Halo Infinite review – A masterpiece Maybe

Every time an Xbox comes with a brand new Halo is the rule. The current generation of Xbox has endured over a year for its Master Chief adventure series since the console’s launch in the year 2000, but it was worth the wait. In addition to the multiplayer mode, that’s entirely free for the first time in the history of the series, the epic single-player adventure for the title we’ve been waiting so eagerly is finally coming for PC or Xbox consoles. We’ve already played Halo Zeta with the legendary Spartan, and, honestly, we’re not eager to go back.

  • Producer: 343 Industries
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Please mark the date: December 8, 2021


  • 1 New Saga page
  • 2 More Life and Freedom
  • 3 Friends and Enemies and 3 Friends
  • 4. Work of Art
  • 5 Show, how cool are you!
  • 6 It’s time!

New Saga page

The action in Halo Infinite takes place on Halo Zeta, another huge ring with their ecosystem, created by Precursors from the past and where, incomplete in line with the canons in the game, a second military error that was the responsibility of Space Command of the United Nations occurred.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen similar events – similar incidents have been the basis of almost every Halo game from the beginning and, in many ways, offer the epic blood and passion for which master chief’s tales so enthrall us. I remembered the first Halo game for a reason. Even although the story of Infinite is a direct sequel to Guardians or Halo Wars 2, it has a lot in common with Combat Evolved, taken to an entirely new level.

Another ship disaster – but this time, instead of the smaller Pillar of Autumn, the Infinity itself it is the strength and hope of all humanity, not the largest of the Earthlings that is not less than that of the Covenant fleet. The evacuation continues to the ring and the scattered human troops scattered on the surface. Once again, the familiar enemy races – real following the demise of the previous Covenant during the conflict against humanity, created a new organization of Exiles; however, from the standpoint of the military, this does not alter the current situation. The ancient structure and secrets that the precursors have. Another time, acute artificial intelligence in a feminine form. The only thing that can save us is to be an unbeatable Master Chief who, of course, we are playing for.

Some might argue it’s self-plagiarism and the cliches of the series and science fiction in general. And perhaps they’re correct regarding something. As an avid Halo fan, it’s challenging to keep my distance until the end, trying to do my best. The story might lack originality; however, one thing is sure: Halo Infinite is Halo. Fans love it the way they do it. It’s also a source of inspiration in other areas.

More life and more freedom

Infinite is faithful to the series; it is more “in Spirit” rather than “in the letter” and makes an odd impression, but positively. If you attempt to dissect it apart, you’ll receive a new game; however, once you grab an actual gamepad (or place your hands on the keyboard or mouse, which can be used even on consoles), You’ll feel back in the long-awaited great old Halo.

Anyone who has been following the development will be aware that Infinite isn’t a “corridor” shooter, as was the case in the previous games. Still, instead, it is a game that has the appearance of an open world with massive locations that can be used for specific missions. It’s more accurate to refer to it as stages of the game since there could be multiple missions within the exact location.

The areas here are vast and do not restrict the player’s options at all. After completing a few linear missions in the style of the previous games of the series and reaching the ring, you are able to go anywhere at any moment, and all the available options are listed with a stunning globe. It’s very easy to use, but I would have liked to add the option to rotate and enhance the zoom.

Making it to story and side missions is effortless and to ensure the convenience of the player during their time, a speedy traveling system starts to function immediately, delivering us to any point that is accessible.

That’s right; you can now play side-missions available in Halo that include releasing prisoners of comrades in prison, destroying an enemy repair facility or locating a second squad comprised of Marines from Infinity, or killing a particular special enemy. Outposts are also available, which are not well-liked by other games, and when taken, can create a network of swift-moving and create areas of interest within the area around them.

But everything, as we are aware, is best when it’s done in moderation. Infinite isn’t a fan of its “openness” it doesn’t flood the map with tons of icons for activities like one disastrous Polish game, or it doesn’t cause you to “grind at” outposts as some games from the French company.

The open-world abilities let you play your story more deliberate and organized manner, just like in real-life military operations. While you’re not able to consider Aureole of Zeta a fully living environment, you’ll like to discover it rather than racing through the story, thanks to the game’s ability to allow players to explore the world.

Other interesting developments include upgrades to armor and collectibles. Of course, more equipment was available in other areas of the game, but it was here that we had the chance to outfit our weapons with multiple modules simultaneously and upgrade the quality of them with a specific resource called Spartan cores. This means that we can now boost the strength of our shield or even add the well-known trailers, and the multiplayer hook-cat feature can stun enemies when it is hit.

Collectibles continue to follow the series’ tradition however, in addition to disclosing lore audio or skulls, cosmetic effects lockers were added to play multiplayer. Their collection is now formalized and tracked via the separate menu.

Friends and enemies

Engaging with other forces is always one of the main features of Halo. In the course of the games, Chief and the other characters from the series were frequently accompanied by fellow KCON fighters. In Part 5 and Reach, we were an entire unit for almost throughout the game.

We’re not forgetting about the battle buddies we have here, obviously, considering the details of the story and the mechanics that the game uses. Apart from the combatants we saved during the side missions, we also encountered KCON Marines on Halo Zeta in the wild, and this is supported due to the demise of Infinity and its large number of crew members and troopers. The Marines join us, fill vacant seats in our vehicles, and help John-117 fight.

There’s nothing to stop the possibility of acquiring a larger business and then bringing it to the opposition with the help of a Vipre or Scorpion. Additionally, the sensitivity and sturdiness of our companions will be pleasantly surprised, especially in the background of previous episodes of this series. It’s not too scary to travel on a reconnaissance mission with them.

For those who love mechanized combat, this is a true paradise. It’s enough to declare that “Scorpion” is available in the initial major side mission, and the brand new system of outposts lets them summon any type of technique and weapon. But, to be able to make more significant “arguments,” you must build up enough Courage – – a particular measure that gets higher as you complete your missions and take over outposts.

This is fantastic. However, it’s a bit difficult to understand or even realism (which real-world realism is something we could discuss in a game of fantasy) and certainly the logic. Of course, theoretically, it is possible that the dimensions of the fallen “Infinity” as well as the number of vehicles in the Halo of Zeta, can fulfill any requirement for equipment, weapons, and fighters that may come to for the player, but the way it is provided by the single “Pelican” seemingly out of thin air combat machines that are in story mode look like a bit of a fake.

In the spirit of friendship, We can’t forget about enemies. I can remember playing Combat Evolved, and after the intense battles with Flood, Flood, I was about to kiss the Covenant when I encountered it once more, with it was nothing more than enemies. The Prometheans and their standing within Halo’s community are well-known. Halo community is obvious to mention.

Therefore, the selection of the Exiles as antagonists – which is, as stated, a group of races who are familiar with Covenant I sincerely agree with and welcome.

The cowardly and blabbering grunts of cunning jackals, well-trained and lacking in elites of nobility and the fierce boogeyman brutes enjoy the superb execution of tactical and military hierarchy in addition to the fantastic animations for movement. A special mention needs to be given to the mini-bosses, which are more powerful enemies with distinct names. In battle, a live shield and bar are shown over them. The battles themselves are fascinating. Although something similar was previously seen during the course of the show (for instance, The prophet from Part 2), The aspect is more prominently highlighted.

The art

Technically speaking, Halo Infinite is looking very impressive after the trailer’s brutal criticisms and lots of work to fix the bugs. It’s evident already in the multiplayer that it is freely accessible; however, in the campaign, it’s noticeable in full. High-quality character models and animation motion, beautiful landscapes, magnificent structures, vibrant greenery, and the sky that is pleasant to the eye and unforgettable.

A major leap forward in comparison to prior installments was the facial animations as well as cutscenes in Game Engine. It’s even more cinematic. All this beauty works nearly flawlessly, with no tears or lags in frame rates (I used Series X), with only minor imperfections with barely visible “popping” things.

The audio is also excellent and has an incredible soundtrack featuring familiar themes and motifs as well as excellent vehicle and weapon sounds, as well as a live voiceover. Unfortunately for many, it is only available is in English however, a top-quality localization with subtitles and text will provide an immersive experience in the game.

Gunplay and weapons are typically expertly executed, which is evident when you play multiplayer. Each firearm has its own design and function And due to the awesome gamepad design, the difference between the assault rifle, shotgun and the trophy plasma carbine is evident.

The Trophy weapons have been streamlined significantly, in fact. The past was not so great; even with the technological advantages of the Covenant plasma pistols, rifles were only used as a temporary replacement for the human cannons in the event of a shortage of ammunition. They’re now more effective against shields and other lethal weapons.

Ammo is now easier to get as the energy cannons refill the charges whenever you find similar weapons from your enemies. Additionally the weapons are classified into different categories (kinetic shock, plasma and heavy) and scattered across the world , there are boxes for each one refilling ammunition.

The motion is equally impressive. Master Chief is able to lift himself off the ledges or glide on the ground, and with an easy cat hook, he’ll offer parkour enthusiasts the ability to play like Executioner Rock of DOOM Eternal or a superhero from a different game that is exclusive to platformers.

Then, let’s talk about the controls. In the beginning, when compared with earlier versions, this one appears somewhat unnatural and, over time, is perceived to be more sensible and at ease. Some discomfort may be experienced aside from the components that are associated with pushing the sticks. However, it is a problem that is common with all console shooters. This can be resolved by connecting your stick to one of the “paddles” that are on the bottom of your Elite gamepad if you own one. By the way, it’s a limited edition of its Halo style.

Let everyone know how amazing you are!

The multiplayer component in the Halo Halo series is far less well-known among players than the single-player version and is much less well-known in the West and is a waste of time. However, since the release of Infinite, the situation appears to begin to change. We’ve already shared our thoughts on the public beta of Insider, and from November 15, the multiplayer beta is now available for free to anyone who wants to join.

Any serious flaws could be described as unfortunate progress, but this is, however, already been rectified. The rest of the content is nearly complete – the final release is scheduled for December 8, simultaneously with the campaign. It is highly unlikely that it will be significantly altered – the multiplayer version is as gorgeous as the trial version. There are, however, additional maps: seven small and three large.

Speedy matchmaking, clear options (capturing the pressure point and holding them in Strongholds as well as Total Control, Capture the Flag, and team deathmatch dubbed Slayer) with variants of 4 on 4, with just foot-based formations and 12 on12 with the vehicle, amazing maps, dynamic and hardcore with the feel of the classics Quake as well as Unreal Tournament – by the, By the way, I’m reminded, there was no progress whatsoever, and it didn’t affect anyone.

I would recommend that everyone at least give it a go. In light of the current circumstances available, Infinite can already be certainly referred to as the top multiplayer shooter in 2021.

It’s initially difficult to play, especially if you’re not well-trained, But as time goes by, the experience turns into a great experience. The ratio of K/D increases steadily, and you don’t be able to notice when you begin to take headshots with Commando and Battle Rifle. The gamepad. However, for those who want to use the gamepad, the mouse and keyboard are accessible via the console.

It’s time!

The right time to be a hero is the motto of Halo Infinite, which can be found on posters for a promotion that are the size of a whole residence in Moscow. This is it’s also the very first game that Halo Infinite has appeared in the series that it’s been used in this manner. It’s also possible to say that the game has turned into an icon by itself. A hero for which we’ve waited six years to get. Now is the time to get it on the table when it launches on December 8, 2021, around 22:01 Moscow time. The first day of this game is accessible through Xbox Game Pass.

The latest installment is rightly given the title Infinite rather than the average sixth number. Although it continues in terms of plot and the meticulous treatment of the past of the previous installments in terms of concepts, it was really the kind of “soft reboot” that pushed the boundaries of its franchise and put the series into an infinity perspective.

With a new strategy for the story campaign with flawless technical execution and not the most multiplayer of the genre, you can only be satisfied if this is just the first in a series of games that will be the basis for the future look of the series in the future. At present, it’s the most effective shooter of 2021.

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