Grindstone Review – Barbarian with a Brain Review

The addictive game of puzzles Grindstone which was released previously through Apple Arcade and on Nintendo Switch it has now made its appearance on Windows PC. This time, we’ve created a review that we’ll explain what the game is about.

  • Producer: Capybara Games
  • Publisher: Capybara Games
  • The release date is 16 September 2019 iOS, macOS December 15, 2020 The release date is Nintendo Switch, May 20 20, 2021 – Windows PC

In Grindstone the player plays as Georges a barbarian, who fights a variety of vipers using his sword and his ferocious growl. While playing through stages, he fights enemies by the hundreds and taking down a certain number of enemies is required to be able to finish an entire stage.

The game’s gameplay is an interactive game in which players join creatures with the same color chains. They are replaced by new ones of the ones that were destroyed. larger enemies may be found in the mix – they are only killed when you create chains of a certain number of creatures. They also become angry and could inflict injury on Georges who is in close proximity to them towards time-out of game. The next phase is about to begin as wizards invade the battlefield, slamming from afar, bats sweeping the entire row either horizontally or vertically, and the list goes on.

Protect yourself from threats by using tools forged by a local blacksmith. A shield allows you to defend yourself against an attack, a arrow can cause death at an in-between distance, while the sword is an arc of strike. The blueprints list is expanding, with new tools for crafting being discovered, not just consumables, but also things for armor.

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Crafting items require resources, and there’s not enough around in the event that you’re struggling to complete every level. Grindstone offers the possibility to continue the fight to the length that you need to the time. You can exit the level at any point by walking to the exit. But the longer you remain in the arena the better resources you’ll gain. In the meantime, the opponents become increasingly violent, and in a flash you might be confronted by a horde of monsters trapped in a trap from which there is no escape. The game encourages risk-taking, but also penalizes recklessness.

The gameplay seems simple initially however, it is to be sufficiently deep that players don’t become bored. Making long chains is truly satisfying. You’ll need to overcome numerous enemies, and fights with bosses make you reconsider your strategy. The graphics and animations are breathtaking and it was the art that first intrigued me.

Actually it’s the visuals that caught my eye.

However getting to the summit of the hill, where one is the goal of Georges his father, is extremely long and the deficiency of resources made it difficult to the grind (with no money to help). Controlling the mouse is definitely less user-friendly than control via touch and God of Randomness which puts players on the field, can be prone to throw unexpected surprise.

It’s not possible to play Grindstone for prolonged durations however, you don’t have to. Considering its mobile origins, the game is designed to be played in short intervals where you can play just as long as you’d like. If you’re looking for a fun humorous, high-quality, and entertaining puzzle game that lets you play for a short time while waiting for the time to download an update for your most loved online shooter this is it.

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You cannot play Grindstone for a brief time.

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