Genshin Impact Character Pumping Guide

Improve your character to the next level in Genshin Impact by completing quests and killing enemies. However, this isn’t the only thing you have to be enduring. There is still the need to acquire various items to increase their level and gain experience points that ultimately help develop their character. We have put together an instructional guide to aid in this.

In the first place, as stated in our guide for beginners, upgrading your characters is different from increasing your experience ranks. Certain elements are similar, but the former will help to advance the story and give you more quests.

Whatever way you choose to increase the level of your character generally, you must be adamant about fighting off enemies and undertaking different quests. There are also many kinds of items that can be used that can be used to increase your level: mostly the experience material. Examples include:

  • Wanderer’s Tips: +1000 experience points
  • “Wanderer’s Experiment: +5000 experience points
  • Heroes” The Wit 20000 Experience points

The Hero’s Wit is an essential item. If you’re acquainted with microtransactions in the game, You’ve probably heard the Wayfarer’s Supply Bundle comes with 50 items similar to these. However, this bundle will cost you 980 creation crystals. These are the most expensive currency in Genshin Impact.

Additionally, you can get Hero’s Wit materials if you get the Combat Pass (rank 20 adventure). This Combat Pass has several ranks, and some provide an opportunity to use the Hero’s Wit.

You’ll need to pay for gold for each level by using these items whatever way you choose. Furthermore, every character you get through Genshin Impact starts at level 1 regardless of their power. So, you’ll require Seven Hero Sharpness Items for newcomers to make it to the level of 20, which is a huge challenge.

This is an important thing to remember. You can certainly experiment with various squads. However, we advise you to stay clear of using the wit of other characters that will not be helpful over the long haul (like Ember). If you’re planning to purchase items for characters, consider investing in characters who will help you throughout the adventure (such as Venti Fischl, Diluk, and Jinn).

Attitude and talents


Once a character has reached level 20, you must finish his Ascension. This requires a variety of items that you collect throughout the walkthrough. But, many of them can be purchased in the gift shop (which we’ll discuss a little further down). Once you’ve completed the first ascent, you can unlock a character skill. In essence, it’s an improvement on one of your current capabilities.

The process of Ascension will also raise the maximum level for an individual character to 40. It takes many thousands of hours of experience or 29 Hero’s sharpness items and 116,000 gold if you’re looking to make it easier. You’ll also require materials to complete another Ascension/talent and an upgrade of the highest level.

Gift Shop

The souvenir store is located in major centers (Mondstadt or Li Yue Harbor). To get there, contact the NPC using the rhombus symbol. The gift shop offers several items that boost the quality of Ascension and crafting and weapon improvements.

Notice: The money accepted by the shop located in Mondstadt can be described as Anemo Sigils. For the store situated in Li Yue Harbor, geosigils are employed in Li Yue Harbor. The sigils are found in the suitable locations. They can be randomly found in treasure chests or used to complete tests and make improvements to or upgrade the Statue of Seven, and the list goes on.

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