GTA Online – Beginner’s Guide

The game will be released in 2020. GTA Online is very different from the game it was when it first came out in 2013. After all these years, Rockstar continues to support the game with new upgrades, enhancements, and various usability-enhancing features. In addition, there is the fantastic flexibility of the player, and it becomes obvious why awe-inspiring players for new players populate the wide expansive world in Los Santos.

In this video tutorial, we’ll attempt to help you figure out how to begin if you have never played GTA Online; we will teach you how to earn money, increase your level and provide you with some of the necessary actions to build your criminal network. Even if it’s challenging to get started in GTA Online, spending a few minutes and effort, you’ll be able to master the path of gambling robbery, the virtual trading of illegal drugs or banditry, and cooperating with others in the chaos.


  • 1 Character creation
  • 2 Completing Learning
  • 3 Earning and scaling up
  • 4 How to improve the health of your family and locate weapons
  • 5 How to purchase clothes
  • 6 How do you buy an automobile
  • 7 How do I purchase real estate
  • 8 How to save money
  • 9 How to stay clear of grilling
  • 10 How do you take part in the robberies

Character creation

GTA Online begins with character creation. You can choose a variety of attributes that will determine the overall look and parameters for your persona. They have nothing to do with gameplay, so you’ll need to concentrate on getting your avatar to look how you like it.

Though you’ll have the opportunity to alter your character’s appearance in the future, it could be quite costly. If your character appears impeccable, you can proceed to your GTA Online tutorial.

Tutorial Completion

Initially, you may be enticed to skip the entire tutorial, particularly if it’s not your first experience. But, GTA Online has several key distinctions from single-player games, especially about the various games and classes. The best method to master these is to go through the instructional course and don’t forget to go through it through.

Lamar will assist you with this segment – he’ll be waiting for you at the Los Santos airport and take you for a trip through the city, demonstrating the most important aspects of selecting the right missions, contracts and race, shopping, robbery, and other things. At the end of the lesson, you’ll have a more precise concept of how GTA Online works; at minimum, you’ll be able to grasp the controls.

Earn and develop skills

There are two primary sources to develop within GTA Online – money and reputation points. Cash lets you purchase new ammunition, guns, clothing, cars, and real estate, while reputation points improve the overall amount of reputation points you earn. The higher your stage, the more you can do. At the beginning of the game, your capacity to progress and make money is restricted.

This is the reason work can be helpful. For the first time by driving to the location marked on the map. You can also use your mobile to press “up” on the dial or choose work from the Pause menu. There are always plenty of opportunities available, ranging from multiplayer races to altered story missions to complex bank robbery situations.

Naturally, certain jobs pay more; therefore, take your time to research better options. If you’re stuck, even at lower levels, we recommend the following tasks for those who are just beginning to earn reputation points and money:

  • Carjacking It is recommended to avoid stealing vehicles that are cool and draw a lot of attention. However,, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling cars stolen in Los Santos Customs and mining certain vehicles to make Simeon.
  • Missions The modified stories missions are like those found in GTA V. They can be accessed via the menu of job choices and by calling NPCs like Lamar, Gerald, or Simeon. There are also special promotional missions that offer double rewards that change each week.
  • In the wake of Maud’s adventures now and then, you’ll receive emails from Maud, who will need your help finding certain individuals. She’ll give you a substantial bonus if you can bring them alive.
  • Casino Diamond Casino Diamond Every day, the game lets you test your luck by playing Roulette on Casino Diamond. The chips you win can be traded for cash or put back into the line. To locate the casino, you can use GPS.

How can we improve the health of your family and locate weapons

In GTA 5, your character has a small amount of energy (green scale) which can be increased by purchasing bodieshield (blue scale). To keep your health up, you must snack on available snacks at vending machines throughout the city. They can be put aside to eat later using the menu for interaction.

Weapons, ammunition, and body armor are all available at AmmuNation stores, spread throughout the gaming world. Ammunition is available straight from your inventory to make purchases more convenient. However, it comes with a price. As you progress in level, the weapons are available to purchase from AmmuNation.

How to purchase clothes

Suppose you want to buy your character to get a new outfit, head to the nearest Los Santos store, and approach the racks and shelves of clothing. There are more than four thousand kinds of clothing options in the game. To make it easier for you to buy the entire set, not just one item at one time. After you have purchased the apartment, you will have all of the clothes you bought kept there, and you will be able to change clothes at any time without needing to visit the shop.

How do you buy a car?

You can customize stolen vehicles and make them appear as your own. However, with the most desirable vehicles due to increased scrutiny, this method should be avoided. When you’ve got something less modest than the Felon or F620, take it to the local store, purchase an electronic tracker and purchase insurance.

The car will be displayed next to your every time you go into GTA Online. If (and the time), you can purchase another vehicle via Mor’s Mutual Insurance. You can also buy cars through your phone; however, since you’ll be in the middle of cars with just one broken window that separates you from having one, we suggest you not buy an automobile and save the money for real property.

How do I purchase real estate

An excellent property to begin by is located at 124 Popular Street. For $25,000, you’ll benefit from a garage with two cars with the ability to access a mechanic, and an easy entry point into the busy roads in East Los Santos. To locate the garage, go to the Internet using your mobile device and select the Money and Services tab, visit the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website and search for properties priced at a reasonable price.

As your criminal enterprise grows as you expand, you’ll have the chance to purchase something more valuable. Different types of real estate offer diverse opportunities, which is why it’s crucial to know the different ways that various kinds of property differ one the other.

  • Garage used to store automobiles, and may be part of some houses and apartments.
  • Standard Apartment is used to create the base for your apartment, it lets you to change your clothes.
  • Elite Apartment – like Standard Apartment – similar to Standard Apartment, but can have a garage, and/or a the planning room to prepare burglaries.
  • Office allows you to complete transportation tasks.
  • Hangar can be used to store helicopters and planes.
  • Clubhouse is used for to store motorcycles.
  • Bunkers as well as Underground Bunkers are used to organize heists.
  • Casinos, nightclubs can generate income.

Apart from Dynasty 8, you can purchase real estate at Maze Bank foreclosure. You will find more substantial options here with hangars, nightclubs and clubhouses. They are expensive money, and you won’t need to be concerned about them for the first time.

How can you save money?

It is essential to set aside sufficient cash for the next major purchase when it comes to cash. Sometimes, this is a problem as crime is a major issue in the street of Los Santos, and murder is quite common.

We recommend that you protect your cash from being taken into the hands of shrewd customers who regularly visit ATMs. To locate the closest ATM, you can use GPS. Alternately, you can transfer money to the account of your Maze Bank account, which is accessible via your mobile.

How to prevent grooming

Most of the players you meet during your time in GTA Online will be friendly to you or, at best neutral. But, that’s not always the case. At some point, you’re likely to encounter a player who’s sole purpose is to create as much chaos as they can. If you are just trying to move from point A to point B without hassle, it’s not always easy.

If you are in this scenario, There are a variety of choices. The first option is to turn on passive mode on the lower right of the interaction menu. This stops you from getting injured in any way, but it also stops you from using weapons or using a melee attack.

Another option is to an option to remove the player from this session. For this to happen, go to the Pause menu,

  • choose Online
  • If not, then Players
  • Select the player who has caused you difficulty and then select Kick
  • If the majority of other players are in agreement with you and you are in agreement, you will be removed from the game. In the end, you are able to quit the game by stopping and deciding
  • Find New Sessions on the Online menu

How can you participate in robberies?

You won’t be able to join forces with other players to heist until you’ve reached the required levels and are able to access the content for the endgame of GTA Online. If they succeed, heists can allow players to earn massive sums of money. However, the process of planning and carrying out them correctly takes a lot of coordination. It is advised to plan heists with friends you’ve met and conversing via voice chat; however, for random individuals, it’s also feasible.

Each heist is broken down into distinct missions, each in order to ensure the triumphant finale when all the components come together. To be able to access the thefts, you must be at level 12 before you can purchase an exclusive apartment. Before beginning the heist, the group must select the leader who will be accountable for all expenses and player recruitment.

You can also participate in the robberies that other players have. However, you’ll earn less cash doing so. There is a chance that experienced players will be willing to accept you as a newbie. We suggest seeking out accomplices in the more seasoned players on online communities or social networks like GTA Online’s LHF and the r/HeistTeams.

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