Happy New Year 2022!

Dear gamers!

We have a massive gaming greeting that includes millions of game references from year to year.

Without breaking the rules, we would like to wish you a lifetime filled with excitement like Ethan’s life in Resident Evil Village. We want to your friends to be as welcoming, caring, and reliable as they are in the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Your family bond should be as strong as it was in Subverse and that the relationship you have with your spouse is as solid and constant as it was in It takes Two. Your meetings with parents are as inspirational as Gustavo’s from Far Cry 6.. Keep everything in your head to be as clean, tidy, and healthy as that of Psychonauts 2.. If any accidents occur, make sure you repair them as fast and safely as possible with the CD Project Red release of Cyberpunk 2077.

What are matters most to us editors at this point of these two years? There is a crowd of StopGame who will make this card perfectly on every level. Thank YOU for the opportunity to compose such an e-card without causing any inner turmoil!

We love you all extremely much. Happy 2022!

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