Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Review Review

The Ghost of Tsushima was released the last year; however, it’s not too late to end the story. Samurai: Sucker Punch is making a new release of the action adventure for PS4 and PS5, which includes an added level and many improvements. We’ve explored the beautiful Iki Island and petted all the animals, including deer, cats, and monkeys. We we’re ready to share our experiences of this “director’s Version” that the game offers with you.

  • Production Manager: Sucker Punch Productions
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Date of release: August 20 20, 2020

What does the new island have to offer us

Iki Island is located southeast of Tsushima, which is the location of the first Ghost of Tsushima. The events in the add-on can unfold at the beginning and the end of the storyline. There is no definite connection to the script in this case. After completing the first part of the game, you can visit the marker in the maps, start a new adventure and then move to a new area – small but beautiful and packed with things to see.

In this scene, Jin waits for a new battle to defeat the Mongol invaders. They are subordinate to Orlitsa, the sorceress who delights the islanders by employing a specific poison to make a few serve her. Awed by a noble urge, Jin rises to defend the unfortunates, but shortly the enemy is caught. He escapes; however, the poison infiltrates his body, creating dark visions.

Surprisingly, the story told in the game is better than in the first game. This is surprising since Ghost of Tsushima is a heartfelt storyand. Moreover, there weren’t any gaps in Jin’s story. But, the authors have a few tricks up their sleeve to offer us, and during what transpires in “Iki Island,” they reveal many details regarding Jin’s father’s passing and the relationship between him and his son.

It is believed that the Sakai clan, as well as the people of Iki, do not have the past’s glory, and so the protagonist will transform into the status of a Ghost and hide his identity from the brigands and pirates with whom he’ll need to collaborate at will. Samurai have to give up many things, make many difficult choices, and make amends for the mistakes of his ancestors on the path to achieving his aim – the liberation of Iki.

While dramatic events are happening in this area, this island in Iki is beautiful. There are plains, mountains, rivers, and seashores with abandoned shipwrecks buried in the sand. Nature is now even more stunning, and specific locations are stunning: Senjo Gorge is enchanting with bright, purple wisteria Kidafure’s battlefield Kidafure is covered in ivy, which hides the remains of bloody battles, while Guardian Peak offers a delightful panorama of the entire island.

The locations are more than just a location for the story. There are many additional missions (one is linked to an old friend of Jin). You can also find new armor and equipment for horses, fight on the field, or take part in the test archery marksmanship. In addition, you can pet monkeys, cats, and other animals. First, you determine the animal’s home, and then you play them with the flute until they cease to be terrified of you, after which they become companions. Small, however, it’s adorable!

New foes will clash with Iki Shamans by their chants, which will make their allies more committed; they maintain their distance, and if Jin is seen approaching, they will pull out their spears to engage in combat. The hero then gets the power to destroy the Mongols through the ferocious attacks by his horse.

New Sensations

Alongside the stories, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut also received improvements. The first and most important is that they pertain to the PS5 version, which runs in 4K at 60 frames per second, is loaded instantly, and surrounds the user with immersive 3D sound when headphones are used. In addition, the game can transfer saved games from PS4 and PS4, so I did not need to go through the tale’s beginning to get to Iki, where progress and trophies could be transferred with just a few clicks.

The developers also concentrated on the effects of tactile feedback and DualSense adjustable triggers. Ghost of Tsushima is very similar to the original Returnal or Astro’s Playroom. In this way, The vibration is visible on the screen that starts the game, and every action accompanies it during the game.

You’ll feel the ground that Jin is running or where his horse is galloping and feel the guiding breeze through your fingers and feel each missed kick. Also, the triggers are deterred with the help of the bowstring and breaking up unique columns attached to certain zones. These are the kinds of experiences numerous people purchase the PS5 for. They significantly improve your gaming.


Director’s Cut is not an upgrade at no cost to Ghost of Tsushima: owners of the original game will need to pay an additional fee to upgrade to the director’s cut. The upgrade, however, isn’t too expensive: it gives you access to an eight-to-ten hour story addition (or even more, if you decide to visit all the locations that are worth exploring on Iki) and a vast variety of minor enhancements.

If you already have the game initially on PS4, upgrading to the director’s cut version costs 1429 rubles. However, if you’re purchasing Ghost of Tsushima for the first time, it’s possible only to buy this game in the Director’s Cut edition: the PS4 version is priced at 4,999 rubles. While the version that’s native to PS5 cost 5,499 rubles. This is probably the only drawback to a fantastic game.

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