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Conveyor to produce various repair simulators. It doesn’t intend to stop however, faceless and monotonous projects that are buried beneath it Unfortunately, they are released more often than things that are worth a look. The more appealing to come across in the gray crowd of exceptions is Gas Station Simulator, which we’ll discuss in our review.

  • Producer: DRAGO entertainment
  • Publisher: Movie Games S.A.
  • Date of release: October 15, 2021

The law of attraction of most repair simulators is straightforward and requires only a little effort, and for generally boring tasks, users get fast and precise results. the process is enhanced with good audiovisual music that puts users in a trance state and allows them to enjoy simple actions without stress.

The majority of developers fail to meet the formula’s requirements by, for instance, in a deep meditative state in a way that isn’t interesting or not paying enough attention to the game’s mechanics, which results in a negative impression and experience. The examples of terrible and absurd “Sims” are numerous, and even within the catalogue from Movie Games S.A., there are multiple “monsters,” but Gas Station Simulator is not one of them.

Many of us have probably never thought of becoming an attendant at a gas station or cleaning public toilets; however, somehow, DRAGO can make this a thrilling experience in their brand new gas station simulator, where the person using the simulator is not only an employee but instead the proprietor of a small company located near the desert in Arizona.

Your protagonist sells his car to purchase his uncle’s former Dust Bowl gas station. He then settles down on the roof of the building adjacent to the store. The station is, to say the least, an aging mess. The electricity supply is in poor condition, the area is strewn with trash, and the bathroom is a mess, while the building itself is filled with homeless.

There are positives. Some bright spots are: The old filling tap is functional, The rusty gas tank isn’t leaking, The Internet and phone lines are in good shape There’s even a well-worn cash machine that means it’s time to tidy up and greet the first customers to collect some funds to repair the station.

There’s a lot to do for players. In addition, the bigger the job they work, the more work they’ll be required to complete. They’ll have to fulfill the duties of a gasoline cashier and station attendant, painting and cleaning, and work as a decorator, mechanic, storekeeper, loader, or even manager. The good news is that his uncle will be with his newly-minted nephews throughout the journey from the gas station.

With a little effort, your run-down petrol station can transform into a viable and efficient business with food items on the shelves and hired employees. A messy warehouse with an unfinished stage will soon be filled with merchandise, an old barn is now a small auto shop, and a junkyard will be transformed into a spacious parking space.

What I enjoyed:

The sound and visuals of the game aren’t the most stunning; however, they’re close enough. The sunsets are spectacular and captivating sunrises and all these cacti rattlesnakes and trees, as well as the chilly air that shivers in the midday sun’s heat on the roads, vehicles hurrying to get somewhere – there’s something special about the American desert vibe, which is portrayed in Gas Station Simulator is emphasized by the atmospheric country and rock.

The game is full of intriguing games and mechanics. Filling up the car is an opportunity to play “stop the arrow when it is time,” painting the walls is an activity of “keep the cursor in the appropriate spot,” and making cash is an exercise in “quickly transfer objects” while working in the repair shop brings back memories from Car Mechanic Simulator. It is also possible to rob customers’ cars here with a hack adapted from Bethesda.

Gas Station Simulator swings very efficiently. The first step is to clean the trash and restore the building and fill up the rare cars. Then you build the store and put it to work. Finally, you jump into the tractor, remove parking spaces, and set up the automobile service – there’s plenty to accomplish.

It is important to note that some methods implemented in Gas Station Simulator are implemented more complicated and real-life than competitive games. For instance, for example, scavenging. It’s not like you click on the trash, and then it goes in the bushes, no. You put small trash in bags and then bring your trash to garbage bins. You then empty the larger trash in the garbage bins then empty the garbage bins and then request removal before the trash begins to smell and irritate customers.

For a supermarket, You set up a warehouse and buy shelves; you put them up inside the main building. purchase food items, and search for the best price through the web for snacks, drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, and tobacco. Then, you arrive at the truck, enter the warehouse, take off the vehicle, and begin setting up the merchandise in the racks. The more varied the range of goods, the more the customers are likely to purchase.

The issue is further aggravated by your establishment’s standards of cleanliness and ratings. To ensure that your customers are satisfied, they will require you to, among other things, respond quickly and monitor the cleanliness of the space and maintain the cleanliness of the room. As rating increases, it opens up new possibilities; however, it will also increase traffic volume, meaning you will need to work more.

Thankfully the gamekeepers are offering us the chance to “close the station to make repairs” and do plenty of clean-up. On The Route 66 exit, you’ll find a lever beneath the sign, which you can be able to shut and open the station as often as you like. There’s also a “super-button” that is specifically designed to eliminate congestions at your gas station.

It is a Gas Station Simulator that places no limitations on time on the player. It does not require him to pay rent, and since the character is not required to rest or eat. you can “close the shop” and slowly improve the area. If, of course, that you took money out of your Uncle.

There are additional nuances to the game. For instance, you could be visited any time by the neighbor gangster Dennis to ruin the newly painted walls with a lack of talent, or a burglar could enter the warehouse if it is not secured. to secure the door. If you wish to disable the event from the menu.

What’s not to like?

Gas Station Simulator has a variety of bugs; many of them are connected to interactive objects. The objects can fly through the sky, drop through textures, be permanently attached to a wall, or be suspended in the air. A bug from the past caused the model’s protagonist to fly away from the scene, and the developers turned it into a fun game feature: players who are thrown into the sky can control the flight and receive an achivek from Steam “Fly as Superman.

Jokes to make jokes; however, there are some disappointing bugs in the technical aspect of the project that are enough to cause frustration. there are also crashes due to the slowdown caused by poor autosaves. Optimization, however, also leaves a lot to be desired; even with a high-powered iron, FPS can slow down in certain places.

Is it worth taking?

I’d say yes, that it is despite the many issues. If you enjoy repair simulations that include aspects of business administration, Gas Station Simulator will undoubtedly satisfy you. It is a good choice compared to other, less successful counterparts. DRAGO is currently working on a couple of promising projects. We’re hoping they’ll have enough time to complete this one.

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