Genshin Impact Guide Guild Adventures Rank and Book

Making friends and the entire group In Genshin Impact is not the most important thing to think about when you’re playing the game. It’s essential to be aware of the rank of adventurer, guild rewards, as well as quests. This is why we’ve developed a unique guide to assist you with this.

As we explained in our introduction guide to Genshin Impact The adventure rank has nothing to do with your level of your character or the amount of experiences you gain while playing Genshin Impact. It’s increased through you… experiences.

The main idea is that you have to explore the world of the game “from” as well as “to” opening teleporters, interfacing to the Statues of Seven while completing story or side quests opening treasure chests and more. When you earn adventure points, you’ll be able to gain rank. This will allow you to unlock new features and mechanics later on.

Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurers Guild (marked by the icon of the compass located in Mondstadt as well as Li Yue Harbor) has non-playable characters that give players rewards each time you increase their adventure level. There is an example in the above image.

At the level of adventure 14 The guild will offer special errands that will be daily missions that are available in Genshin Impact. They’re marked by the purple crystal on the map. all you need to do is visit them and meet the required tasks.

The tasks themselves aren’t hard: in certain cases, you have to locate the item, and in others you must take out 5/5 enemies within an space. After all four tasks are accomplished, you are required to go back to your guild and collect the reward.

It’s important to remember that all quests are available every day at the same time depending on the time zone you select dependent on the server/region you select when beginning Genshin Impact:

  • North American server – 4am GMT-5
  • European server – 4 am GMT+1
  • Asian server – 4 am GMT+8

Additionally, when you have reached the 14th rank of adventure, you’re able to send your characters out on missions which are the normal side missions that don’t involve the player. All you need to do is select the character you want to use (preferably one that comes with an added benefit, or one that you do not use) and then you can go about your work and watch for the character to return with rewards.

Cooperative mode

At the 16th rank in adventure, you’ll gain access to the cooperative aspect in the game. This allows you to invite or play games with other players. Its primary function is:
  • Cooperative mode lets you play with players on your level (around two levels) is feasible).
  • It is possible to play cross-platform with cell phones as well as consoles. However, all players have to be on the same server in their region.
  • There could be as many as four participants in a cooperative group. If there are two people, they each get 2 characters per. In the event that there’s three players, the leader is in charge of two characters while the other players each have one character.

Playing the game Genshin Impact with friends is an incredibly enjoyable experience. But, it’s important to remember that there are just some actions that can be played in multiplayer playing. They include the above quests and engaging ley lines in exploring regions of the abyss and fighting bosses. The rest are restricted or are only accessible to the player.

For instance stories are unobtainable during co-op. This hinders story development. This is the case, because some recent games (Wasteland 3.0 and Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris) have experienced difficulties finishing the campaign due to cooperative mode.

Furthermore, not everyone has access to stores as only the host of the lobby can open chests. For it’s the Statue of Seven everyone is capable of healing their character.

The Adventurer’s Book

This feature debuts in the initial phases of Genshin Impact, and can be used through the menu. There are many tasks to complete. For instance, opening chests, activating teleportersand fighting certain enemy, cooking or or improving an item, and so on.

You can collect a variety of great rewards, like Hero’s Wit improvement material, the key to the safest place in the deeps, gold and many other things. Furthermore, every completed quest earns you 100 Adventure experience points. If you finish all your “chapter” quests you’ll be rewarded with the rest of the rewards. They are visible on the left of the display. The rewards for the following “chapter” is displayed.

The book also contains additional tabs that let you view quests, zones (such like the Abyss, and other locations of the open world) as well as bosses. The completion of these tasks can provide rewards.

Note. When you click on the “bosses” tab there is the moon’s symbol. This is the first resin, a currency in game that lets you unlock chests once you have completed all of the actions required. The resin will eventually expire, but it can also be replenished over time. In the same way, you can use source stones to re-create your original resin.

Gain access to the 20th level of adventure and world level and battle pass

The ultimate goal to aim for in the course of Genshin Impact is to reach the 20th rank in adventure. This allows Barbara as a completely free character. Additionally, the levels 20 open the Spiral Abyss Dungeon. If you make it to level 3, on the 3rd floor you will unlock Xiangling and another character. You can find out more about the characters through our detailed guide.

When you have reached the rank of a player, you can unlock an access to a battle pass. Similar to this book, you will have many tasks to complete, along with reward points to be awarded.

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