GetsuFumaDen Undying Moon preview – World of Sorrow Review

It was 1987 when the action adventure game GetsuFumaDen was launched in Japan but it was only until 2021 will players from other countries enjoy it as a sequel called Undying Moon. I tried it out and discovered that the Japanese secretly kept from the world an actual treasure with an incredible design.

  • Producer: Konami Digital Entertainment, GuruGuru
  • Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Date of release (early accessibility): May 13 2021

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is an action roguelite game which uses the 2.5D perspective. It takes players on a journey through the dark fantasy world that is that is based on Japanese mythology. It also takes you to the Underworld within the game to personally speak to the demon Lord Ryukotsuki that he rose from the dead, but not in the name of.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is an action game featuring an 2.5D perspective.

The story is only about a minute and yet in that little duration, the game is able to transport us to an era that was feudal Japan. As the head in Getsu, the head of Getsu Clan, it’s like fighting demons was an ancestral tradition within the Getsu family. After all, their ancestors already defeated the demons and brought them back to Hell.

The main character is dressed in the armor of a samurai and is located in the traditional Japanese house that has the cherry blossoms in the gardens… However, GetsuFumaDen isn’t the only thing which makes the plunge swift and effective and the term used to describe this technique is ukiyo-e graphics.

The decision to make the game more Japanese game of all time The developers have created the graphics to be reminiscent of the classic Japanese art form called ukiyo-e (a homophone of the Buddhist word “world of sadness”) You may have seen in a magazine but didn’t know what it was known as.

It was actually a thriving art form during the samurai era from the 17th until the 19th century. Artists mostly depicted the lifestyles of the customs and lifestyles that were prevalent in the time, however they also depicted gorgeous landscapes, myths and folk tales, and other subjects. They could be compared to animation, however they are quite different.

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This is one of the most striking styles of GetsuFumaDen I’m sure this image isn’t going to please gamers but it should at the very least be awestruck gamers, as you will not find it elsewhere.

The breathtaking landscape that surrounds you is amazing and terrifying. The monsters are disgusting (in an excellent way) as all the visual elements create a feeling of characters from paintings of the time. The design of the visuals is certainly one of the strengths of the game however, it’s not all the game has to offer.

The game’s gameplay is fascinating particularly if you just like me are a lover of the roguelite genre. The game takes you through the Underworld to destroy demons as well as their masters. The farther you go the more powerful and ugly the monsters grow. The monsters, incidentally are derived of the exact same Japanese mythology, the Yokai the giant centipede as well as the demon Oni the head of Wanyudo suspended in the wheels… Fans of the genre are sure to be impressed with the manner in which the designers have approached the game’s entry-level gameplay.

You’ll be amazed by the weapon set comprising katanas, battle umbrellas, paired blades bows with arrowsand poisoned kunai and much more. With the next update, the authors will promise to expand the weapon options, however the ones we have are plenty.

The Underworld features five “floors” (10 are expected in the near future) They share the same layout like Dead Cells – explore intricate mazes and discover the way leading to the main entrance. The game is still being released in early access, I’m guessing that the developers would like to incorporate the branching system.

There’s more that is what makes GetsuFumaDen similar to Dead Cells The action is equally fast and the enemies are ferocious and could make you sweat on the first time as well as the levels are packed with diverse forks that lead to chests that offer bonuses or brand new challenges.

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The only aspect of the game that I’d consider controversial is the soul- and resource-based advancement system. The progression system in GetsuFumaDen can be flexible – you can improve the weapons of the hero as well as the character traits of his. The mechanics are controversial as they are difficult to grasp.

After completing the two levels, I wasn’t able to build up the “currency” for me to increase the power of my hero following his the death. Resources are always lost and, in the area I could not find a gateway into the base to steal the resources away. It’s not difficult to die in this location, and the system of roguelite suggest gradual pumping of the character, so that, before every fresh “run” the fights become simpler. This isn’t a problem but my experience was that it required me to take an typical user, a considerable time to understand the mechanics of this method.

It could be due to the absence in Russian language. I sincerely hope that with the update the game will be released in the future, since the game has been translated into eleven (!) languages as of early access.

It is hoped that the game will come out in eleven (!) languages.

The remainder of GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is an enjoyable surprise. The graphics are top-quality and the combat is fast and vivid in color, the locales are beautiful and frightening while you can feel the Japanese mythology is present in every detail. As an early access game it’s more than excellent. There’s more content to come in the future and there’s no doubt that this game will be an outstanding representation of the category.

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