Genshin Impact guide rewards and unlockable items

Genshin Impact is a game that Genshin Impact has many different menus and sub-menus that you can explore to earn all possible rewards. This is not even including the microtransactions! This guide will speak about the rewards and rewards that you can earn during the game or, in some instances, through the mailer system or from time-limited events.

Though most of the items are accessible from the menu bar, a few are equipped with tooltips that display exclamation marks as alerts near the bottom of the screen. The only exception is the icon located on the right-hand side of the HUD. It typically indicates if there are any dialog lines to be read.


  • 1 Events
  • 2 Adventurer’s book, rank of adventure battle pass
  • 3 Successes
  • 4 Post
  • 5 Birthday


Fate Foretold rewards that you earn as you move through the story and increase your character’s adventure rank. They include “starter” characters that join the group as you move through. There is no need to purchase them or pay any money.

Enjoy the Day You earn rewards for playing the game every day. Be aware that the daily reset occurs at 6:30am MSK.

People’s Choice First, you have to get to rank 20 in the quest to gain access to the Twisted Abyss. After that, you have to get through Hall #3 at level 3 to finish the quest. This allows Xianglin as a free character. It is possible to refer to the Twisted Abyss guide for more details.

Test Run – allows you to play with certain characters for a short period of duration (sort of similar to an experiment). Remember that the characters listed here have to be paid with micropayments, i.e., the real investment of money.

Typically, character tests go as follows: You find yourself in the room with several competitors and are asked to test the capabilities of a specific character. When you’ve completed your “test,” you will be awarded the reward. It is possible to repeat the step. However, there’s no reward anymore.

Adventurer’s Guide, Adventure Rank, Combat Pass

We’ve covered all details in the adventure rank and guild guide. The main point is that it will show you the various tasks you can do while exploring the environment in Genshin Impact. You’ll receive currencies and items and experience points that will allow you to unlock more quests.

In the meantime, reaching the 20th adventure rank grants Barbara a free friend (if you achieve it before the time patch 1.1 is made available). There was speculation that patch 1.1 would be out on the 5th of October, but it seems to have been delayed. In addition, once a player attains the 20th rank in adventure, they gain access to the battle pass.


The achievements screen is on the menu. Several categories have a myriad of tasks to finish. Certain of them belong to the overall quest, while others are simply tasks like mastering the effects of an item’s stature during combat or overcoming the capabilities of a specific opponent.

Source stones are awarded for the achievement you have achieved. It is a popular game currency that can be earned by doing quests and other items (chests or quests.). It can be used to purchase Destiny Encounters or Intertwined Destinies in addition to paying Prayers.


Make sure to check your game’s email now and then to see when the developers, as represented by miHoYo, might send you gifts in celebration of different Genshin Impact related events. There’s also a survey that you can take that you must complete before you receive the stone source.


The menu includes a tiny space where you can type in your birthday. If that day is entered on the screen, make sure to check your mailbox for an offer. Although it’s small, however, it’s still lovely! If you use it in an account (precious item tab), you’ll get one piece of the source. It’s used to replenish exhausted resin when you’ve opened arteries or boss chests.

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