple squads that also talk to each other within the group.

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If they do not immediately, chaos develops when the field is crowded. This is what results in defeat. The two game modes revolve around fighting and protecting individual sections of a larger arena. The team with the largest portion of these zones towards the game’s conclusion is the winner.

This alone makes evident that a disciplined method of communication is vital. When you communicate in this manner, you can choose to speak only to your squad members or soldiers who are nearby. It’s delightful when, for instance, you can take over the position of your adversaries by launching a well-planned flank attack since they didn’t have a plan. This is the thing that makes Hell Let Lose so appealing because it is close to the experience of a real battle. Not much happens without coordination, communication, and total collaboration. Of course, it’s more irritating when you play with loud players. The best way to play an online game is little use if your teammates aren’t willing to cooperate. More than in other games, your enjoyment depends on the human players.

Be aware of your part in the game

Another intriguing aspect of Hell Let Loose is the role-playing system that not only provides an experience that is slightly different according to your preference. However, it also emphasizes the concept of teamwork. This is because the other soldier types are dependent on one another. For instance, only the Medic can bring fallen soldiers back to life and consequently to battle. An Automatic Rifleman, however, is an expert in his craft when it is time to unleash a suppressive fire using the aid of his firearm. But, he soon runs empty of ammo. Because you won’t be able to find ammunition anyplace in the area, and you aren’t able to purchase different weapons. You’ll have to use the standard Rifleman to carry extra ammunition. Also, there’s the Grenadier one, used to destroy tanks, and… It’s easy to observe from these examples how crucial synergies are. In groups that aren’t balanced, they don’t do anything.

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Acoustically and visually, Hell Let Loose makes an impressive impression, especially considering the game’s low budget. Certain textures appear less than perfect sometimes, and the animations may not be clear, but overall an overall positive impression is left. The PS5 version isn’t too far from the PC version when it comes to this. However, what doesn’t function as well on the console is the control system. In addition to the traditional distinctions among the controls and mouse and keyboard combination, some actions don’t go as smoothly. For example, the ability to target enemies can be a little more efficient. However, this isn’t very significant.

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