Heaven’S Vault Test

This is why I’m going to guide you in the land and the tale of Heaven’s Vault that isn’t less interesting or distinctive than the game’s concept. You play the archaeologist Aliya Elasra, whose occupation is considered to be incompatible with Heaven’s Vault. It is thought that the present is the product of the development of history that has lasted for centuries and that our universe exists in a perpetual state of stasis, created by gods.

A Unique World

Society is now at a degree that is similar in many ways to the technology of the 19th and 18th centuries on Earth; however, it is also awash with technological advances, such as computers and robots that have advanced artificial intelligence. Although most people believe these advances as gifts from God, Aliya suspects the workings of a high-tech society long ago fallen victim to the cosmic catastrophe and whose ruin and legacy she examines in her journeys.

Then you begin to discover the whole solar system as an open world, not on the blinking and flashing spaceship from sci-fi, but instead travel through space on an old wooden sailboat floating in the ethereal waters connecting the stars. Heaven’s Vault is not based on its physical world and follows its laws. Much like the human society that has its contradictions and connections are revealed to you more and more as you go around: the arrogance and pride of the dominant class at the center of the galaxy, the desperation of the oppressed on the planets with rough terrain located in the outskirts, and the courtesy on the bustling bazaars of the trading post.

The appearance of Aliya and her distinctive headscarf hint at it. The look and feel of the universe of Heaven’s Vault are unique. What is the last time there was an SF universe that wasn’t conceived to project an empty, Western past to the distant future? Heaven’s Vault, on the contrary, appears to be a fantastic reimagining of the oriental world with its white chalky Adobe structures with pointed arches, domed roofs, bright ornaments, and loose-fitting clothing. Heaven’s Vault appears at every moment like it is familiar yet mysterious that is authentically grounded yet mysteriously enchanting, all without needing to continually offer the clichés of dieselpunk universes that have been relegated to a mediocre level of creativity.

Discovering the secrets of its past and present is an enjoyable experience after a long and grueling period of acclimatization. Heaven’s Vault provides you with a lot of freedom. Many of the most exciting discoveries and twists are unavoidable, making their secrets available only to the most observant and determined explorationists. This means that in the end, they’re genuinely discoveries and not as road signs on a one-way narrative route that some author has pre-tarred and marked for everyone.

Heaven’s Vault isn’t a typical adventure game that you click and drags in which combining the right items in the inventory initiates the gradual development of the narrative. Instead, it’s an adventure game that involves exploring the ruins of millennia-old excavation sites and descents as well as forgotten gardens and crumbling estates as well in bustling settlements and bustling markets and where conversations with the other characters unfold intriguing stories that are sometimes and sometimes fascinating, occasionally thrilling – but never so much as you’re used to experiencing from these games in the passing out of tidbits of secondary quests.

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In dialogues frequently, there are decisions to be made that may have little but sometimes more significant effects on the story and, most importantly, in subtle and unpredictable ways, the dynamic between Aliya and her robotic hero Six is clear, and sharpness provides. Like the relationship between Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us or Kratos and Atreus in God of War, much of the story unfolds through their ongoing dialogues on their largely solitary travels in uncharted territories.

These conversations again demonstrate the excellent writing skills British developer Inkle previously shown in the previous title, the fantastic game that was an interactive book, “80 Days.” While Six is initially portrayed as an everyday companion, offering amusement through humorous remarks and serving as a clue to those puzzles. However, a complex dynamic is created over time due to the fragile bond between a group united in intent and distrust. In reality, Six is supposed to serve as a watchdog for the benefit of the school, keeping an eye on Aliyah’s every move and warning her about committing a crime.

With each new adventure they go through together, they become closer in friendships, and Six develops a personal loyalty that is at odds with his programmable obligation. In time, the seemingly harmless conversation turns into a multi-layered discussion regarding which species that is human or robotic has more superiority over the other and, upon closer examination, is serving whom, even though they are unaware they’re in a state with a sense of dependency that resembles slavery. Heaven’s Vault results from this sophisticated and subtle critique of social injustices and racism.

The conversations between them provide a glimpse of what makes a true hero character in the form of what a singularly strong female character Inkle has created in Aliya Elasra. Filled with the desire to discover and a firm conviction about the controversial truth, she continues on the wrong way, sometimes recklessly, and becomes increasingly hostile to an ideology that purportedly oozes compassion and tolerance but requires unconditional loyalty to be rewarded.

Extraordinary Enigma

The world, the story, and the characters are worth taking a trip to Heaven’s Vault. However, the most intriguing aspect of the game is its unique game mechanics. In Heaven’s Vault, you don’t gather things like garbage and then discover a logical use somewhere else. Also, you don’t turn on switches in a random order or place gears into old machines sorted by size.

Instead, you discover the hieroglyphics from a lost language from a forgotten civilization on the walls of ruins from centuries ago and statues’ pedestals and inscriptions on antique equipment. At first, it sounds a bit bizarre and dry, and nothing; however, it’s a lot of fun. Heaven’s Vault requires quite a bit of time before total confusion turns into a sense of foreboding and then the ability to comprehend. “Huh? How do I find out what that means?” is the initial reaction when you see the unidentified symbols that the game demands to unveil. Unfortunately, the initial attempts aren’t any more than intuition.

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But, after a few years, one starts to see an underlying system behind the apparent random scrawl. One also discovers specific characters and can understand the feelings, draw cross-connections and finish the initial translations. The inscribed on the statue of gods, for instance, is ascribed with”God “God” with the word “God” in a prominent manner is obvious. If it is flanked at the entry point to the structure next to the statue by an image that appears as God has an overhanging roof and a roof over his head, then it could be concluded that it may be a reference to the home that is the house of God, i.e., the temple or church. With the curved line before every verb, it could change to “pray.” Perhaps more like “bless”?

Through this method, you will gradually gain access to new words before you finally come to terms with the ever-more complex rules of grammar and syntax. Although it may seem incredibly dry and unwieldy in the abstract, it quickly ignites an intoxicating curiosity. Each word is successfully decoded, and every sentence that has been translated completely gives you the euphoric feeling of being the only person to be one step closer to solving an age-old mystery about a lost culture. The archeologist who is deciphering the message of an unidentified, long-dead King in an ancient pyramid would be feeling something similar to this.

Don’t be intimidated by this! The puzzles might seem complicated and confusing. But the game does not leave you isolated by the drizzle. The numerous choices available for each word typically will allow you to figure out the correct answer using elimination on your own or even provide a rough idea. If you can correctly identify the word multiple times across different paragraphs, this game can confirm the correctness of your choice. This is why it’s not uncommon for words that were not guessed initially to be discovered one after the others in a domino effect. The appearance of characters can provide a hint, as hieroglyphs, at least to a certain degree, usually contain representational or symbolic representations and paraphrases.

The thrilling action game Heaven’s Vault is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the trailer that goes with it.

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