Grand Theft Auto V Test

Gamers with fond memories will undoubtedly remember the arguing of console fans: While some criticized the lack of grass blades for the Xbox One, others grumbled in the comment sections about the tiny and rare frame rate drops seen on the PS4. On the other hand, PC gamers complained that console players faced a plethora of shadows that covered a square meter because of their inadequate CPUs. Let’s face it now What an elementary school! It was quite a while back …

GTA V is now so old that it’s hard to imagine a game that is threatening the latest console generation. Whatever the issue is, whether it’s high traffic volume, visible, or quality of the texture: everything is comparable to the highest-end setting of the PC version. There are some differences in the details because three graphic modes are included in the latest version, which is not a slap to the original game. In fact, due to the full HDR implementation and shadows based on ray tracing, this new version is improving in terms of quality and looks slightly brighter than the PC.

However, don’t think too highly of it since this isn’t an overhaul or a visual overhaul, as you’ve probably guessed from a few PC mods. Other than the improved lighting settings, ray tracing, for instance, has nothing to do. Instead, reflections are the main reason. Rockstar uses traditional planar reflections. This is entirely understandable, considering the number of reflection surfaces.

The graphic modes are detailed

Let’s get to the essentials. What do the three graphic modes accomplish in detail? Are you able to see any difference in your game’s performance? Before we get into that, it’s important to note only “large” editions of these new consoles feature three different quality gradations. The “small” Xbox Series S only has two of these. It does, however, have something unique to offer for you: in”Fidelity” mode, the console can output 4K resolution. “In Fidelity” mode, the console’s budget version provides an explanation of 4K. It’s not native, but it’s upscaled, but it’s still.

The flagship models come with the entire software. If you turned up the graphics to maximum power and adorned with shadows tracing rays, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can achieve native 4K with a solid thirty frames per second. If the framerate dips lower than 30, it could be because of an extreme weather event. However, such fluctuations are an extremely uncommon event observed with the naked eye.

If there’s something to complain about with its age and age-related nature, it may be the fact that you’re able to see a pop-in border for the most precise detail on the edges of objects and see how individual cars are fading into the road. However because of the sheer size and density of the game’s area, these minor problems fall under the “occupational treatment for hair splitters” category.

Another quality level is referred to as performance. It strives at sixty frames per second and keeps it almost continuous. There are minor dips, but they are rare and do not get into the spotlight, even in difficult situations in rural areas. The 50s are a sure thing. However, this comes with an expense about quality.

The most obvious modification is the transition from precisely calculated ray traced shadows to stencil shadows with uneven borders and frayed edges on the objects they originate from. Additionally, the resolution of reflections on the planar surface is reduced by half. The rest of the changes are not noticeable as the engine does not output a native resolution of 4K. Indirect comparisons to the first graphics mode, the differences can only be figured out by paying meticulous attention to the delicate small details around the edges, like power cables.

This implies that the foundation of the extrapolated image is highly dynamic on the one hand and just a bit slower than the native 4K on the other. However, ,we could not determine a particular number because of the astonishingly effective extrapolation. We believe the gaming mode will go down to a minimum resolution of 1440p when in extreme situations, but we’d not throw our hands on the line to find out. At all times, the image quality is so excellent that you will not think about it when playing. The only difference is that the Xbox Series S downshifts to 1080p resolution, which isn’t unnoticed when you’re playing on a 4K display.

The 3rd graphics option. This is known as RT Performance and combines the most effective of the two previous graphics options on the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. It is designed to produce sixty frames per second. It also reduces the internal resolution, but it scales to 4K. As with the Performance mode, the quality of all graphics settings decreases somewhat; however, the overall effect is excellent.

After a couple of hours of playing, RT Performance mode emerged as our preferred because Ray Tracing dramatically improves the lighting. Except minor drops in frame rates, the frame rate is also remarkably steady. If it does drop even a bit, it’s barely below 60 FPS. Xbox gamers with televisions that support variable frame rates may not be able to notice any drops. PS5 gamers might see tiny streaks of stuttering, but only when looking for them.

Next-Gen features

We now have to answer the main question: is GTA V worth buying another time? This is largely based on the value this game offers. Are you looking to recreate the experience? Do you remember playing GTA V to the point that you could complete the bank robbery? Do you regularly play GTA Online on regularly?

These features carry greater weight than graphics quality enhancements or the handful of new features added. The PS5 controllers, as an example, include features like the DualSense Controller’s adaptive triggers but aren’t doing more than the minimum. Resistance while driving, shoot feedback and so on – accept the input, but don’t purchase the game again for the same reasons. This is the same for feedback haptic, which is already evident in the introduction mission: Very few vibrations make you feel water is flowing from the sprinkler system, and the engine in the car is operating.

If any of the new features make an impression, it’s the rapid load times that new consoles can achieve because of the SSD HDDs. On the old PS4, loading save games took two minutes. This is long compared to the 35-second gap between the console menu and an already filled save on PS5. The brand-new entry in the tale was completed in just 15 minutes. GTA Online took a minute and six seconds to load a save game, but that’s still much faster than previous generation systems.

New beginnings and online with a fresh start

The entry points to GTA Online have also been modified. You will get a staggering four million GTAdollars for the creation of an entirely new character. Then you’ll choose one of the four careers that include Director, Smuggler of Weapons Biker, or Nightclub Owner. In the next step, you’ll purchase your first house that could consist of an area for living and a weapon cabinet, a garage or a vault. Then, once you’ve selected an office, a first car, and a collection of weapons, your initial capital will be gone. Your career is in a better position than you had in GTA Online.

By the direction of play, the game may differ; however, compared to the original idea, the game has been cut down substantially. It will take less than ten minutes before you, the leader, have located your vehicle, gathered the weapons arsenal, and killed those who were the first to join the opposing group. Following that, you’ll head to your workplace, meet your assistant, sign in to your boss’s desk computer, and carry out your regular routine.

If you already have a successful gangster life to your credit, you’re permitted to use an old avatar, including an existing save game (just as in the previous generation update). Saves for PC are exempt from this. This might be a result of the large number of cheaters who have altered the balance of the computer over time.

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