Genshin Impact Character Guide

The trip through Teivat is filled with risks. This is why it is it is the reason Genshun Impact has companions who will assist the player through this challenging journey. But you must determine which characters are successful in the long term and which never provide anything of value. We’ve put together a specific guideline for each character to aid you in figuring this out!

If you’ve already read our previous two guides, you’ll already know all you have to be aware of. If not, then take a look at our guide for beginners and our secondguide, which covers every aspect of character development.


  • 1 Squad
  • 2 Extra Characters
  • 3 “Gacha” Characters
  • 4 Character Ranks for Characters
    • 4. 1 Wenty
    • 4.2 Fischl
    • 4.3 Diluk
    • 4. 4 Xiang Lin
    • 4.5 Barbara
    • 4. 6 Traveler (Anemo)
    • 4.7 Lisa
  • 5 Razor
    • 5. 1 Kea
    • 5.2 Noel
    • 5. 3 Ninguan
    • 5.4 Saccharose
    • 5.5 Amber


The principal character featured in Genshin Impact is the Traveler, which can be gender-neutral or male. Whatever the player’s choice, However, the hero is equipped with the same essential ability that is an Anemo (wind) spell. You can, however, switch into Geo (earth) abilities once you’ve got access to the Statue of the Seven in the Li Yue region. If you wish to change back to Anemo, you need to visit The Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt.

In any case, you’ll encounter three other characters as the story develops: Amber (Pyro: fire), Keia (Cryo: frost), and Lisa (Electro lightning). The characters aren’t terrible in their own right, but they’re far from the greatest.

The game’s each skill and abilities are based on specific elements. The characters who have been knocked out can only use one element, and the main character, as we mentioned earlier, can switch between both as he grows stronger.

There’s a separate website with a list of different characters. every secondary character has been assigned a rank based on various metrics such as “exploration,” “dungeons,” “bosses,” etc. This is how we can be aware that the character Lisa is a good option, but Keia isn’t one of the tops. Amber, her character, she’s a pathetic character with the lowest range of talents for any heroes.

Additional characters

Three other characters are available in the game, described as “free”: Noel, Xiang Ling, and Barbara. The first can only be eliminated randomly by using Prayers (if you aren’t in the store or if you don’t have enough coins).

Meanwhile, Xiang Ling appears as reward for having completed the Spiral Abyss Dungeon for the first time. You must go up to the second chamber, which is on the second floor. Then, Barbara can be obtained after achieving the 20th rank in the adventure.

“Gacha” characters

In reality, you could have all the pleasures of Genshin Impact without any financial investment. You may even be blessed with a new character when purchasing destiny currency with solely source stones. But luck may not always be with you. The character of the “gacha” system is that you’ll almost always receive exactly what you need.

Many athletes have claimed to be spending upwards of $100 in the past and still not being able to get Jin or Diluk on their team. Our advice is to avoid spending money if you can. Don’t go overboard if you truly enjoy the game and want to enhance your character’s abilities, as it’s not worth the effort.

Let’s examine every character we met on the set of Genshin Impact one by one.

Character ranks


  • The element: Anemo
  • Bow: Bow
  • rank: S

Wenti could easily be the core of your team. His basic skill is extremely powerful and has a wide ability to attack several enemies simultaneously!


  • Element: Electric
  • The weapon: Bow
  • rank: S

Fishl is one of the most powerful characters who has electro element. Her archery moves, just like Venti’s, are extremely quick. Her main strength is summoning ravens, and creates Electro sparks that help create combinations. Additionally, the splash transforms your character in to a raven that inflicts harm on enemies that are close to them.


  • Elements: Pyro
  • The weapon: Claymore
  • rank: S

Diluk is among the few characters who have received five stars. The Genshin Impact community considers him as one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact. You can test his abilities on one of his missions. You’ll be amazed at how amazing Dilak is.

Siang Ling

  • Elements: Pyro
  • The Weapon Firearm
  • Ranking: A

A lot of people love Xiang Ling due to the fact that unlike Ember her fire-based attacks are dispersed around like the flamethrower. When it comes to regular attacks, they’re also quite quick, and her explosions tear apart adversaries.


  • The element: Hydro
  • weapon: Catalyst
  • rank: A

Barbara is an extremely special character because she is a healer! But, as we’ve mentioned previously it’s not easy to acquire Barbara she needs to be at least 20th rank in the game as well as wait until the final patch 1.1 is made available. Barbara can heal your teammates if you swap to them when the heroine is in active.

Traveller (Anemo)

  • Element It starts with Anemo and then it is possible to switch between Anemo and Geo
  • Weapon Sword
  • rank: B

The Traveller is a perfect character, particularly during the beginning phases of the Genshin Impact. Once you’ve gotten the attention of Venti and he’ll beat Traveller within a matter of minutes.

It is possible to substitute the main character with another character which is fine. The storyline quests won’t be affected, and the Traveler will continue to appear in cutscenes. Remember that fighting The Terror of the Storm boss will require players to use the Traveler in a specific phase, and it’s worth having a minimum level boost for the character.


  • Element: Electric
  • The weapon is Catalyst
  • Ranking B

Lisa is an excellent character since her explosive and elemental attacks can strike multiple targets at the same time (the ones that are recharged, which means they do with even greater damage)! If we’re talking about heroes who have the electro element that is, then Lisa certainly isn’t a rival to Fischl.


  • Element: Electric
  • The weapon: Claymore
  • Ranking: B

A fairly good character in the initial stages of gameplay. The hero’s fundamental ability is to hit many targets, if they are charged. Also, blast attacks are worthy of note.


  • Elements: Cryo
  • weapon: Sword
  • Ranking: C

Keia is another character who’s excellent at the beginning of the game. However, obviously there are other options. Like Traveler the primary skill of Keia is a single frontal attack. You’re not likely to hit or freeze multiple enemies at the same time. A powerful attack can be able to affect multiple mobs.


  • Element Geo
  • A weapon: Claymore
  • Ranking C

With the right combination of weapons, Noelle is excellent because of one of the most fundamental skills. The heroine can create an obstacle that can absorb attacks from enemies. However, the downside is that Genshin Impact’s combat strategy is based on combos and quick attacks rather than defensive techniques. It’s because of this that Noel is not needed for the squad.


  • Elements: Geo
  • weapon: Catalyst
  • rank C

Ninguan’s primary skill is used to defend herself Her skill isn’t able to trigger numerous combinations. In the best case, she can be used as a shield to thwart attackers however that’s all it is. The heroine, however, has an explosive and powerful attack.


  • The element: Anemo
  • The weapon is Catalyst
  • Crank: C

Like Venti Saharose’s Whirlwind is able to cover a wide reach, but it’s not equipped to use an ability for greater damage. Furthermore the character’s basic attacks are also weak.


  • The element: Pyro
  • Bow: Bow
  • rank: D

Even though Amber has the distinction of being the first fighter with a range in Genshin Impact, and the character can take on opponents from afar easily, she’s still a disaster. Her primary skill demands excessive time, rendering her a useless character. You’ve probably guessed that Amber ranks last in the character ratings of all games; that is well-deserved.

This is the way this is how our Genshin Impact character guide turned out. For the sake of reminder not to invest any money into the game in hopes to win the most adored hero! It is better to depend on luck or save some stones from the beginning.

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