Halo Infinite Test

The Free Choice

If there’s one thing Master Chief can do, it’s tidy up. To accomplish this, Halo Infinite offers more options than ever before. Beginning with the smaller outposts, once they are free of enemies, they will provide supplies with vehicles and weapons: purchase new ammunition for the famous assault rifle or request an elk. Also, UNSC troops show up and join Spartan combat.

In the event of reinforcements or by yourself, go to one of the most important outposts. Prison, factory complexes, or materials depots are tightly secured: hoards of Grunts are scurrying about, Brutes with big guns are in control of the pathways, and snipers are spotted on rooftops. How you go about getting to the outposts is entirely up to you. Take the warthog to the outposts while letting the weapon speak for itself? Fire in a certain distance using an RC launcher? Do you want to run right in and shoot away? It’s your decision. In some instances, the outposts can have told stories of their own and challenge you with intense boss battles.

Between missions, you’ll bail out UNSC squads under attack from enemies from all around Zeta Halo. Also, you’ll hunt for top-level opponents: here, you’ll be able to witness some of the most exciting combats you can ever see in the game, as these players always fight with specific weapons and unique strategies. They are also never on their own and always have other enemies as reinforcements. Once you’ve killed the target, his special weapon is yours, and will be at each outpost in the coming years.

Get it!

In combat, the power of your weapon is crucial. If your assault firearm, shotgun, or rifle are not working, you can grab the gun that was used to kill the Grunt you killed or take a seat in one of the weapon cabinets scattered around that range from needle launchers to massive pistol to the grenade launcher that is charged with energy there are a variety of options available. The gun’s handling is top-quality as they are different. Although rifles and pistols shoot quickly and can be loaded soon, you must wait a while to load with new suitable ammunition for large calibers. These bullets are powerful! the punch!

A single shot is not enough to withstand the force of nature. Therefore, any cover is welcomed, but it must not be able to sweep the Master Chief in seconds from the armor. That’s where the latest grappling hook is useful. It allows you to climb over the wall easily or even up on the roof. Just aim, shoot and then pull up – it is as simple as this.

However, the hook is also helpful when on the offensive. You can fire it at an opponent then the master chief will rush toward it and strike it with an enormous strike. Additionally, the hook temporarily disables the shields of jackals or incapacitates brutes who are running at them for a short time. Finally, if the weapon ever gets out of immediate reach, just move it towards you using an elongating hook.

The new flexibility of movement is a significant benefit as it allows you to enjoy the large spaces fully. Why should you bother with locked gates or doors that can be defeated using the hook that grapples? Why should you take the obvious path to go through a way that is unnoticed into the fortress? There are practically no options when you are trying to get in and out of place.

A shooter, as it ought to be

Halo Infinite is all about action, and you’re bound to be awed by it! However, there’s more to it than just a shooting gallery. The missions are not just a battle with several enemies but with some fierce and powerful enemies. Even at the standard difficulty, the initially easy tasks can become a challenge as you’re confronted with crossfire or pursued by elite combatants in camouflage. Also, stationary guns or vehicles can be a victim of the cold, especially if you are too confident about success or are reckless.

The rapid progression, the many options and weapons, and the precise controls, will be enough to keep you hooked on each battle. Every action is fluid so that you can perform with precision even in the most violent chaos. Your enemies give you clear and precise feedback of your attacks and then leave the screen in the clear, heard,, and visible. Each weapon has a distinct effect and lets you play in different ways, such as launching heavy projectiles from afar or attacking quickly using the light rifle and pistol, engaging in close combat using grappling hooks, shotguns, or shotguns, and the list goes on. In reality, you can take on each task differently and create a variety for yourself.

In addition to the pure enjoyment in the game, missions also have a positive bonus: completing the task will earn you the Valor Rank, which gives you access to more UNSC soldiers and brand vehicles and weapons in outposts. Further flexibility is offered by upgrade points that are kept in crates across Zeta Halo. Utilize them to increase the strength of your shield, the reach of your grappling hook, and other things.

Great Moments

A lot more rigorous but equally compelling is how the actual war unfolds. The battles usually take place inside, such as in a cave system or within the corridors of a large tower. The classic arrangement provides a refreshing contrast to open-air battles. Expect mysterious structures as well as ancient artifacts and some surprises. The event is again with epic songs and choruses which practically promise goosebumps.

The acoustics in Halo Infinite is also on the very top in other aspects. The battles sound big, spacious, and powerful. With a surround sound system with a subwoofer, you could almost experience the sound of a rifled sheep, For instance! Additionally, the characters are all professionally and authentically dubbed into German. The grunts, in particular, have excellent phrases that range from arrogant to panicky. Take a listen and take pleasure in it.

We’ll try to keep a low profile on the story’s actual plot not to reveal any spoilers. However, the main plot elements are the hunt for Cortana and the battle with an antagonist with an unsavory scheme. The story follows the classic Halo style. If you’re familiar with the original story and the previous story, you shouldn’t have issues identifying the various names and the events. However, if you’ve lost much of the background or are just beginning to get into the series through Halo Infinite, you should at the very least read the introduction to the predecessor or look up a related video.

Two worlds of different kinds

Although the game’s playability is always excellent, there’s a visual distinction in the world of open and campaign. The crisp 4K resolution, as well as stable 60 frames per second frames, are available. But, a lot of pop-ups and low-detail textures and an unfinished landscape are evident when you are outdoors. Sometimes, the entire landscape appears dull because there’s no activity other than a few birds in the sky and a few tiny creatures on the earth. In addition, outposts generally look identical, and the overall layout that the posts are built on could use more diversity also.

The mission missions in the campaign are pretty different in that they always delight with other locations, surprising developments, and awe-inspiring moments. If you own an HDR-capable television or monitor, You’ll be awed by the fantastic effect of shadow and light and vivid contrasts and vivid hues. Although the overall quality of the objects and textures are not necessarily better than outdoors, it isn’t noticeable because of the compact scale design and the beautiful lighting.

The mix of free-form side missions, as well as main linear tasks, eventually succeeds since it’s your choice to determine how much of each you’d like to play. If you want just to play the game, then you are able to do so without any modifications or any additional weapons. Are you looking for a flexible alternation of side and main missions? That’s fine. If you’re not able to be satisfied with Zeta Halo, you can complete every task. If you’re a fanatic, to be sure, you’ll appreciate a variety of scattered audio logs that provide more information about Zeta Halo, its story, and its characters.

Note That we tested Halo Infinite in a special test version on the Xbox Series X. We’ll share our thoughts on the multiplayer mode over the next few days.

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