God Of War Test

However, the bond with Kratos and their offspring of his is a significant factor and adds humanity to the story. The curiosity of the youngster contrasts with the warhorse’s gruffness. Additionally, both respond differently to the pain of losing a loved one. There’s plenty of room for conflict to be played beautifully.

A clean realization

The connection to the PC will leave a lasting impression. It starts with controlling options that are made to be compatible with gamepads as much as keyboards and mice. It includes various options for camera parameters and free keys and a few alternatives for accessibility and HUD settings. Control and operation are fluid, and keyboards and mice are also an option because of the many options.

Naturally, the game has undergone some visual tweaks. The fact that four-kilo resolution and high-quality textures can be supported is pretty apparent, even though there needs to be a high-end graphics card inside the motherboard to support this. It’s a great thing to know that formats with 21:9 are fully supported, making the cinematic experience more stunning on the screens that are compatible with them.

Better shadows with higher resolution, better reflections within the viewing area. The inclusion of GTAO and SSDO and an unlock frame rate that permits setting beyond 60 frames per second are all accessible through the choices. Sony is not afraid to use special features offered by the manufacturers of graphics cards. This is why the game supports both DLSS to boost frame rate and Reflex to decrease the latency of the NVIDIA (RTX) graphics card. The latest AMD graphics card users will surely be delighted to learn of AMD FidelityFX.

Most gamers find smooth gaming feasible with no issues on the interconnected systems. We recommend against keeping the roughly 70GB install size onto an HDD instead of using an SSD when feasible. This will make loading time shorter and avoid any jerks during the reloading of the area’s data. This happened in two or three instances in our experience.

In the case of the RTX 3070 monitor, we experienced minimal difficulty in keeping the game at 60 fps with 1440p resolution with Ultra settings. Everything worked smoothly when using a 21:9 display with an RTX 3080, with 3,440x 1440 pixels resolution with DLSS enabled with Ultra Settings. We would still suggest installing NVIDIA’s Game-Ready driver. It is scheduled to be released on January 14th and will include specific optimizations designed explicitly for God of War.

We discovered any glitches in the game’s playtime on this PC version. The only cutscene that ran was slightly jerky, but the hard disk could cause it (as stated: SSD recommended). We had to report the possibility of crashing, and it was not a significant loss of time due to the fairness of checkpoints and the game’s saves. Changes 17.01.2022: the crash issue is believed to have been resolved with update 1.01 and performance issues during long game sessions.

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