Godstrike Review Review

Godstrike is an arcade-style action game where every battle is a fight for the top and time has become the main game mechanic. This is a brief review of this hardcore, yet addictive game.

    • producer: OverPowered Team
    • Publisher: Freedom Games
    • Publisher: Freedom Games

Release Date: 15 April 2021

In the past the god of power gave humans magical masks. These masks gave their owners extraordinary power, but not all of them made use of this power for good The power and might of the gods affected the heroes, and they transformed into monsters. The villains were confined to the temple and, as time went on an evil spell began to spread out from the temple. The time has come for Talaal the last guardian of the mask that is not in the camp of evil, must take on his fellows and bring redemption to the world.

The storyline in Godstrike is presented in brief text boxes that are displayed between battles. The vague sentences don’t inspire players to get into the story of the hero. This isn’t the type of game that leaves you with a sigh of sadness because it provides a rationale for the situation which is fine.

It’s more exciting to get into the most intense boss fights in this. There aren’t any other players in this game – at least not yet it’s similar to the Furi, which was released in 2016. Furi however, it’s not a slasher rather an arcade shooter with an overhead view. The left stick gamepad guides the character’s actions, while the right shooter bumpers and triggers trigger active capabilities.
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Every boss poses a significant danger to the character you play. They all have distinct ways of acting, several stages during which they alter their actions, as well as multiple health bars. One enemy is always in place however, they swarm the battlefield by shooting bullet hell bullets while another is constantly moving through the arena while a third one teleports and the list goes on. Bosses can be difficult to handle so I had to devise several strategies for certain of them.

Talaal is, on the other hand, is armed with passive and active capabilities, which grow in power as he annihilates his foes. The ability to teleport, projectile homing temporarily invulnerability, a boost in speed, and much more can be utilized in combat however you are able to move the weapons according to your preference during matches.

Every ability, however will take a couple of seconds off the time a combat. Godstrike uses a unique strategy: your character’s lifetime is measured by a timer and if the timer is empty, every attack is guaranteed to cause death to Talaal. This means that you need the option of either suffocating his body with buffs and sacrifice the few seconds, or provide more time but lose power. Remember that the clock is running and the clock is running out in the fight, and each missed strike will take a few minutes.

It’s a novel concept, but it’s not the best one, since it makes you try to adapt to the constant timer, which makes the already difficult game more difficult. In my playthrough, I’ve seen the realization that the time was almost up and that a single mistake could result in death led to that exact mistake and death.
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Apart from that the game’s design is chic and humble at same at the same time. Certain bosses impressed me with their designs and others made me feel bored. It’s the same with arenas that I can only have a few memories and the music.

Godstrike is a great choice for players who wish to test themselves. It’s a top-down shooting game with many boss fights, unique gameplay discoveries as well as a rigorous testing of reflex speed. If you’re not up to take on a tough firefight, then you should avoid it otherwise, you’re risking burning your nerve cells to death.

If you’re not prepared for a tough shootout, it’s better off staying out of the way.

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