Gears 5 Hivebusters Review Review

With all the buzz around Cyberpunk 2077’s release the announcement of Hivebusters storyline add-on to the game that shoots cooperatively Gears 5 went almost unnoticed. This is why we have corrected the situation by providing a brief overview.

  • Producer: The Coalition
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Date of release: December 15, 2020

Hivebusters is a story of Gears five characters who didn’t participate in the game’s story-driven campaign. We’ve actually seen them before in the past, when Keegan, Lani, and Mac were all part of the cooperative mode Escape. The group has a campaign devoted to their characters.

The plot of the supplement takes the heroes, who have formed The Scorpion Squad, to the volcanic archipelago of Galangi and they have to eliminate Roy’s great hive, and, in turn, bring about the liberation from Sera from the encroaching monsters. While not spending a lot of time on explanation, the game rapidly puts the players in the chaos of events and over the course of the three hours required to complete the DLC the location changes numerous times, immersing them into the most bizarre of adventures, such as going through a lava flow in a metal gate that is surrounded by firing enemies from every angle.

Through the combat, the game shows the connections between the characters as well as telling stories of their past. This isn’t to say that it’s an absolute necessity however, it makes the combatants a bit more exciting, and at the end, they’re closer than they did in the beginning. The fan service is also available which harks back to the core Gears of War series, and fans will be thrilled.

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The biggest flaw in Gears 5: Hivebusters is its secondary nature. There aren’t any brand-new weapons or meet any new foes including the final boss. In fact, certain episodes remind you of ones they’ve been seen before – such as the chase of the porter who kidnapped the team member. The plot of the extra-part doesn’t propel the series forward. It’s simply another episode in the story of a world that is surrounded by perpetual war. If you don’t catch the episode, there’s nothing to lose in terms of story-telling.

However this game has some amazing new environments The jungle offers an exciting contrast to the typical Gears 5 landscapes, and the characters have acquired special abilities: Keegan can generate ammo, Lani gets an electric melee attack and Mac utilizes the power of a mobile shield. These capabilities can replace Jack, the robot that flew. Jack that was used to aid the main characters in the Gears 5 campaign. You can also upgrade them by locating hidden upgrades in secret locations areas.

Gears 5: Hivebusters is not a must-have that features new gameplay mechanics and a totally different experience. It’s an enjoyable addition of the game’s base and it can be played by playing in co-op. If you’re looking to add more excitement with Gears 5, the add-on will provide everything you want. Plus, it’s free on Steam or Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass owners will be able to download the add-on at free.

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