Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide

The Teivat world is vast. As you advance in Genshin Impact, you will need to discover the world “from” and “to” through completing different tasks and missions. Therefore, we came up with an instructional guide with some tips for new players to assist players who are just beginning their journey.


  • 1 level of character doesn’t affect the story’s development
  • 2 Microtransactions and starting characters
  • 3 Artifacts
  • 4 Follow the Good
  • 5 Anemocules, Geocules, and Geocules
  • 7 Statues of the Seven and Teleporters

Character leveling does not affect plot development

Contrary to most RPGs, where you must complete quests and increase your character’s level is a way to progress in the narrative, Genshin Impact has a unique control system. The first step is to level your character’s level limited to getting experience (you earn points by fighting monsters and finishing the story quests). Even special items grant experience points to help you improve your game.

But, reaching the highest level isn’t important if your character’s adventure rank is not high. It’s essentially a form of progress-limiting system that is in the game. If you do not reach the level of adventure, the quest will not be accessible.

Note 1:

To learn more about how to improve your character and your experience You can check out our guide to character development.

Note 2:

Adventure points of experience can be earned through exploring the game’s world i.e. completing quests, quests, opening chests, etc.

Microtransactions and characters for startup

The game begins with the traveling companion (male, either female or male). As you move through the story, you’ll meet different characters who could be part of your group. The first ones include Amber, Kaia, and Lisa. The two other characters are decent; however, Amber appears to have one of the weakest abilities in the games. Therefore, players will form a respected but not the top group.

It is also possible to eliminate the protagonist in the squad and replace him with someone you’ve come across (if the group has at least five characters). If you do that, you’ll still be able to complete story quests with no issues since the characters in active play are considered to be ordinary “avatars.”

This can encourage the player to engage in microtransactions, which are a lot within Genshin Impact. These unlock access to different weapons, characters, and other resources. The most basic method to gain access to heroes is to use prayers to bring about the fulfillment of desires.

The prayers of the player cost fortunes. These are obtainable by using the source stones, an in-game currency accumulated by playing the game and finishing quests. When you’ve run empty of stone and are feeling the need to purchase more currency (assuming that all other options have also been exhausted), then spending cash is your only choice left. It’s important to note that players are not required to purchase items in the game since you can play Genshin Impact without any monetary purchase.


There’s a variety of things to choose from within Genshin Impact, including various sets (called Artifacts). We believe that these Adventurer or Lucky Dog artifact sets are ideal for survival at the start of the game.
  • Aventurer’s Set: Two part bonus increases the amount of experience you can gain to 1000 units and four parts bonus – opening the chest will restore 30% of the max health in just 30 seconds.
  • Lucky Dog Set: Two part bonus boosts the defense of 100. and four parts bonus – raising Maura recovers 300 health.

Be a Good Follower

The best ones look like a light that wanders. It’s an eerie light blue creature scurrying around the game’s world. We suggest that the moment you spot any of them, instantly be sure to follow the creature until it takes you to a tiny stone receptacle in which a treasure box with some valuable treasures will appear.

Geocules and Anemocules

It is a floating object that can be taken home. These objects are designed to boost the stature of those who are Statues of the Seven: the anemocules will be used designed to upgrade statues within Mondstadt. Mondstadt region, while the Geocules are used for upgrading the statues to Li Yue’s Harbor.

These resources are displayed as an asterisk in the minicard. Additionally they can be found in obscure or difficult to access locations.

Statues of the Seven and teleporters

The Statues of the Seven we discussed in the preceding paragraph are scattered all over the world map (one in every major area). If you encounter any of them, it opens the map for all sectors. This is very similar to the perspectives in Assassin’s Creed and the towers of Far Cry 3 and 4.

Once you have gained access, you can utilize the anemocles you’ve collected and geocules to increase your Statue of Seven (progress is spread across all statues within the region in which it is located). This increases the hero’s strength and provides more resources, currency, and adventures.

Notice: The statues the Seven’s development is linked to the achievement of items, achievements and rewards.

Additionally, if you select”blessing,” when you choose the “blessing” option will bring back your character’s health. However, that’s not all based on the selected component of the protagonist; you can also use the Seven statues Seven in a different region to alter the effect of elements.

Alongside those, statues from the Seven Teleporters are included inside the game. As you may have guessed, they are now active, and it allows you to swiftly transfer from one part on the map and move to another. Additionally, you can transfer to statues.

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