Happy’s Humble Burger Farm review – burgers that taste like fear Review

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is an online restaurant simulation as well as an indie horror game in the style that of Five Nights at Freddy’s or SCP Containment Breach, with lots of screaming, pulverizing locations, and terrifying killer dolls. This is the essence of the game’s plot in a few words.

  • Creator:Scythe Dev Team
  • Publisher:tinyBuild
  • Please mark the date:December 3, 2021

We wish this lucky person from the heart of our hearts! You’ve been selected to work at Lucky’s Humble Burger in the stunning New Elysium city. New Elysium, and today is your first day at work! We highly recommend reading the new employee manual a second time before leaving for your shift. Don’t get late. Don’t forget to bring your radio transmitter to ensure one-way communication with your supervisor! ”

They’re constantly watching you

“Lucky’s Humble Burger is the most popular fast food establishment in town. Hot, cold drinks and food start at 99 cents. Stars of the most loved television show are waiting for guests to visit the area, as well as for young ones, a comfy children’s room is set up. We are concerned about our customers’ time, and the process should not be more than 2 minutes per customer.”

Your buddy Dow isn’t able to help you; He went insane quite a while ago.

“Lucky’s Humble Burger House” provides a variety of specialties: Supreme Delight, Pig Feast, and Bird Feast burgers with chicken and pork cutlets, tasty salmon nuggets, crisp fries, refreshing lemonades milkshakes, and many more.

Make cups of drinks from vending machines bake cakes and cookies in the microwave. Take frozen food out of the refrigerator, stir fry, or deep fry it. Place the ingredients on the table for the chef, and be sure to take into account your customers’ requests.”

They must be satisfied at all times

Do not forget that you must keep the hall in good order. Ensure you are punctual in turning on the lighting and signs at the start of your shift and then turning off the lights at the end of the change. Ensure you check in before leaving to work and when you get home. “Lucky’s Humbleburger Shop” offers the opportunity to earn extra money. You’ll see a list of tasks posted that are listed on an employee of the month’s board at the start of every day.

Do not forget to unwind. The new Elysium is full of opportunities to enjoy your time. Visit the museum or The Triple J live music cafe after work. Be sure to browse The Rare Stuff Store. Eat well, be mentally healthy, collect the complete Lucky Girl collection, and fill your home with happy souvenirs. ”

Avoid eating anything from the burger joint

The administration is fully responsible for maintaining the image of your establishment. You must respond immediately to any emergency alerts such as: don’t allow rodents to enter the hall, avoid fire hazards, and promptly throw away the garbage. To avoid adversity and undesirable penalties, do not disregard management alerts.

“Lucky’s Humble Burger House” promotes active employees. If you’re not convinced that the equipment is efficient enough to handle several customers simultaneously and would like to grow your business, you may engage a professional to enhance the kitchen’s facilities. Simply fill out the form on the desk for orders. ”

It’s moving even when you’re not watching

Keep in mind that you should not sense that you’re witnessing someone shifting objects from one location to another or bursting into the kitchen, shutting off the lighting and power to stop your work, and the dolls in the hallway are moving and wish you were dead, you’ve missed the point at which you should rest and allowed yourself to become overwhelmed.

Don’t forget that the main principle at Humble Lucky Burger Shop is that Humble Lucky Burger Shop is quick customer service, and for that, you’ll need to relax. Be careful not to react to any noise that isn’t yours, and let your mind go free. Be aware that ignoring the rules could result in offenses that can cause severe punishments or even removal. ”

Feed her, and she’ll entice you to go away.

The Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is intimidating. It’s not so much the scrimmers but in the ambience. There is a constant sense of tension throughout as well as after shifts. you’re being pushed by the darkness and low ceilings, as well as the VHS filter and disturbing noises that echo through the walls. You can’t ignore the fact that there is always someone watching you, and everything around you may not be as it appears initially.

If you do not pay attention to the poor tutorial, and a few flaws in control along with the non-translated text files that contain clues to provide insight into the real character of the game’s world Fans of retro psychedelic horror will love this Scythe Dev Team product.

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