Ghost of Tsushima Guide – Where to Find All the Armor

Each of the armors in the action game samurai Ghost of Tsushima is a instrument for a variety of objectives, from eliminating enemies in melee combat to enhancing stealth during missions that require stealth. Through this tutorial, players will discover how to unlock every armor available in the game.

Tips: You can put on various types of armor depending on the circumstances. A certain type of armor can increase Jin’s defense, another one will allow Jin to explore the world more comfortable, and another allows for quicker archery, etc. This is the reason it’s crucial to have as many armors as you can throughout the game.


  • 1 Chopped armor
  • 2 Traveller’s Clothes
  • 3 Samurai Clan Armor, helmet of the Samurai clan
  • 4 Ronin Clothing
  • 5 Sakai Clan Armor, Sakai Clan Helmet, Sakai Clan Mask
  • 6 Ghost Armor Ghost’s headband Ghost’s mask
  • 7 Tadayori armor, Tadayori hat
  • 8 Gosaku armor, Gosaku helmet, Gosaku headband
  • 9 Kensei armor, Kensei’s hat
  • 10 Armors from Mongol Commander, Mongol helmet, mask of the conqueror
  • 11 Fundosi

Cut armor

Benefits: none

In this set, Jin embarks on his quest into The world that is Ghost of Tsushima. The set is a starter set, which gives no extra bonuses and is not able to be upgraded.

Equipment of Pathfinder

Features: A fog that has dispersed in greater distance from the player, the gamepad starts to shake near artifacts the wind that guides the player indicates the exact location the artifacts are.

This is the costume Jin is given in the storyline, just after the game’s beginning.

Samurai Clan Armor, Samurai Clan Helmet

Benefits: Improves health, reduces the damage to Jin and builds up determination points quicker.

The armor you receive through the completion of your “Story of Madame Masako” mission. It is a great choice for combat open in the beginning in the game’s walkthrough.

Ronin’s Rimblood’s Rimblood

Benefits: more melee damage, a lower detect rate.

Another armor that comes from the quest story. Completion of your “Blood on the grass” quest.

Sakai clan armor, Sakai clan helmet, Sakai clan mask

Benefits: massive increase in health, and increased melee damage Jin can kill two additional adversaries during a battle and winning a battle allows Jin to intimidate adversaries.

The kit is provided to finish this “Ghosts of the Past” story quest.

Ghost armor Ghost hairband Ghost mask

benefits: Significantly lower detection speed, greater probability of intimidating enemies after killing an opponent decreased how many kills needed for entry into Phantom Stand by 2. Phantom Stand by 2.

This is the set you receive for”Out of Darkness” story quest “Out of Darkness” story quest.

Tadayori Armor, Tadayori Hat

The benefits: Jin is able to shoot bows quicker, concentration speed increases and the scale of concentration gets bigger when it is hit with the head.

You have to finish the mission “Legend of Tadayori” within the “Stories of the Ancient Heroes” series to unlock the armor. When you have completed this quest, fight is in store for you against a formidable adversary.

Gosaku armor Gosaku helmet Gosaku armband

Benefits: Health boost, stun damage increases as well as health replenishment when you kill an opponent stunned.

This set is available by completing your “Indestructible Gosaku” quest in the “Stories of the Ancient Heroes” series. It is necessary to enter the cave that houses the armor is accessible by using six keys, and is protected by peasants from towns like Aoi, Iijima, Kuta, Koshimizu, Ohama, and Yagata. It’s your job to take the village out of the hands of the Mongols and retrieve keys, unlock the vault’s doors and take the armor.

Kensei Armor, Kensei Hat

Benefits: Increases your determination and increase the damage from Ghost guns (Jin gadgets such as kunai or smoke bombs) reduce the damage dealt to enemies with Ghost gun.

To acquire the set follow your time and complete “Six Blades of Kojiro” quest in the “Stories of Ancient Heroes” series.

The first step is to beat the mini-bosses of five The Straw Hats, which are waiting for players in this game. Find the first one north from Urashima Village, the second one east of Yamabushi Peak, the third one south from Lucky Genzo’s Tavern and the fourth one to the north of the Equinox Flower Field and the fifth south of the Old Kanazawa Swamp.

End these games and fight Kojiro, the legendary warrior Kojiro to defeat him and be granted his armor.

Mongol armor of the commander, Mongol helmet, conqueror’s mask

Benefits: improve health, reduce damage, and reduce the rate of detection in combat Mongols are likely to confuse you with someone else.

The armor is available by talking to the NPC in the Jogaku Temple and take the quest “By the Khan’s Measure”. Take out the Mongol commanders as you clear the camps and forts and then collect the parts of the kit, and then go back to the character in Jogaku and speak with him once more.


Benefits: you can move in a quiet manner… but you look like a samurai.

Find all hot springs within Ghost of Tsushima in order to unlock this…garment. Locations of Source:


  • West of the swamps that comprise the River Children
  • The North is north of Archer’s Heights
  • South of Azure Pond
  • North of the Winding Path
  • Northwest of Shigatori Peak
  • The East is the Golden Temple
  • West of the coast of Isonade coast
  • The northwest of the glade in Izuhara


  • East of Hakutaku Forest
  • The southeast corner of Umugi Bay
  • Northwestern part of Yarikawa Fortress
  • West of Mamushi farm
  • Southern part of the Old Toyotama Mountains
  • The southwest of Fort Koyasan


  • In the valleys below Jito in the foothills of Jito
  • South of Kin village
  • The house is located to the southeast of Sake Morimae

I hope that this guide can help you discover the entire armor collection in Ghost of Tsushima. Find your way through the world using the guidance of wind (you’ll see in the maps screen) and compose hoku to allow you to unlock new armor, helmets, and masks.

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