Guild Wars 2 Is Preparing To Come Out In Steam Will Get Another Addition And Not Only

ArenaNet claims that the number of players playing Guild Wars 2 has nearly doubled over the last three years. This made the expansion End of Dragons sell more than the first major DLC. In regards to this, the developers said in their long community address that there are plans to develop a future MMO.

The principal points of the message are as follows:

  • Guild Wars 2 will be getting a fourth expansion. The game is still in the early stage of its development and therefore there is no reason wait around for.
  • MMO is preparing for its release to be released Steam. The release date is being announced with caution: 2022 year.
  • The initial season of Scarlet’s War has now sunk into summer. The new users aren’t able to access the entire series, even though it’s crucial to the plot.
  • Josh Davis has been promoted from the head of game support and game supervisor. He is now taking on designing MMOs.

The timeline of the upcoming events and updates looks like this:

  • 29th March Super Adventure Festival and patch for End of Dragons.
  • April 19, the first episode of the return of the first season as well as also the Aetherblade Hideout testing mode.
  • 10-May Xunlai Jade Junkyard testing mode.
  • 24 May 2nd episode from the collection of first season, Kaineng Overlook test mode and the brand new legendary weapon options.
  • 7 June – Dragon Bash festival, Harvest Temple test mode.
  • 28 June – update that includes adjustments to balance and a new legendary weapon options.

The final addition End of Dragons was released on February 28 and added new story content and siege turtle fishing and additional features to the game. It’s an expansion that is the third in the series together with Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.

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