Halo Infinite Walkthrough: Guide For Campaign, All Spartan Cores, Mjolnir Weapon Chambers & Special Weapons

In the 30-35 hours that Halo: Infinite’s game campaign lasts (which can be played with friends starting in May 2022), you’ll have free the choice of the order you’d like to complete each station within the Zeta Ring. But, it is important to follow specific tips to avoid making the task too difficult.

These suggestions are applicable across various hardware platforms, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on a PC, the Xbox Series console, or Xbox One. Other than a few graphic details and display modes (quality or performance), they don’t differ. Thus, it is possible to follow the same path.

1.) Grappling hooks are the most useful instrument. Master Chief can utilize a convenient hook to catch a fish in Halo Infinite. It isn’t able to ascend higher platforms. It also serves as an additional weapon and a grappling device for objects further away. In the course of the campaign, you’ll be in a position to improve your tools and armor through the use of Spartan Cores. The hook and the shield should be the top priority as you’ll be able to utilize it frequently along with the shock feature, which you can temporarily disable your enemies. It’s a way to rip away their shields, confront your adversaries, and give them the chew using your elbow.

2.) Melee combat is a good option.

It is an action game in which you’ll often shoot from any weapon, but this isn’t, for every situation, the best method. Notably, the enemies with shields (the tiny Grunts and the quick Jackals) can deprive the player of plenty of ammunition, even if you shoot through holes in the securities of their enemies. It is better to take your shield (briefly) using grappling hooks or smash it by bending your elbow. Combining both is more effective: grab the guard with a hook and pull you back using the theme to hit them in the face. Lower versions are instantly dead.

3) Don’t get stuck on certain weapons.

Certain weapons are more potent than others, as well as more practical weapons. But don’t settle with a specific kind of weapon because you only have two weapons. Ammunition is not enough to keep in the open. It’s often essential to act quickly instead of attempting to escape using a specific weapon. So, look at the weapons you’re using and allow them occasionally. Whatever tool you’ve recently become a fan of, you’re likely to come across it again, particularly in situations where it’s beneficial.

4) Utilizes canisters

Nearly everywhere, on every corner of Halo Infinite are canisters around. They are filled with fuel as well as other energy sources. Their explosiveness is contingent on their contents. You can determine by their colors how much blast radius they have and what they do when struck. Make use of them as often as you can. Are you able to see an enemy near the canister? Shoot the canister! Do you wish to save ammunition? You can take the canister (also with a grappling hook) and throw it at your adversaries. Make use of it as often as you can! Be careful; however, when you carry a bottle on your person, put yourself at greater risk because your adversaries are also aware of the explosive nature of this product. You’re (usually) instantly dead if it happens to you.

5) Bring soldiers along when you can.

When you take over forts or outposts, marines congregate around these outposts. Additionally, you can often get the vehicles you need to be delivered. Each vehicle can transport one or more soldiers, so take all you want when rushing towards the next battlefield. They’re not the most effective, but they could make enemies feel uncomfortable, so you don’t need all your friends around your shoulders at once in case you happen to be caught.

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6) Retake enemy vehicles instead of fighting

Combating enemy vehicles can be grueling while walking your own. It’s expensive ammunition, and you must confront the most potent power. However, it is easy to do. First, get as close to your vehicle as possible, and then employ your grappling hook to get close to it. There are two alternatives. Suppose you have an open car such as Ghost, for example. Ghost, you can take the driver off the seat and take the wheel yourself. If you have a heavily armored vehicle, On the other hand, you can put an explosive in the cockpit of the driver. These are both more effective than an unintentional exchange of punches.

7.) Think of it as three-dimensional.

A lot of outposts look like fortresses. A little bit of bluffing is fine, but you’ll get bored to tears. So, think in three dimensions. What could you aim your gun from the sky? What best places to sneak through unnoticed, wide-open gates or even steal a car? This will extend your life and, at the same time, increase your enjoyment.

8) Take flying vehicles from the air

There’s nothing more irritating than seeing a few flying Jackals flying through the air as one-man-fighters strapped to your back. They shoot incessantly and strike your targets even when you’ve found a good hiding spot. Engaging foot soldiers at the exact moment can be a suicide attempt. It is better to get them in the dirt as quickly as possible, and you’ll get free of them!

There are two methods to take them out of the sky. The simplest is to grab the shock rifle and aim it well. The shock rifle can disable the propulsion of the gun, causing it to fall like a boulder. This allows you to fire like a madman or frighten them into bailing out (though this is usually only effective after they’ve hit the ground several times). You can also try to lure them to the bed and then grasp them using your grappling hook. It’s not always successful. However, it’s best to use the shock rifle.

Equipment of the Chief Chief

The game begins with no equipment. However, you’ll encounter different equipment from time to time. You will often find dead Spartans with their armor pieces you can take along. For most items, by pressing the RB button, however, you need to select a specific one before using the direction pad.

You can increase the level of any of these devices with the help of Spartan cores, which increase their efficiency and make them more durable. But, every when you upgrade, you’ll need more Spartan Cores. So it is important to be prepared for upgrades. The best tools are shields and grappling hooks; however, every other tool has functions.

1.) Hook for grappling:

The grappling hook has been there since the beginning. It helps you cross the chasms and climb up high walls. But, it also functions to extend your arm for grasping objects (weapons and containers) in addition to a battle tool that allows you to remove shields from enemies or pull yourself toward the enemy. Improving the gripping hook will enable you to reuse it more frequently and adds an ability to shock that can be used to disable opponents.

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2.) Shield Core

The effectiveness of your shield’s core determines the number of hits you can endure without dying. The shield core is distinguished between the outer and inner security. When the shield’s center is affected, you’ll hear a typical sound that beeps. The louder the sound is, the close you are to dying. The shields recharge when you’re unharmed for a couple of minutes. The efficiency of these components is contingent upon the difficulty level you select. If you upgrade the shield’s core, it receives an additional 15% more energy than the original bar. Thus, you’ll get a maximum of seventy percent energy to the body.

3.) The Location Sensor

This tool is essential when you encounter enemies who can hide. Their camouflage may not be flawless, so you may be able to see the area where a cloaked adversary is standing; however, at the moment, he could have moved on to the fight. Sometimes, it’s too late to be a solid defense. The sensors help you identify enemies camouflaged anytime. Then, it is simply a matter of shooting it at the ground or against walls to make enemies visible within a particular area (even those hidden behind walls). Upgrades to this device will expand the range of effect and allow you to spot the cloaked enemy from ever greater distances.

4.) Protective Wall

Protective Wall Protective Wall is an external shield placed on the ground. It creates an energy barrier that is a net to keep the projectiles of enemies out. It is possible to run through the wall, or even you can stick the edge of your weapon in it to attack opponents and be safe. Since you are able to only build walls only in one direction, you’ll always be at risk from the opposite side. So, it’s best to construct a strong barrier to your rear. Beware that individual tiles of the wall may be damaged by repeated blasts, causing them to crack. But, this isn’t a problem until the end of the game since the wall’s protection can only be used for a limited time, after which it will have an interval of cooling down before it is rebuilt. The upgrade will tighten the mesh, increase the time for holding, and speed up the cooldown.

5) Thrusters

The Master Chief isn’t the fastest action hero. However, with the help of thrusters, which are available at a later point on in the video game, you’ll be able to move towards the other side at lightning speed with the press of one button. This is a great way to ward off bullets that are coming your way or make your motion pattern more unpredictable and useful in the event that snipers attack you. Upgrades decrease the cooling time of thrusters.

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