Genshin Impact Guide How to Pass the Twisted Abyss

The Twisted Abyss is considered one of the most exciting components in finishing Genshin Impact, only available when you reach the 20th rank in adventure. This quest demands lots of patience and endurance due to the game’s famous grind. Additionally, players are expected to upgrade their character by finishing. In any case, here’s a step-by-step guide that can be helpful.

The Twisted Abyss Dungeon is inaccessible from the start to the beginning of the game. However, if you’ve attained the 20th rank in the game, you will travel up to Cape Vera in the southeast of Mondstadt (shown on the map below). Once you are there, you’ll be able to see an entrance.

It is impossible to access this portal unless you locate the three Goods and then make their altars reach the middle of the zone. Once you have done that, the portal will open, leading players on a journey to Mask Reef Island. Here, the entry point for the Twisted Abyss Dungeon is located.

What exactly is Twisted Abyss?

It’s like an endless dark dungeon that is featured in Genshin Impact. It does have one “end,” but the journey to get there is so long and challenging that very few have managed to get through it. But the thing is, it’s difficult to work. Users must be able to master the combat mechanics and essential chains of Genshin Impact and have the good characters.

Important to note that when you enter the dungeon, you will not access menus. Also, you will be unable to prepare food and cook, upgrade your characters, upgrade equipment, and others. It is, therefore, best to plan to progress as much as you can. The best part is that the progress you make is preserved. You can always go back to where you left off or start from scratch.

In any case, the Dungeon is blessed and continues to be active throughout the whole journey – the Blessing of the Abyss:

  • Aura appears on the battlefield during battle to restore the character’s power.
  • The sprint creates an unstable ball of energy that explodes after a single second. It can appear in 10 secs. Three orbs may appear at once.

The Twisted Abyss walkthrough is a number of floors, each having three spaces (halls). Each room has the ability to select a blessing for a specific time. Some are available with the course of one chamber or grab, while others are active throughout every floor. Below are some examples of this:

  • + 20% of elemental skills damage (floor)
  • + 20% + 20% to blast damage (floor)
  • + 30% to defense (floor)
  • + 40% defense, while HP is higher than 50 percent (room)


The dungeon already comes with a “Blessing of Abyss” buff that is valid for the entirety of the journey. Also, you can choose several buffs that are activated when characters enter new rooms. But, there are “ground anomalies of the artery,” which are modifiers that can be applied to a specific floor:

  • Stage 1, pyro damage for the entire squad was increased 75%. and overload status damage was increased by 200 percent
  • Stage 2 – Cryo damage 75% increase, time of Freeze increased
  • Phase 3: Dissipation Status damage is increased by 300%, and the kill zone was increased by 100 percent. The damage to the entire squad increased by 75%.
  • Phase 4: Electro-damage for the entire squad increase by 75%. and status damage charged was increased by 150%, and the kill zone was increased 100%
  • Stage 5: Increases the power of attack and defense up to 25 percent when HP is greater than 50%. Normal attack speed increases by 20 percent when HP is 80 percent. Movement speed increases by 20 percent when HP is over 80 percent; critical hit probability is increased by 10percent, the critical damage increases by 20 percent when HP is higher than 95%.
  • Stage 6: Using an elemental explosion, you can increase the defense and attack power of the entire squad by 6%. It is possible to be stacked up to 10 times at level 5 stacking and above; it enhances the attack power and rate of the player by 30 percent.
  • 7. Critical Hits create elemental spheres, and particles can occur every 15 seconds and the critical damage to all members of the squad increases by 120%.
  • Stage 8 – boosts the attack power and defends by fifty percent when HP is lower than 60%. Normal attack speed increases by 30 percent when HP is below 45 percent, and the speed of movement is increased by 30 percent when HP is lower than 45percent.

The battles that you fight at level eight unlock floors in this next section.

Halls with Ranks, Battles and Rewards

As previously mentioned, The halls/floors in The Twisted Abyss offer many rewards. If you click on the “Reward Overview” link, then you’ll be able to see all the rewards you could obtain after you’ve completed the halls.

While you’re at it, there are additional rewards you can earn based on the amount in “stars” you earn. If you win a battle quickly or meet certain requirements, You’ll earn a max of 3 stars for each floor. That means each floor will earn you a maximum of nine stars.

As more stars, you collect when you complete a stage, the greater the reward. For example, a player who scores nine points on your first level is given a staggering 300 source stones as well as 60,000 gold.

Be aware that if you don’t achieve a certain amount of stars on one floor, you are not able to progress onto the next stage. Also, you are able to revisit previous floors if did not earn a specific reward.

In terms of the battles, they’ll not be a surprise because the enemies you encounter are all part of Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact walkthrough. But, they can be Many massive halls that require you to kill over 20 enemies. There are various other goals, for example, stopping enemy players from damaging your crystal.

Due to many enemies to take on, It is recommended to select those with high damage potential or abilities to tie items. We recommend Venti, Dilak, Fischl, and Xianlin, as well as other 5 or 4 star heroes. There is more information on each character in our article. Healers (e.g., Jin, Barbara, and other healers) can also be useful, as cooking and eating aren’t accessible within the game. Heroes with a Geo factor and high defensive are unlikely to be used in the dungeon since the speed of attack and damaging are the main priority.

Beginning on the fifth floor, “waves” appear. Instead of a single encounter in each hall, it will have two. This will cause the group to break into two groups. So ensure you have the ideal lineup for both groups.

Note: The level of enemies increases as you progress through each hall or floor and by the 9th floor, 70+ enemies are waiting to be defeated.

Special rewards and advancement

But, do your best. If you aren’t able to get through a particular area or encounter, you can quit the dungeon without difficulty, just increase the character’s level and return in the future. The primary goal of the beginning phases is to reach and get rid of Hall 3 on level 3 of the dungeon. No matter how many stars you earn, it is still in a position to unlock Xiangling.

Be aware that if you’ve already obtained Xiangling through microtransactions reward you receive will be considered to be a “duplicate”. You will be given an Stella Fortuna item that unlocks the character’s special abilities.

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