Harvest Moon One World Review Review

The genre of virtual farms famous in the United States has grown in popularity thanks to social networks, and mobile gaming is a lot older in the background. For instance, Harvest Moon, the Harvest Moon series began in 1996 and has been in existence today, including its most recent installment, just released Harvest Moon: One World, which is the subject of this article.

  • Producer: Natsume Inc.
  • Publisher: Rising Star Games
  • Date of Public Release: March 5, 2021

What exactly is Harvest Moon: One World

Rain is the ultimate lifesaver. Hand watering can be very exhausting.

One World continues the Harvest Moon series, an intersection between virtual farming and life simulation. The game is available predominantly on Nintendo consoles and occasionally Sony. As with all these games, the story or the lore is not essential and even fundamental. The most important thing is for players to unwind while cultivating virtual fruits and vegetables.

This is all pretty canonical. When we create the boy or girl character, we discover along with him in an obscure book that the world once was abundant, and then, the people forgot about the goddess of Harvest, and she was gone. Since then, there’s nearly no fertile soil, and only potatoes can be cultivated.

There isn’t better fertile soil.

Then we get to meet an individual of the Fairy Harvest who explains possibilities of the possibility of reviving the Goddess. She offers us a crown full of seeds and concludes by telling us how to cultivate it.

From here, everything is in our control. We come across a patch of fertile soil, divided into squares, where each could be a garden, create a farm, and, with the help of our brilliant Doc Junior, our friend Doc Junior can roll into a pocket and then begin the long and difficult path to a rich harvest and the return of the Harvest Goddess.

What I enjoyed about HTML0

In the winter, the cabbage plants
  • Big open world. One World offers a vast selection of regions. Once you’ve settled in the area you’ve chosen to start, you can go across the globe, divided into five regions with different scenic and natural landscapes. There’s The Hawaiian Settlement Halo-Halo (no Master Chief is not a resident there) as well as The Western European village Lebkuchen, the Arabic Pastilla as well as the Lapland-inspired Salmiakki
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Every village is unique and has its unique climate, its characters with their food and culture, as well as the animals and plants are unique to each village. In addition, as of the very first day of release, the DLC that includes the new Wagashi region, inspired by the culture and nature of Japan, is available, and additional will be added shortly.

  • A variety of different mechanics and activities. As is the case with a great Virtual Farm, Harvest Moon lets you truly immerse yourself in this world. Apart from cultivating plants and caring for animals, you can cook or fish and mine, take rides on camels and horses, play with characters of the opposite gender, and marry and have children.

The above-mentioned variations in the natural world are not only exterior decorative elements. Nature impacts gaming in the most effective and most direct manner. In cold and heat, we’re more exhausted and require exceptional nourishment; rain can be a great relief that eliminates the necessity to water with a hand pump. The seeds grown in the exact locations or during different seasons could transform into new plants.

What I didn’t like about HTML0

It’s like an adorable chicken…
  • Boredom and boredom. The game world and its climate zones are unpopulated. Every village is home to about five people without any new inhabitants. Regular watering, fertilizing, and caring for animals are based on routine and meditation. Unfortunately, most quests are akin to subverting the way and are reduced to a simple “go to get it.”
  • The animation and graphics are not great. So naturally, the game’s gameplay will justify everything, but graphics aren’t the primary element in the game. But releasing a game before 2021 with 3DS-like graphics is a highly controversial decision. Yes, it’s true that it is possible to discount the portability on Switch, but it isn’t the most powerful console hardware. However, it is only necessary to examine Animal Crossing to realize that this isn’t a reason to be smug. However, this sort of graphics is confusing on the PS4, which is where the game is available.
The name of the horse was easy. For chickens, it’s harder.
  • Control issues. While playing One World, I seriously was worried that my Switch was also experiencing the well-known problem of sticks drifting off the left Joystick. However, other games assured me that the issue was not related to the console but wasn’t less irritating. Selecting an item you want to access can be very difficult as the joycon is prone to skidding, and it’s good that you can use Arrows instead, even though it’s not as familiar.
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There are some other oddities as well – for instance, you can only go into the menu and look at the inventory when you are walking or riding a horse. On horseback, these buttons do not function. A touchscreen device, its usage in a genre like a Switch is begging to be utilized; however it is not involved. And the most frustrating thing is that in the all-three-dimensional game 2021, the camera is stationary, and the right stick is responsible for switching the two perspectives: “a little closer” and “a little farther.”

      • The lack of localization. Dialogs aren’t the most important aspect that makes up Harvest Moon: One World. The game is largely easy to understand without a basic understanding of the language. It’s important to note that even I, who have a good understanding of English, prefer playing in my language more.

Is it worth taking?

Tomato Plantation

Harvest Moon One World can only be recommended to avid followers of virtual farms. They’ll be drowning in the variety of plants they can plant on their farms and be amazed by the fact that each animal needs to have an identity, even though I was getting tired of three chickens.

Despite its shortcomings, however, it’s worth crediting that it does pull into you and even lull players into the daily routine of fertilizing, watering, and feeding your creatures. However, one world can be rated just a bit above average, and there are more enjoyable games for escape from the tense real world without violence and aggression.

There is a far more enjoyable game to be played.

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