Haven Review – Romance and Routine Review

The game of adventure Haven truly showcases the love story of a couple that is in love, however, it falls short on the gameplay front and the co-op is insignificant. More details in our review.

  • producer: The Game Bakers
  • Publisher: The Game Bakers
  • Date of release: December 3, 2020

What’s the game’s focus

The main characters from Haven, Kay and Yu have escaped from a totalitarian regime that governs every aspect of people’s lives, right down to deciding an mate. Unwilling to live with this kind of arrangement they (who were assigned completely various partners to the Allocator) take over the spaceship and escape to a planet that is abandoned in which a girl and a boy are finally able to enjoy each others company. The idyllic life is quickly disrupted by a quake that results in the ship falling into decline. The heroes are forced to travel far away from their Nest to find the sources that can enable them to fix the ship. They must discover some of the mysteries surrounding a world which isn’t as simple as they believed.

What I loved about

  • Atmosphere. The game mechanics aside What we’ve got in front of us is a romantic film that you can trust the characters. Kay and Yu talk casually, discuss their experiences, laugh at each other and, generally, they behave as if they are an actual couple. Their relationship is real and as you progress through the game, it grows stronger. This also provides some benefits. The game’s creators managed to convey the realness of the emotions and feelings of the characters which is amazing – very few games can be able to do this.
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  • Picture. It isn’t necessary to expect a technologically advanced experience out of the graphic, however this game has bright colors and unique views of aliens. The locations aren’t bursting with details, however the artists tried their best to create a variety of fauna and artifacts of the civilization that abandoned the earth.
  • Localization. Haven does not have a Russian voice-over on Haven however, the text is qualitatively translated, and localizers have even created new words to describe Plant names as well as local swear words.
  • Motion. Characters seldom move by themselves – why is that, why do you need antigravity boots that permit you to be in the “flow” and swooping across huge distances? If the two of you join hands and glide across the grassy fields it’s almost as if you don’t wish to take off the gamepad stick. The sensation of speed is pleasing.

What did you not like?

  • Co-op. It’s a great idea The two players play the characters at the same time as they explore the world together and making choices in dialogues. I was disappointed with the way it was implemented when the control is passed to one of the players and the other follows and during conversations, they do be argued with – the two gamers must select the same response. Also, the fights are more enjoyable when you manage the heroes on your own.
  • Battle system. It’s both good as well as not so great. Combat resembles a game of “rock-paper-scissors”, where you have to choose the type of action – strike, explosion or defense – and apply it in time. The battles aren’t fast, and it’s not always possible to meet time (but the players very effectively protect each other from attack from enemies). However, there are difficult bosses and the crafting system allows you to create various ways to heal potions. In addition, Kay and Yu are peaceful, and they do not take out the animals who have been defeated however, they do they help them calm down.
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  • It’s a blank world. There are no locations, and the changes between them are marked with loadouts and landscape isn’t a lot of detail. The only thing you need to do is glide around, rid the world from “rust,” collect resources and explore rare places that are worth a visit. There’s plenty of repetitive to do, and during the initial portion of the game, every return back to “The The Nest” through a couple of tiny areas , I had a headache. The game becomes easier from there however, it’s still a long way to be completed before reaching the level.

Is it worth taking?

Haven is a fantastic game for those who are interested in stories and are able to empathize with the characters. It is possible to play with your loved one however, you’ll need to be able to deal with the issues of control. While it’s as simple as it could seem, this project won’t be for all. For the game aspect, it’s not very well developed however, in the context of romance, it could be regarded as a amount.

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