Ghost Recon Wildlands: Rendezvous in the Wilderness

After creating a unique look for your character by putting on a new outfit from the head down, which includes the bag’s sticker or the shade of your hair, you’ll soon be into the middle of things. It’s not like you’re on vacation, and we’ll let us be aware of this since you’ll need to achieve a successful initial mission to earn the confidence of Rebels. Nothing too tricky: with the assistance of three others, Ghost Recon, you’ll have to get one of those who are part of the Rebel forces who were taken prisoner to the Sicarios The name that is used by people who are part of the Cartel. Once this task is completed, then you’ll be able to leave to explore the world that is available to you.


4×4 sports, motorcycles, helicopters, and other forms of transport are all available to travel the depths of Bolivia. The truth is that just like other Ubisoft games, driving is not completely free of fault. Cars that are slightly heavy and turn at a low speed and motorcycles with too much turn or helicopters that feel rigid for low speeds won’t ease your work! These issues are small and shouldn’t detract from driving enjoyment. On the positive side, it is good to note thatthe map, divided into regions,seemsentirely accessible from the beginning of the game.Each of these regions is controlled by a leader whom you will have to get rid of by carrying out several missions to go up the cartel’s organizational chart to him. The goal at hand is to eliminate El Sueno, the “Big Boss” of the Santa Blanca once each region is released from the cartel’s control. While the story isn’t the most well-studied anywhere, this cannot be said about the depth of secondary characters. Backgrounds with a wealth of details, diverse personalities, and a unique past for every person can allow you to get completely engaged in the story.

El Sueno prefers to be in the shadows and leave the spotlight on his agents.

Since we’re talking about immersion, let’s discuss graphics. Its textures, as well as lighting, are rendered beautifully on screens.The scenery is varied, with the music effects aid further to make you feel absorbed into the game. It’s a quasi-sans-fault side. some bugs do, however, ruin the original. You can, for instance, get trapped in a secluded area surrounded by stones less than 50 centimeters high and not be capable of getting out of the “hole,” which forces you to take a quick move. This can be a bit frustrating, stuck in the middle of an assignment.

Their various variations, from kidnapping and equipment theft, permit to prevent fatigue. All the more, mainly when you include the many methods of approaching an objective. Whether frontally by entering the scene or slyly infiltrating or even more radical, through bombing the location, The options for completing an assignment are endless. In addition, you can add the night/day cycle, a variable weather system, and a myriad of weapons that can be customized right down to the smallest detail, and you’ll have all you need to alter the thrills.

In addition to the accessories you have available to you, you’ll discover binoculars and even a drone. As with other aspects of the game, this will be customizable.You can also improve your equipment and team members by earning skills points and resources you earn when you complete tasks on the side.


For your companions, They obey them by their eyes and fingers, but if the fight is apparent and they are ready to shoot at any enemy, even by letting their arm or head poke out. They lead their lives a pretty small amount, sometimes observing and sometimes leading, but they are always in the waiting. A bit of initiative occasionally could have been appreciated. Note that these won’t be noticed by Sicarios, despite the possibility that they run right in front of an enemy’s security guard, entirely in plain view, while you, seated behind your rock, 35 meters away are spotted within four minutes. Also, when you exchange fire, the enemy will be first at you, even though your friends can be the most palatable targets!!

Another option available to you to improve your game is to cooperate. At any moment, you’ll be able to join in the fun of an uninitiated player or your friend. I’d recommend the second option, as the first option is not the most efficient. Apart from the possibility of meeting an opponent whose skill level that you do not know beforehand, you especially risk meeting an opponent with whom you do not have the same language, making cooperation impossible. Furthermore, once you play with another player , all of your AI team will disperse, and you’ll be left between the real-life participants. So I would highly suggest finding 3 players to join your team since when you’re less than that than three, you will not fully fill your team with AI players. It is it’s playing in a group that the game is able to show its full possibilities! The chances are amplified obviously and, in particular, the experience improves in the realism. No more partners that are 100% successful in their shots and are unnoticeable allow for perfection in the most unexpected, and also exciting!

In addition, as was previously the case with Assassin’s creed Unity Ubisoft has also provided us the mobile app which lets us control an unspecified group of Rebels that we can have them complete a couple of missions and thus provide us with assets for the game consoles, thus facilitating the unlocking of new upgrades.

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