Ghost of Tsushima Guide – Passage Tips


  • 1 Go through Tsushima… however, not too closely
  • 2 What do you get to travel the world?
  • 3 Upgrade the Ghost Guns
  • 4 Parry, dodge and
  • 5 Use Surround
  • 6 Change your stances more frequently
  • 7 How do you increase your level 7 How to increase your level Ghost of Tsushima
  • 8 The most powerful amulets can be found located in difficult to access places
  • 9 Full Stories of Ancient Heroes” as soon as is possible
  • 10 Change your clothes more frequently
  • 11 Do you not like the weather? Select another one!”

Investigate Tsushima… however, not in depth.

The Island of Tsushima is comprised of three major places that offer a large amount of collectibles, quests as well as other things to do.

You’ll be able to go “hoovering” around the world just after the prologue, but be sure to take your time. If you first explore the world thoroughly it will quickly increase your energy and make the journey within Ghost of Tsushima too easy.

In this instance, you’ll need to eliminate your “fog of war” However, there’s a method to go the simpler route when you finish the story, the locations of the entire Mongolian outposts appears on the map. Clear them, and you’ll see that the “fog of war” will be dispersed and you’ll be able to be able to see all potential points that are worth your attention.

You should therefore end the main story then move on to the second story.

If you choose you want to discover the Island by yourself make use of the armored Clan of the Traveler which allows you to hunt for artifacts using a guided wind. It also disperses “fog from war” quicker, and shows the exact position of artifacts in Dzin through the controller’s vibrating.

Apart from that birds that direct the hero to places of interest, and peasants aid you in exploring Tsushima If you notice the dialog icon on top of the NPC, rush to him. He’ll likely provide you with some tips on a previously unexplored area.

What will I earn from travelling around the world?

The wide world of Ghost of Tsushima holds many items that can be helpful to Jin.

  • Resources that you collect will enable you to enhance your bow, katana and armor
  • Foxholes can guide you to prayer spots and allow you to open cells to amulets and increase the effects of amulets

  • Pillars of Honor have new colors for tanto and katana.
  • Hoku’s composing sites give you an opportunity to try new hairbands
  • Sanctuaries hide powerful amulets
  • Hot Springs will increase Jin’s maximum health
  • Training grounds boost the number of determination cells
  • Nomena allows access to new saddles available for the horse

  • Crickets that sing can teach Jin tunes for flute

Additionally to that, in Ghost of Tsushima you will be required to light beacons, battle mini-bosses, discover records, in addition to Mongolian artifacts.

Grade Ghost’s weapons

Combat scenes in Ghost of Tsushima do not make you feel bored until the end however fighting with only weapons isn’t particularly interesting or efficient.

We suggest combining edged weapons with other gadgets, that are readily accessible to Jin in large quantities. For example, kunai is able to stun enemies and smoke bombs can help to conceal within the fight and also perform a few stealth kills, while sticky bombs are able to kill enemies right on the spot.

The tuning of these weapons can make them more deadly So, incorporate tech points right from the beginning This way, you’ll be able to throw more kunai, replenish health when you are inside the smoke blast, and increase the blast distance of the gunpowder blast and so on.

Parry and dodge

Learn to learn to dodge or parry your opponent as quickly as you can. If you are able to hit the timing right and then repel your adversaries in the last second, you will be able to create a devastating counterattack that will cause massive damage. Make use of technique points for reflection and evasion in order to learn new techniques, such as the amazing leap over the opponent’s horse.

Make use of the environment

The game has many ways to kill enemies by using the terrain, but there are a few alternatives. For instance, you can shoot at nests of wasps or illuminated lanterns to unleash angry wasps, and then spill the fire onto headless enemies. Alternatively, reaching the hvacha, which is a cannon that fires quickly, will quickly eliminate an army of a few.

It is more common to change your stance more frequently

Standing in Ghost of Tsushima help you combat different kinds of foes. The stone rack works against swordsmen and water racks against warriors who wear shields and the wind rack against lances as well as the moon rack is effective against the heavy foes.

Instead of trying unsuccessfully to get through the defences of a lancer in a stone stand switch the stand to a wind one and take out the foe in a flash.

For opening racks enter Mongol camps and search for their leaders. Don’t hurry to kill them First, observe the leader filling the rack with cells learning scale, then fight him , and take over another cell.

Stands are able to be improved using techniques points that can strengthen them and allow the ability to use new combination attack.

How do you level up to the next level Ghost of Tsushima

The development system used in the game makes boosting by fighting virtually useless as you will gain little or no amount of experience. To rapidly level up you must complete quests and unlock new zones in the game map. In the description of the quest, you’ll be able to see the impact the quest can have in enhancing your Jin Legend – that is the degree of growth for the protagonist.

The best amulets are located in places that are difficult to reach.

The amulets found in Ghost of Tsushima are passive bonuses which are located in six boxes, two for amulets with large sizes and four for smaller amulets. The most valuable amulets are only in sanctuaries and each sanctuary are an Tomb Raider- or Prince of Persia style puzzle. Also the platforming games are waiting for players, and you must complete the task and, if it’s possible to avoid falling into the deep abyss.

Finalize “Stories of the Ancient Heroes” in the shortest time possible

“Tales of the Ancient Heroes” are unique quests that are visible on the map of the game with the blue icon. You’ll meet musicians who offer advice about a legendary armor weapon or combat strategy.

If you can complete these tasks, it will give you a lot of chances for you. For instance, you’ll learn the ability to block powerful attacks, you’ll learn you can set the sword’s to blaze and fire powerful bows. The armor you acquire in your adventure will offer Jin amazing advantages.

Wearing a more casual dress

The armor available to Jin does not just look elegant, but it also comes with numerous advantages. The ability to put on new gear is just a few mouse clicks away. So don’t get inactive to avail these advantages.

For instance, Sakai Clan armor will prove extremely beneficial in close combat, offering bonus damage and health. If you’re looking for the anonymity of a stealth outfit, you can wear Ghost Armor, which reduces the speed at which you can detect the character. The Wayfarer’s Cloak is useful when you travel and the Tadayori Armor can assist you to shoot faster when using an archer.

This is only applicable to armor. Helmets, headbands and masks are decorative objects, and can be used with any combinations.

Tuning armor is expensive and you’ll need to invest a lot of money to enhance every aspect. Therefore, choose the ones you believe are the most efficient and invest in the first.

Do you not like the weather? Select another!

Jin is a musician with a flute can be used to alter the weather. He can either to stop the storm, disperse clouds, or in the alternative create the storm. You can choose the melody in the Equipment-Accessories menu, and you can play the flute by swiping to the left on the gamepad’s touchpad.

At at the start of the guide there is only one song available for Jin, “Warm Embrace of the Sun” In order to unlock the other tunes, search for cricket cells in graveyards all over the world.

These guidelines will help you begin your journey through Ghost of Tsushima. In the near future, we’ll show you how to locate all the armor available in the game and will show the complete map of the world.

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