Godlike Burger Review – Maniac Chef Simulator Review

We made the best hamburgers from restaurants, avoiding police attention and fed aliens from a dozen planets. We’re eager to find out what impressions we created for us by the simulator chef Godlike Burger.

  • Producer: Liquid Pug
  • Publisher:Daedalic Entertainment
  • Date of release:April 21, 2022

It’s not a novel concept – you’ve probably had a similar idea within Graveyard Keeper, but the use of human resources to create meat to make hamburgers was not required, and we played as a graveyard keeper in the middle ages. Godlike Burger, on the contrary, is a simulation of a restaurant in which the killing of people and subsequent filling up of freezers comes into the spotlight.

In the film Godlike Burger, we go to the future and play the chef’s character in the small, mobile restaurant that is parked near different planets and serves customers. The hero himself is depicted as a typical fat butcher, who has a huge machete in his palm and a prosthesis that replaces an arm, but his patrons are aliens of diverse races.

Are you familiar with informal simulators for restaurants where you are required to handle customer orders in a hurry, cook meals using various ingredients, calculate profits at the close of the day and evaluate the restaurant? Godlike Burger is based on similar mechanics.

We’ll need to serve customers all day long and pick up burgers as they come in, Keep the restaurant in good order, and make a profit. Also, God, would you rather serve two burgers in place of one in the event of an issue? The customer will be irritated and never leave any reward or score.

However, this legitimate job is just a disguise. The machete used by the hero’s hand is not designed for cutting onions, and the meat used in burgers isn’t chicken.

Godlike Burger is a comedy. Godlike Burger incorporates creepy stories about chefs who are cannibals whose establishments are stocked with meat that’s not cheap. When you are in the initial stage of training, you killed one of the guests, put the trap in the backyard, and then learned to remove evidence. The slain man’s body will go straight to the processor for meat, and the finished cutlets will be frozen, and you will be able to continue your work.

The killing here is done by cleaver or using traps. The first strategy is utilized during the initial stages of the game and also in situations of emergency, as the cook has to pick an appropriate time in which the victim is not to attack her and still clean off the blood the cook who is in the apron with bloody blood will likely draw suspicion. Yes, opponents may become “fat,” such as in the game Godlike Burger. There is an indication of health and damage as well as strength. Strong aliens can defend themselves and even end the maniac.

Paying attention to these acts will build up the amount of suspicion among customers. If the suspicions grow, they could flee in terror or even attack the chef. In either case, the chef will be reported to the police. This is similar to GTA, where we earn badges for police officers, and the more badges we earn, the less fortunate we’re.

Traps are a less complicated and more effective method of killing. For example, a burger restaurant is comprised of many rooms (a hall and a VIP room with two toilets, a backyard, and an arcade room), and several traps can be set up in any location by putting an incredible creature with tentacles inside the toilet or attaching guns to the trash container, or releasing one of the characters on a sign. The traps can kill or stun the victim, and rolling them will decrease the time to reload, increase the amount of damage and trigger automatically.

This is how you perform at Godlike Burger – put the meat on the grill, go out to murder a customer, return, and take another order as if nothing has taken place. In the absence of this, you will not be able to receive the cutlets, and the day is a blur of 10-15 customers, and the last planet – 5 minutes set for the games day are overflowing.

In the evening, our butcher heads to his home, where he can continue his work of sourcing ingredients (buns or vegetables) and paying his bill, enhancing his kitchen, skills, and even traps. There’s even a fake book of suggestions and complaints, in which people complain about the flavor and smell of meat, the rude cook, and that their loved ones don’t come home alive.

Godlike Burger aims to create the most delicious restaurant in the world. To achieve this, you’ll need to go to various planets and be able to score points on them. There are 11, and each one has a unique customer. I’m aware that alien races possess distinct strengths and weaknesses, preferences, and actions while waiting for orders that should be considered. Each planet you visit, the game gets more challenging, and it is recommended to prepare yourself properly before your travel.

The management and leveling up the game are similar to Rogalicks. This means that we can purchase improvements and get into the day-to-day, and if one day the client’s strength increases and the chef is more substantial, then he will need to start his career from scratch without a reputation and no cash. But, the things we’ve made will be able to stay the same, and it’s not too difficult to get back on track.

The art style of the game is comical and extremely easy to play on my laptop that isn’t very powerful; godlike Burger delivered 60 FPS with no issues. The game’s crashes, bugs, and lags for about a dozen hours were not reported, and there was nothing that stopped me from doing things that were dark.

In terms of drawbacks, I see only the monotony even though the game attempts to alter the routine by introducing different events (from arriving of the critics to meteor showers accompanied by zombies). The game does not have a story, and once you’ve mastered the game’s mechanics, the difficulty of planet conquest doesn’t appear. The potential for a thrilling game is immense, and with a compelling storyline, it would be amazing.

I would not have dreamed of hamburgers in Godlike Burger, but it’s certainly worth the wait the comedy unique, entertaining and fun restaurant sim with plenty of chances to entertain guests and make them.

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