Genshin Impact Combat System Guide

Genshin Impact combat system Genshin Impact combat system is built on the efficient use of different elements. When you master these strategies by switching to the correct part or character, you can make combo attacks that will instantly eliminate enemies. We’ve put together an extensive tutorial on the game’s combat system and how to use each of its components effectively.

Every Genshin Impact character has a particular set of abilities related to a particular element, except for the Traveler (the principal character). In our beginners’ guide, the Traveler will be capable of switching from Anemo or Geo spells while interacting with the Statue of the Seven in certain areas.

Here’s a list of all game elements and characters that make use of them:

  • Anemo (Wind) The Traveler (starts by using Anemo), Jin, Venti, Saccharose, Xiao
  • Geo (Earth) – Traveler (can change to Geo when he clicks on the Statue of the Seven in the Li Yue region), Noel, Ningguan
  • Pyro (Fire) – Amber, Diluk, Xiang Ling, Bennett, Clee
  • Crio (Ice) – Keia, Cheongyun, Kiki
  • Electro (Lightning) – Lisa, Fischl, Razor, Beidou, Keqin
  • Hydro (Water) – Barbara, Mona, Sinciu
  • Dendro (Nature) – unknown

You’ll have four squad members at the start to play (Traveler, Amber, Keia Lisa, Keia, and Traveler Lisa) The other players are only available in the event that you’re fortunate enough to be able to win them by Prayers or buy them for real money.


  • 1 Effects of Elemental and Combos
    • 1. 1 Combustion
    • 1.2 Freezing
    • 1.3 Superconductivity and overload
    • 1.4 Swirl

The effects of Elemental and Combos

Some enemies also sport their own elemental symbols or shields of elemental power, and others could be affected by their elemental status applying certain techniques or because of changes in the surrounding.

There are certain nature features that require to be activated by a particular elemental. For instance, some switches and receptacles are marked with an elemental symbol which requires you to make use of your skills to activate these features. As a result, you’ll be awarded a great reward.

We’ve identified the possible combinations that are dependent on the status of the item.



Effects Electro + Pyro Fire damage
Superconductivity Electro + Cryo Ice damage; reduce defense level
Freeze Crio + Hydro Freezes the adversaries
Freeze Crio + Pyro twice the damage at the time Pyro is activated; 1.5 multiples the amount of damage when Cryo triggers.
Vaporization Hydro + Pyro twice the damage the moment Hydro triggers. 1.5 multiples the amount of amount of damage occurring when Pyro triggers
Burning Piro + Dendro (i.e. Tree) Effect of point fire; utilized to torch enemies” wooden shields
Electric current Electro + Hydro Electric shock
Vortex Anemo + Pyro, Cryo, Electro and/or Hydro Add more damage to the element that spreads the item onto other enemies nearby
Crystallization Geo + Pyro, Cryo, Electro and/or Hydro Creates a tiny crystal that enhances resistance to a specific element

It’s pretty complex, but there’s only one main conclusion that can be drawn from this whole mess It is recommended to create a group of characters who use various kinds of elements. This is advantageous due to the many combinations you can make.


There are many enemies wearing wooden shields in your exploration. The combustion effect takes them out of any impromptu protection.


You can lure enemies close to water bodies or make small altars. In this situation, enemies will be soaked, and you’ll have to switch to a character who has the Cryo element, which freezes the opponent. This is particularly helpful in fighting massive mobs, which can cause much damage since it limits their offensive abilities.

Be aware that The Cryo element can also be useful if you need to cross lakes and rivers. Since swimming decreases the hero’s endurance, it is possible to traverse bodies of water by freezing the water safely.

Superconductivity and overload

Most players utilize Cryo and Pyro to debuff enemies , and afterwards shift into Electro to activate overload, or even Overdrive. AoE damage is an excellent weapon to take on large numbers of opponents.


If your group includes a hero with anemo abilities, you can combine the above elements and use their skills. The effect will be spread and do more damage to your enemies. So, in short, employ techniques that could cause superconductivity or overload first and then swiftly switch to someone who uses anemo components.

If you’ve already learned the fundamentals of Genshin Impact and the Genshin Impact combat system, you can now identify the best characters for the team. To do this, you can refer to our manual, that can be found on

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