Hell Is Us – An Action Game About Drones Swords And World Exploration From The Art Director Of Human Revolution

Nacon along with Rogue Factor have released The Hell is Us an adventure action game that features open-world gameplay where intense close-quarters battles are paired with a desire to explore. The game’s creator director will be Jonathan Jacques-Belletete art director on the Deus Ex game Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.

The setting for Hell is Us is a region hit by a tsunami of destruction. The nation is engulfed in unrest, and in some areas, supernatural creatures have appeared that cannot be defeated with traditional weapons. However, the terrifying monster is still human. “The principal concept of the game is that human cruelty can be a continuous cycle, fuelled by our human desires and emotions,” says Jean-Jacques Bellecet.

Teaser trailer for Hell is Us.

Third-person game play in a semi-open universe. The most critical weapons include spears, swords, and axes. Combating creatures in some way aids the drone. The authors also present an original system of exploration across the globe. The game has no map, compasses, or quest marks. Instead, everything is built on intuition, desire, and an original game design and scenario.

The release date for Hell is Us is scheduled for 2023. The platforms include are PC (Steam, EGS), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Found a translation of a text to Russian. The engine was using Unreal Engine 5.

Only the teaser trailer is available as game images to date.

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