Hearts of Iron 4 cheats and console commands

Like any other massive strategy game released by Paradox, Heart of Iron IV can be a bit difficult at times for the least ardent World War II gamers to grasp. Let the trial-and-error approach and reading numerous guides certainly help if your game didn’t play how you expected. Console commands and cheats will allow you to play more freely.

Furthermore, they are helpful if you simply like to test various scenarios. What could happen when a civil war started to break out during mid-air during D-Day or if someone began the bombing of every province with no warning? Maybe this answer is more apparent than the first. However, the concept is simple that it’s an excellent method to escape an awkward situation or simply to enjoy yourself.

List of console commands and cheats

Accessing Hearts of Iron IV console commands and cheats is simple. All you need to do is hit the Tilde (>) key to launch the console. After that, you simply type any of the commands listed below.

Note that these items aren’t accessible on Iron Man mode or multiplayer battles. As is the norm numbers, tags, and IDs are entered with no brackets. Here are some tips for using Hearts of Iron IV console commands and cheats:

  • Tdebug – allows debugging details such as nation IDs and tags
  • Cp (number) – gives an unspecified number of political power points
  • ST (amount) – gives an number of stability points
  • Ws (number) – gives an exact number of points for war support.
  • allowtraits allows you to give free capabilities to generals
  • gain_xp (amount) – gives the character selected a certain amount of experience
  • gain_xp (ability) – gives the character of choice the selected ability
  • xp (amount) – gives the player access to the military, fleet and air experience in the force
  • whitepeace (country tags) – makes peace on the status quo with specific countries
  • instantconstruction instant conclusion of all projects, including ships
  • debug_nuking lets you nuke any province regardless of the circumstances
  • events (event ID) (target country tag) – executes the specified event
  • annexe (country tag) – annexes the specific country
  • manpower (amount) – gives the player the amount of manpower
  • fuel (amount) – gives the player a specific amount of fuel
  • Nu (amount) – gives the player a specific amount of points for national unity.
  • nuke (amount) – gives the user a specific amount of nukes.
  • research_on_icon_click – opens technology research by clicking on its icon in the technology tree
  • setowner (country tag) (province identifyr) – sets the owner of the province.
  • civilwar (ideology) (target tags for countries) – starts a civil war
  • set_ruling_party (group of ideologies) – sets the specific party’s that is ruling.
  • it immediately trains ships and divisions
  • resistance (amount) – increases resistance in the province by a specific number of points
  • comply (amount) – increases conformity to the provincial law by the stipulated amount of points
  • deletes all units (country tag) – removes all units in a particular country.
  • Focus.NoChecks – removes the conditions that affect focus
  • Focus.AutoComplete – executes focus immediately

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