Genshin Impact dungeon land arteries resin guide

When exploring the game environment in Genshin Impact you will absolutely find the roads that traverse the world. In the next few hours players will be required to face elite bosses as well as explore dark dungeons. These actions are alike in that they all consume the primordial resin (energy). This guide will help you make sense of all the features that make up Genshin Impact gameplay.

The Preborn Resin is a resource you should monitor while playing the game. The default amount of resin available is 120 units. The resin stock will decrease if you follow the steps below and earn benefits:

  • Dungeons – 20
  • Illustrations of Earth 20
  • Elite Bosses – 40
  • Week Bosses 60

NOTE 1: Any tasks can be initiated even if you do not have enough basic resin. If you don’t however, you’ll not be rewarded.

NOTE 2: You will receive one unit of fundamental resin once every 8 minutes. Additionally, you can make use of a consumable that can replenish 60 units in one go. You can also use origin stones to purchase and can do so at least six times per day. The new day of play begins around 6.30 a.m. Moscow time.

Artistic Expressions from the Land

The Arteries of Earth are a sprout on the map, which can be used for summoning bosses. They’re scattered across the map of the world. There are icons with rounded shapes, and clicking on any of them can reveal possible rewards, for instance, many books that can help you level up your character or even the possibility of 20000 coins.

In most cases the action is simply eliminating mobs that appear. After you have completed the task, you need to engage with the sprout in order to earn the reward.

It is important to note that interacting with sprouts is the best way to increase your experience rank. You earn 100 experience points for every completed step. With a full supply resin (120) you could finish six of them (for an overall total of 600 points of experience).


They are available on in the Genshin Impact game world map (marked by a diamond icon). Some dungeons are locked and you must solve an easy puzzle to unlock them. Usually, you can do this with the use of item switches and floating “Goodies”. After completion, they turn into regular rapid travel points.

Note: As you progress in the rank of adventure you will unlock greater difficulty levels for every dungeon. It’s also important to consider the rewards you could earn, since they could vary from day-to-day.

Elite Bosses

The Elite bosses can be extremely dangerous enemies that are located in specific regions of the map.

For instance, there’s for instance, the Cryo Fern, a giant plant that shoots icy beams at players. It’s like the boss you faced during one of your earlier story quests within the game.

Additionally, there is Electro Hypostasis. It is a cube which changes into different objects at times. It can change into a drill, fist and a laser cannon as well as a creature that is able to launch “blocks out of Tetris.”

However, Electro Hypostasis becomes vulnerable in between transformations (i.e. when you return back to the cube. Do damage at that point , and then wait for next transformation.

If the boss has only a small amount of remaining health, the boss will break into three distinct cubes that will be destroyed. In the event that it is not destroyed the enemy will regain some HP before resuming his attacks. It’s up to you eliminate the remaining cubes once they are reduced to critical health.

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