Genshin Impact guide micropayments prayers and in-game currencies

Genshin Impact is a free, open-world RPG. This means that there are many microtransactions available. It’s important to note at the outset that there’s not a requirement to pay money to experience the game Teivat.

There will come a time when the game gets boring and boring. If you’re ever looking to make a real purchase We’ve got you covered with our guide to praying microtransactions, microtransactions, as well as game-specific currencies to help you get it all figured out.


  • 1 Microtransaction Store
  • 2 Gift Shop and Recommended items
  • 3 ZBT Shop
  • 4 Prayer
  • 5 Duplicates
  • 6 Combat Pass

Microtransaction Store

Mora (gold)

Gold is a game currency that can be easily acquired in various ways when exploring the globe. Gold can also be bought from a souvenir shop or microtransaction shops; however, it’s not worth the money for it alone.

Source Stones can be acquired in normal game play, like in quests, unlocking Teleporters and achievements, as well as challenges and much more. When you do normal actions, you’re guaranteed to collect the stones you started.

Creature Crystals are a valuable money in Genshin Impact. When you purchase a particular set, you get an instant gift in the form of different crystals. If you’d like to transform them into source stones, the conversion rates are 1:1. However, Source Stones are a regular currency and cannot be exchanged into Creation Crystals.

The Gift Shop and recommended items

Blessing of Hollow Moon (379 rubles) It can only be bought with cash and is not available with the source gemstones or the creation crystal. That means even if you buy the creation crystals, you will invest money. The blessing grants 300 creation crystals right away and 90 sources stones per day. The blessing is valid for up to 30 days.

Journey Start Set and the Long Journey Set-provide multiple booster items (such as to level up or to make). The set is restricted to only one purchase each week. It is worth it because the Long Voyage Set is more important. After all, it comes with fifty units worth of Hero’s Experience. One usage of the game “Hero’s Experience” allows the player to earn 20,000 points. This is a straightforward way to increase the level of your character.

ZBT Shop

Many items available in this menu can be bought for stones, stardust, and stardust. The primary things are interspersed fates and fate encounters. They are also the currency that is used to pay for Prayers. Every fate currency needs the use of 160 Origin Stones (or 160 Creation Crystals once you have purchased and transformed the stones). Remember that fates that are intertwined and fate encounters are available by various means (e.g., adventure ranks, mail, quest rewards, etc. ).

Other items that are able to be traded include weapons and accessories, upgrade materials and gold. Don’t fret about this as only crucial encounters are important in the beginning of your game.


Prayer is the “gacha” mechanism of Genshin Impact. They’re entirely based on random generation. you might or may not be lucky. You are not guaranteed to achieve the results you desire until you have made several attempts.

There are many different kinds of prayers. These categories, often referred to as banners, can have various benefits. Sometimes, they’re specifically devoted to something or based on an recently added character

    • The Newcomer’s Prayer is designed for people who are unfamiliar with Genshin Impact. There’s a discount of a few dollars for intertwining fates (blue spheres) and the first time you’ve used 10 prayers, you’ll get an item or persona Noel (medium degree). If you pray for 10 more times, you’ll get an item or character with a 4 star drop.
  • Limited BannerIt lasts for a few 7 days. It costs 1 unit “intertwined destiny” (pink globes).
  • Standard Banner – always on display. Prayer requires a currency known as “fate encounters” or 160 source stones. These can be acquired with real money or through an in-game activities.

There is a button at the bottom of the menu to immediately pray 10 times. This is a great optionsince. Each of the 10 prayers will result in a four-star item drop. To remind you it is more expensive.

We recommend looking up the specifics of each prayer before its execution to determine the likelihood of getting a character and the rewards. One of the best examples would be Ballad of Cups, which offers a high probability of winning characters like Venti or Fischl. Xiang Ling and Barbara.

In the same way, the Prayer includes six characters with a 5-star rating that you can acquire with a 1.6 percent chance. There are also 29 rewards with four stars, including the characters and weapons (13 percent guarantee). There are also weapons with 3 stars.

While we wait, “Incarnation of Deity” has a decent chance of getting two five-star weapons (the Bow of Amos and the Sword of the Falcon). But, then, “Lust for Wanderings” is a little challenging to buy. It has 11 rewards of five stars, including characters and weapons (with just one 1.6 percent chance of being wiped out), as well as a few dozen rewards with four stars (with a 13% risk of losing) because of the more loot available and a lower guarantee that you won’t receive the items you would like.

In any case, if you’re struggling to make ends meet (or fate), then The Ballad of Cups is your best option. The above mentioned characters are Venti, Fischl, Sianling, and Barbara, who’s the probability of losing is quite high, are pretty excellent. Furthermore, you have the chance of getting Diluk the most strong persona in the game.

Be aware that if you don’t have enough base stones, but have plenty of creation crystals, there is the option of converting the stones in the 1:1 ratio by clicking the Prayer/Spend destiny button at the bottom right-hand corner of your menu.


Stardust and star glitter are two currencies that are obtained through prayers. For instance, 4 star weapons made from Ballad of Cups and Incarnation of Deity provide a couple of stars and stardust. Also, if you win duplicate items, not just for a specific Prayer or a specific prayer, but regardless of your attempts, you receive stars, glitter, and stardust.

Stella Fortuna – This currency is obtained by dropping the identical figures from Prayers. Stella Fortuna is used in the menu for heroes in order to gain access Constellation. Traveler currency can be earned as a reward for big quests or from the gift shop.

Combat Pass

It is the Genshin Impact Combat Pass. It is entirely free and becomes available once you have reached the 20th rank in adventure. There are several tasks to finish and will upgrade your battle pass rank. Every level comes with great rewards, including crafting materials, gold, along with Hero Experience booklets. But, there are two more microtransactions available for purchase:

  • Pearl Anthem ($10) It gives you an additional row of rewards when you achieve the battle pass requirement. Also, there’s a special weapon that can be obtained at the time you reach the level of 30.
  • The Pearl Anthem ($10).
  • Pearl Choir ($20) It includes everything Pearl Anthem provides, and includes an awesome business card and five resin sources. Additionally, it instantly upgrades the player to ranking 10 Combat pass.

Also, you can purchase combat pass rank upgrade at a cost of 150 stone source per level.

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