Guide Among Us How to Win for Crew Members

Among Us is a multiplayer online social deduction game suitable for four to ten players. Based on the host setting, one to three players will be assigned to take on the roles of traitors while the rest of the players attempt to accomplish various tasks and locate imposters before they attempt to sabotage and begin taking out the other players.

As there are more players on the crew than fakes during each game, they stand a more likelihood of winning.

In reality, the situation is more complicated as ineffective communication, and a lack of security can quickly turn your team members against one another. We’ll offer you some suggestions to win your teammates within Among Us.

There are many strategies to win for players within Among Us. There are numerous tools available that can aid you and your fellow players in identifying the fake. Below, we’ve listed the most useful information:


  • 1 Stick with a nut
  • 2 Watch out, see how other players are performing
  • 3 Attend emergency meetings with care
  • 4 Defer visual tasks to later
  • 5 Repair damaged equipment
  • 6 Make sure to look over cameras
  • 7 Don’t spam your chat.
  • 8 Don’t be afraid to be absent from a vote

Join forces

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you or an associate safe from the tyrant is to remain together as closely as you can. If you’re joined with at least one additional team member, the fake cannot be able to do anything without revealing who he is. The size of the group is determined by the number of people who are imposters involved in the contest and the number of members in the crew.

However, this method isn’t without its drawbacks. For one, you won’t ensure that every person in your group is innocent until they prove otherwise. The second reason is that it takes longer to complete tasks and fix damaged equipment. In the end, those who commit treason can ruin the organization if they prove not coordinated enough.

See how other players carry out missions.

Each time you spot an employee of the crew in the work area, and you are in the task area, take a couple of minutes to check whether the green bar that appears on high on the screen (showing the development of the mission) rises. If you observe that the bar is filling up too fast or does not fill up in any way, you’re possible that it’s a fake. In the simplest case, you must organize a meeting and then relay the details to the others in the team.

Make use of emergency meetings in a responsible manner

The emergency meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss vital information with coworkers before a person who commits a crime can take you in danger. They can be started by announcing the location of a dead body or pressing the red button located in the middle of the caféteria. Keep in mind that the number of buttons that can be pressed depends on your host’s settings.

When you attend a meeting, give adequate evidence; however, be prepared for your position to be challenged in the same way. Be open and honest to your fellow teammates, as building trust can help you identify potential treasoners. Check for any errors on your teammates, like falsely claiming the team was in a specific location or undertaking a task at the time of the murder.

Don’t forget to schedule visual tasks for later.

Another way to identify the identity of the person who is a fraud can be to look at each other players and observe who’s performing the job, as traitors themselves aren’t capable of doing them. But, you should avoid tasks that require visuals, such as scavenging, scanning, and destruction of asteroids, since they will easily discredit any charges uncovered during your investigation.

It’s the same for crew members. If an individual member is accused of a crime multiple times, you should ask him to complete visual tasks to gather evidence. If you spot a crew member working on a visual project, make sure you vouch for him if he is charged during the meeting. This can help build confidence among your crewmates and help eliminate fakes.

Let damaged equipment be repaired

Don’t rely on your team in the repair of damaged equipment! If you’re not playing with an established group, It’s a good idea to assume that the other players will not fix the things that need to be fixed. If you fail to recognize this, it’s possible that something as small as power outages could make your team a victim immediately.

Additionally, fixing certain types of sabotage will require the involvement of two individuals like reactor and oxygen sabotage. That’s where the initial advice (stay together in teams) is useful since you’ll need at least enough members to repair anything that is damaged. The smaller the number of players, the more difficult it will be to stop sabotage, so ensure that you stay with your team.

Make sure to look over the cameras.

The Map Room’s tracker cameras can be a valuable device to monitor the location of the crew members. The menu opens to display live footage of corridors, the infirmary, and guards.

Be aware that skilled traitors will tell when they are being watched because the camera light begins flashing each time it is utilized. It is a good idea to return to the cameras at least every few minutes to see what the players are doing. In this way, you will be able to identify the culprit red-handed.

Beware of spamming chats.

Don’t be shy to share your thoughts on chat forums about who could or may have been an imposter. Consider the decisions that have been made and limit your responses to the minimum. The act of writing “Where?” in the chatroom five times is not helping an investigation. It will allow the fake to be ignored.

Always try to offer useful suggestions and theories that are backed by proof. Of course, you cannot manage the actions of your team members. If a player is constantly writing absurd things in the chatroom or making random allegations without evidence. It might be best to remove him from the team in that situation. Sometimes it’s more convenient to have fewer players on your team rather than one who is toxic.

Don’t be afraid of skipping the vote

You will often observe that most players vote for the player who was the first to be accused regardless of any other evidence. If you have observed one of them blowing up a vent or killing another participant, you should vote against the person who did it.

If all you have is usual speculation from a questionable source, It’s best to wait for more details.

If you can, think about not voting at all since it will affect the votes of other players and even stop innocent from being sent into space. Be sure to inform the other players about your plans to vote. This might convince them to do a similar thing.

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