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“We would like to get to version 1.0 within a year, at the earliest,” Simon Viklund told me around the time I inquired what the plans were for his co-op horror shooter GTFO. It’s pretty much on time since it’s the right time to do it, and GTFO is set to leave Early Access on December 10 and turns into an adult game. For the occasion, I went back into the deepest parts of their buck-heavy game with the developers and played version 1.0 and their brand new update known as Destination through its testing

Positive omens

What luck! This time, my meeting with GTFO’s creators of GTFO will not be at a time of such gloomy omens as the previous one. Now, after the conclusion of the Early Access phase, which is completed in version 1.0, The odds seem to be changing. It’s Tuesday, and gallons of coffee is being consumed, and I have at least an idea of what to anticipate. “Don’t be worried; as of now, you’re a GTFO veteran.” Viktor Viklund, one of the two brothers who, along with a small team of 10 people, are putting together one of the most successful Early Access flagship titles ever I am greeted.

Alongside the sense of security, so many new features were added to version 1.0 that I felt overwhelmed initially. The most obvious, however, was that relying on the past’s successes doesn’t seem to be an integral part of the DNA of Swedish developers.

Learning to fly using strong roots

There’s nothing to talk about regarding the excellent condition GTFO was in before its initial release period – it’s not changed with version 1.0. It’s even received awards for its clever blend of cooperative shooting for four players and sneaky interludes and exciting escape sequences from Giger-like monsters hiding in pitch black bunkers. “With version 1.0, we’re trying to build on the success of the original but also take it up a level,” one of the developers tells me while four of us scurry through the very first stage of the brand new rundown, removing creatures from behind, hoping to keep from alarming any of the aggressive animals and awakening more creatures in the process.

From the start, we can achieve much more than before, at most at the beginning of our co-op game, as each new rundown will have an entry-level from the moment on. However, GTFO becomes more accessible after version 1.0, which is especially beneficial for new players. The developers, like in the past taken note of the feedback from the community and have added some great features that ease the difficulties of monster hunting slightly, particularly in the beginning.

For instance, the mission objectives of a level, generally, we’re searching at critical card information, relocating objects, or hacking terminals, are now displayed in the HUD and explained more in-depth. This means that you will not have to wander around the dangerous bunker complex but rather move through it with a more straightforward action plan. The new wheel of communication with different markers can also help in touch. Furthermore, you’ll be able to discover checkpoint doors in the between so that you can begin again after failing a mission. This eases the burden for those new to the game since the whole level doesn’t need to be re-played repeatedly.

The fantastic thing about these mechanics is that 10 Chambers has succeeded in keeping in mind the fundamentals of the game and defining it as an authentic hardcore experience and offers a hefty difficulty level, despite numerous minor alterations. After the initial stage, the difficulty level increased significantly, thanks to minor adjustments like higher monster density and more distant checkpoints and new, innovative tasks that were not available in GTFO before that.

In this case, after a couple of minutes in the bunker, we will have to break an airlock, which immediately sets off an alarm. This must be closed at a remote terminal just a few rooms away. The adrenaline is pumping continuously through our veins as hungry creatures are always at our heels. We sneak around as a group, communicate and strategize every time we cross the road, synchronize our actions and do an honorary lap when we die at the checkpoint before the terminal redeeming us is found. Chapeau Dear developers, This is the co-op horror, and this is how the nerve-wracking suspense plays out, as you get completely immersed in the game and forget about the moment!

Help, it’s talking!

An utterly crazy voice suddenly roars from the bunker’s speakers at unsettling times and warns us about the mysterious Warden that we’re descending into the bunker’s dangerous depths. To begin with, the tense atmosphere, thick enough to be able to penetrate the darkness, is perfect. But, in the end, through brief audio files and text logs, we can learn something about the dark interior, the gruesome residents, and ourselves as prisoners, who are believed to be being dragged down into the bunker as prisoners by the Warden to get back our freedom.

“Hey, How about you grab this device?” Then, it was spoken in a broad roundel, with a nuclear reactor between the two. What followed was an unimaginable surprise I was not expecting from GTFO. When I picked up the device, the team was transported to a different dimension reminiscent of the desert realm in Arrakis of Dune. We were attacked by flying tentacles which were, in fact, one of the first flyers of GTFO. “We were trying to feel like the sky threatened us,” they told me. Well, the goal was achieved.

How exactly these dimension leaps are about, you’ll discover for yourself; regardless, they provide an exciting surprise and adds variety. In terms of narrative, these shows offer the exact degree of confusion that you’re familiar with from J.J. Abrams’ shows. After the initial few-dimensional leaps episode, you’ll find yourself questioning all the objects within the bunker’s depths and aching to know more about the game’s origins.

Promises are promises.

The gameplay aspect of GTFO is also moving up with the release of version 1.0. As we promised at our last gathering, the GTFO development team took a fresh look at the melee weapons and expanded their arsenal with the spear, knife, and various bludgeons. Furthermore, strike and stabbing weapons are specifically designed for specific impact areas. For instance, blows to the head of sleepy beasts are highly effective. In addition, using the knife, you’ll be able to land a frontal attack.

In testing different melee weapons, the spear was effective because its long point allowed you to assess the distance from the monster precisely. This helps avoid annoying missed shots which only wake up the monsters. However, when using the knife, it is necessary to reach a certain distance from the terrifying creatures, as they can be pretty alarming when they are approached. Image-based feedback in the HUD or a colored highlighting of space could have been helpful for this, naturally; however, it could also be in opposition to the core DNA of the game – consistency isn’t always a good thing.

If you want to stand out visually from others in the team, apart from the arsenal of weapons will be equipped with cosmetic items later on. The clothing can be found as loot in the excursions through the bunker complex or after special story missions. They are marked with yellow on the menu in the main. You don’t need to purchase anything, and in this way, 10 Chambers also stays true to its motto that no in-game purchases, loot boxes, or any other type of pay could contaminate the fresh slate of GTFO.

From Failure to From Success to

Let’s now get down to brass tacks. After the success of this year and the time to Early Access, what’s next for GTFO? Do you want to take the foot off the gas pedal or go all-out velocity ahead? “The rundown idea, which includes new levels and content, will continue to be available” is positive news for GTFO gamers. To this end, GTFO said that it is planning to offer Twitch integration, which will allow streamers to be closer to the game’s leg-snapping gameplay, and plans to expand the game’s story further.

“The extremely successful Early Access has allowed us to increase our team size from the initial ten developers to 70 people,” they proudly tell me. This shows that the Indie Publishing model that is close to the community impacts the financials. With this new team, they’re looking to continue developing the graphics, which have been upgraded a step from version 1.0, and with their subtle smoke effects, sparklingly clean textures, and a clever play with shadow and light leaves nothing to be desired.

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