Genshin Impact how to defeat the Storm Terror

The dragon Dwalin is one of the bosses that first appeared in Genshin’s Impact Genshin Impact is known as the Terror of the Storm due to the ever-present raging currents throughout the Mondstadt region. The player must fight the monster in the course of the main storyline. First, however, you’ll need to get to the 18th rank in the adventure before you can begin. After you’ve done that, follow the directions to find the dragon’s cave. As you may face difficulties in the initial leaderboard, we’ve put together an outline to assist you in figuring out how to get there.

If you get to the Lair of the Storm Terror, you will be greeted by a temple enclosed by a magical barrier. It’s impossible to get past it, and you’ll need to circumvent it. Follow the winds currents and ascend until you reach the sacred sanctum in the temple.

Then, you must take the crystals floating in the air, which will activate the switch. After you have done this, you’ll be able to discover three additional switches scattered across the region. Each switch requires three crystals.

There are some enemies in this region. However, it shouldn’t be a problem to take on these. In the ideal scenario, the character’s level should be about 25-30. This will accelerate the process significantly. If you’d like to increase your character level, check out our guide to help you improve your character’s level.

When you have activated all three switches, the temple barrier will disappear. Now you can take on Dvalin. The game warns you that this is a boss level 26 fight, so make sure you are ready – it’s not easy.

First Phase

The initial phase of combat with Dwalin Genshin Impact is an everyday battle. The objective is to chase down the dragon while shooting crystals into its back. After you’ve done around one third of the damage, the boss will begin shooting purple spheres of destruction toward the participant. However, they cause little harm; you need to be very cautious and avoid them. This is pretty easy as they will fly predictably.

For the controls, you can use “W” as well as “S” to go up or down, “A” and “D” to turn sideways.

Note: The player character during the battle can be identified as the Traveler. If you have excluded a player from the team in the beginning, it is best to at least raise the intensity of his game, as he’ll be playing regardless.

Following that, anemo Crystals may appear on the back of the dragon. You must destroy thembefore flying over the green circle to increase the speed of the Traveler. When you’ve completed 5 rings, you’ll once more than close with the master.

Repeat the process until the crystals that are on Dwalin’s back are destroyed. The first phase is over and the actual battle begins.

Phase Two

In this part, you will be able to manage your squad members. Several platforms are scattered around the arena, with the dragon itself in the middle.

Notice: Terror of the Storm includes the health bar (red) as well as the armor bar (gray). Only those with bows (Venti, Fischl, Ember) are able to help during this fight, as they are capable of destroying armor the moment that the enemy comes close.

Dwalin’s attacks:

    • Dragon’s Breath – Terror of the Storm throws his head back, and unleashes a stream of flame from one end that of his platform and the opposite side of. To escape, you must sprint away to the other side or use the flow of spheres or wind to hover above the region of the attack.

Dragon’s Breath

  • Pulse Bomb The Dragon will attempt to kill the player using a series of pulsating bombs. They explode onto the dark circles on the platform, so make sure to stay clear of these.
  • Bite The boss is known to periodically move back and attack the spot where your character is.
  • Flying If Dwalin vanishes out of view, Dwalin will appear out of the blue in the middle of the platform, inflicting huge damage if you fail to react quickly.
  • Boss will leap away from your avatar.
  • Ultimate Attack – Terror of the Storm, that rises above the arenawill fall a number of pulse bombs that will fall on the platform.

Blue flames will light the platform where the person is standing. It causes about 250-350 damages every few seconds and could kill players. This means you need to use the wind flow or balloon to reach another platform.

Everything will be fine so long as the space is completely free. If you spot blue flames, make sure you move to the closest safe platform.

The idea is to injure the boss whenever they’re in the vicinity. This can be done whenever you attack with Dragon’s Breath because the skill’s animation can take quite a while. After the armor has been destroyed, you’ll be able to reduce Dwalin’s health base.

Terror of the Storm will temporarily stop working, and another crystal will appear around his neck. At this point, archery characters can cause damage.

1. If you plan to use arrows, you should move your arrows either sideways or backwards until you smash the crystal.

Note 2: In the same way you can go directly to the neck of the dragon or utilize wind currents close by to jump on the dragon’s neck.

In just a few seconds, Dwalin will vanish, after which you need to repeat the steps above until he is thrown to the ground. Those “safe” platforms might be exhausted in the final moments, so make sure to complete the task fast while also preserving the character’s HP by using bows due to food items and energy.

As soon as the health bar has reached zero, at which point the Genshin Impact boss fight is over. Genshin Impact boss fight is completed. Enjoy the scene.

The dragon can be defeated in the future by using “memories” and earning awesome rewards. You must, however, reach an average of 25th rank in the quest to be able to do this. Boss attacks also get more powerful, and you must improve your team.

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