Genshin Impact Cooking and Healing Guide

Everyone enjoys eating, and the characters from Genshin Impact are no exception because a lot of food items are utilized to strengthen and heal the team. We’ve put together a complete tutorial to assist you in learning about the gameplay mechanics.

Apart from using abilities, There are two main methods to heal your characters completely with Genshin Impact. As explained in the guide for beginners, the first is to engage with The Statue of Seven, allowing you to restore the HP of your team completely. If you perform this, it is when the healing capacity of the statues decreasesand, it is replenished over time.

Another option where you don’t necessarily need to travel around is cooking. This option is readily offered in towns that have an oven or a stove and during outdoor adventures if you’re fortunate enough to stumble across a campsite equipped with a cooker.

Hand-cooking any recipe is a matter of pressing the right buttons or keys. If you can do it correctly and you can cook a better version of the recipe and receive additional benefits.

Start cooking, and you’ll find all the recipes you can prepare. Here are a few examples:



Kebabs of chicken and mushrooms 1x chicken, 1x mushroom Restricts 8-10% of maximum HP. There is an additional 800-1200 HP.
Stack 2x raw meat Regenerates character; restores 50-150 HP
Teivat fried egg 1x bird egg Generates character; restores 50-150 HP
Vegetable soup with radish 1x radish; 1x mint Restores 8-10% of maximum HP. 300-210 HP in several seconds

Additionally, every player in the game has the capability of cooking a specific food item. Before starting the cooking process, you can select the character to prepare the food. Kea’s speciality is chicken shish kebab, and Amber is the perfect choice to cook steaks.

If you decide to pick a character to cook your favorite dish, you’ll likely be served a dish with enhanced qualities.

Perfect Cooking

As we have mentioned, to make your cooking perfect, you must make sure that you press the buttons/keys at the correct time. How exactly does the cooking process work? You must play a game where the indicator will appear, and you need to click “stop” when the hand reaches the golden area. If it is successful, it will mean that the dish is prepared “perfectly.” Clicking on other regions with lighter shades can yield success; however, you must always strive for perfect results.

If you are successful, your cooking skills will improve, and you’ll be able to cook each dish more quickly. Once you have reached the highest stage of a dish, your minigame will disappear, and the cooking takes place completely.

The acquisition of ingredients

The ingredients required to cook with Genshin Impact can be found in the wild. The fruits, vegetables, and other herbs can be found in meadows and forests. For meat, small creatures (such as fish or insects) can be snatched with the “F” or the “F” button. In the case of more hefty species (e.g., wild boars, foxes, birds, etc. ), you must take them out. To do this, it’s recommended to use ranged weapons, such as bows, since the animals will flee if the player is too close.

The process could be speeded up by buying certain ingredients from the usual stores for merchandise in the two main Genshin Impact centers: Mondstadt and Li Yue Harbor.

Note: You can locate the cooked food items and items in the inventorythe food tab.

Not to mention and lastly, you can “process” certain ingredients and transform them into ingredients or dishes. For this, you must locate a place to cook or eat in the center of the city. There’s a specific tab that lets you make use of ingredients. You can mix essential elements to transform them into more intricate components. For instance, several stacks of meat can be transformed into sausage. It’s a long process. However, this is the way to access the top recipes from Genshin Impact.

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