GTFO Review – Shooter on the Verge of Madness Review

The annually held The Game Awards 2021, the 10 Chambers team unveiled the long-awaited 1.0 version of the game that is cooperative GTFO. We met with the developers to test the final version, and we are now ready to share with you the details of this one of the more brutal games of the genre that will be a hit when it launches.

  • Producer: 10 Chambers
  • Publisher: 10 Chambers
  • Please note: December 9, 2021

The motto of GTFO is: work as a team or die. This isn’t just a marketing tactic to impress as much as an appeal to every hero who is brave enough to venture into the savage bowels of the underground complex. However, to celebrate The release of the 10 Chambers, they softened slightly.

As per the creators, it’s often difficult for players to choose a suitable game that suits their needs. The matchmaker. Not everyone is keen to chat with strangers on Discord, and surprisingly, audio communication can alter the overall atmosphere. In GTFO prisoners, players communicate with their fellow players. In a whisper, and only to the extent that they can.

“We have decided to do everything to please the community among the new features in version 1.0 will be bot players that can take over those who have left the team. However, this is just an update – GTFO is designed to be used to support four-handed cooperative play. Bots are only equipped to assist you with fire.”

It’s difficult to imagine a gamer nowadays who doesn’t know The work done by 10 Chambers. A two years ago, I published an overview review of GTFO in which I wrote extensively about the game’s capabilities. Since the time, new maps have appeared in GTFO. The game’s developers have recalculated the balance of weapons 100 times and fixed bugs, enhanced game AI and added advancement and satellite search; however, the core game’s gameplay has remained the same.

You’re still four prisoners who can come to their senses in stasis cells and are hurling in a frenzied speed towards the depths of some complications. You’re tasked with, say, the search for something and then bringing it back to a location (and there’s no marker for the item or the location), And that’s all there is to it, and you take care of the remainder.

There’s the smell of damp, dark, unintelligible devices, electronic locks, and the hallways of an old, abandoned facility, where strange, spooky-looking creatures are sleeping. When you make one stomp through an unexplored area or leave the flashlight on until you unlock another entrance (keep on your toes that you’re not overstating here for maximum effect), the entire members of your group could end up dying in a split second before they realize who sold your squad to the creatures.

The GTFO pre-fight training screen features a section for the personalization of the character. Players can now personalize the unique appearance of the inmate by changing the color and skins for various pieces of equipment.

With the introduction of 1.0, the developers are now able to open the story’s curtain. In GTFO, it wasn’t clear even (but fascinating). Now, the prisoners will slowly make sense of what’s going on and then discover who the unknown “warden” has become. I’ve tried to get the truth from 10 chambers, but they’re not listening to my requests.

“We will not say anything in any way, but we’ll allow players to discover what’s happening in the world of games. As if they were puzzles and a puzzle, they’ll construct an entire story using the bits of information found in terminals, and then decipher the words of a maniacal prisoner who managed to escape, but is hiding within the complex since.”

Additionally that, you and your group are now entangled in another reality in unexpected instances. The contrast is stunning as you’re one moment in a gloomy and spacious underground room, and then in the next, you find yourself deep in the middle of the desert. A bright light is shining on your face, and new, unheard until now, monsters appear from every direction.

“Plot-driven moves will often surprise your team. Sometimes, for a few seconds or for extremely long hours, in which you’ll need to live in a totally new setting. Sometimes, creatures that you meet in a different reality are pulled into the situation with your group.”

Talking about communication: 10 Chambers has added a crucial element to the game, which reduces the barrier of language between participants in the session. While previously, players were able to talk to each other using tags and drawing maps, GTFO now features a system that allows for quick voice commands.

Talk About is a Talk About window that is invoked by pressing an additional button. It can be which is controlled using numbers or by the mouse wheel. Within the window, you will find several sections that meet every need of your teams, such as asking your fellow teammates to set up turrets and negotiate a stealthy traversal of the area, as well as request medical assistance or ammunition. It’s not necessary to use VOIP for messaging when you don’t need to.

Don’t begin to discuss the “ocasion” things when you learn that GTFO has now got checkpoints. 10 Chambers felt sorry for the players and added an extra door that has a green sign on it, and it will serve as the team’s checkpoint in the event that you pass away within the checkpoint.

“Checkpoint will keep track of the equipment you have, your health, and ammo counts when you enter the door. This helps players to quickly reflect on their mistakes and attempt to get over the problem again using a different strategy.”

It is not uncommon to have less than one checkpoint permission, and they’re not a guarantee of success. Even with a tight-knit group of 10 Chambers that know the specifics of their game very well, we failed to finish the second mission.

Version 1.0 introduced an extensive set of technological changes. The developers upgraded its satellite searching system. They also speeded up animations and rendering optimized the game’s performance and hitboxes for enemies. The game began to run more smoothly the frame rate became more steady.

In addition, 10 Chambers does not intend to end here. The developers have a wide-ranging plan to develop the game. Like before, the creators are planning to make use of the system for content delivery called Rundown, which will often influence the appearance of GTFO and replace maps, scenarios, and the enemies of the game while ensuring the highest replayability of the game.

“We have lots planned for 2022 . And with the introduction of version 1.0 we’re only getting started to push the limits of GTFO. We have a long list of terrors, challenges and puzzles to offer our members. Have fun and we’ll ensure that your experience will be fresh and unforgettable.”

My impression regarding GTFO is the same. It’s still among the most intense, terrifying, and possibly the most effective cooperative horror games available on the PC currently and teamwork remains essential to the game’s gameplay.

Early access time in the early access period, 10 Chambers collaborated together with their community in order to refine the game, adjusting the mechanics, changing the mechanics, and making life more enjoyable for players, without departing from the GTFO concept of cooperative play or dying together.

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