Ghost of Tsushima Guide – How to get all the trophies


  • 1 Ghost of Tsushima Trophies Basic Plot
  • 2 Ghost of Tsushima Trophies 2 Ghost of Tsushima Trophies Minor Quest
  • 3 Ghosts of Tsushima Trophies Ghost of Tsushima Battles
  • 4 Ghost from Tsushima – Collecting
  • 5 Ghosts of Tsushima 5 Ghost of Tsushima – Freeing Tsushima
  • 6 Ghosts of Tsushima Platinum Trophies

Trophies from Ghost of Tsushima – main story

The trophies you earn when you complete the storyline of the game.

Trophy list
  • In the midst of a storm, grab the Sakai clan’s Katana
  • The Point of No Return – retreat from the path of the samurai in order to aid a potential allies
  • Wolf Pack – enlist the assistance of the Straw Hat ronins
  • Sparkle – Save Taka From Mongol captivity
  • Family’s all in – Free for Mr. Shimura from the captivity of the Khan. Khan
  • A Leader of the People get the peasants in Yarikawa to fight
  • Birthright – get back the armor of your father
  • Flames of embers burning – kill the murderers by claiming a deceased friend
  • Ghost – accept your new destiny
  • Alliance of Exiles – join your friends in the frigid north
  • Diet of the ruler The Khan is in danger. Khan
  • Mono no avare – Leave the past behind, and take upon the weight of your new life

Awards of Ghost of Tsushima – minor quests

These are trophies that you earn for completing more stories

Trophy list
  • Warrior Monk – Complete all of Norio’s tales
  • Avenging Warriors – Complete all of Masako’s tales
  • Unbending Archer – read Ishikawa’s entire story
  • Stubborn Thief: Complete all Yuna’s stories
  • Tale-teller – finish all the tales of antiquated heroes

These quests are displayed on the map using blue icons.

  • All support is provided – including the stories from Tsushima

To win this trophy You have to complete every quest including those that you discover when you travel around the world. Be aware that you must speak to NPCs within the towns before you can begin certain quests, so don’t overlook characters that have the conversation icon over your head.

The Trophies from Ghost of Tsushima – battles

These are trophies that you earn through completing challenges with Mongols or bandits.

  • Shine of Steel – defeat 20 enemies by counterattacking following a flawless parry

Learn your “Perfect Parry” technique within the “Reflection” branch Then, parry (L1) when an opponent is about to strike, and then cut the opponent. When you’ve completed this process 20 times, you’ll receive an award.

  • Witness Protection – Kill the fleeing, frightened enemy

While you are pumping to the max, your attack are likely to frighten opponents, and they’ll collapse on the floor or walk away from the fighting. Shoot your bow at an fleeing enemy , and you will be awarded the trophy.

  • In one swift swoop, beat the most opponents in a single battle

Continue through the story to obtain your armor from The Sakai clan. When you’ve maxed out the armor, the range of enemies will grow to five. Then, you’ll need to meet your foes and kill them five times in the battle. I would not recommend trying to collect this award in the northern regions – it’s best to return to Toyotama which is where it’s simpler to take down enemies in a confrontation.

  • Take a bargain – stun your enemies 50 times

To knock enemies off guard Use a forceful attack (triangle) together with a posture that is compatible with the kind that the fighter.

  • Only one option – beat all the fights

The fights that are featured in Ghost of Tsushima are duels against bosses. They do not only occur in story quests but also in other quests, like the Masako-sama storyline, as well as The Legendary Heroes stories.

  • Chance landing kills an opponent through throwing them off the edge of a rock

There are a variety of options to earn the prize. For example, you could shoot an enemy while going either way up and down staircase. Also, you can practice Blade Runner-up on the Dodge branch, locate your opponent on the edge of a cliff and then run him down.

    Deadly Accuracy Deadly Accuracy – Kill 20 enemies using Ghost Stand.

The stance will be mastered as you advance in the narrative. In the next chapter, you’ll need to take out 20 enemies. Assuming that Jin takes out three foes within The Ghost Stand, you’ll have to do it seven times to win the award. You can also use Ghost Armor to accumulate points quicker to gain access to the Ghost Rack.

  • Legendary Phantom Create your own legend that can be appropriately referred to as”The Phantom of Tsushima.” Phantom of Tsushima

Find quests to complete and fight against enemies to build your reputation. As time passes, you’ll be able to attain the highest rank.

  • Be a careful apprentice – master the combat postures from Stone, Water, Wind and Moon.

To get better at stances quicker you should take your time killing the commanders of your enemies in camps. Be sneaky and observe their training it will earn you points for learning a fighting posture before you eliminate the commander and earn another point.

  • Every trick is possible Master all the throwing techniques that are that are available to the Phantom
  • The perfect storm to maximize your sword

Recommend using the Inari amulet, which provides an impressive increase to the amount of resources that are collected required to upgrade armor and weapons.

Ghosts of Tsushima Collecting Trophies

These are the trophies you receive when you explore Tsushima

  • Keep your amulets safe – place your amulets into all six boxes

To earn this award, it is not enough to locate amulets (you are able to find amulets in shrines or as rewards for completing quests) Also, follow the foxes to will lead Jin toward the temples. prayers on the altars allow you to access the amulets’ storage cells.

  • Give 10 gifts – collect them
  • Abundance – collect 30 ornamental items
  • Guide Light – light the flame on every lighthouse in Tsushima.

  • It’s the Den of Thieves – Find Umugi Bay

  • God’s Blessing: Find all Shinto temples located on Tsushima and pray for them

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