From Ancient Peoples To The Conquest Of The Moon – The Release Trailer Of The Great Time Travel Wanderer

In Wanderer you’ll travel through various periods to alter the course of history for humanity. This is a game designed specifically for VR, and the initial reviews indicate

The principal persona The main character is Asher Neiman. The timeline of his story shows that humanity has been through an unprecedented global catastrophe. Asher discovers his grandfather’s home and finds strange artifacts. With their assistance, he walks through time and space and formsforms an unorthodox relationship.

Wanderer uses a range of situations: You can go close to moonlight, you are in the middle of a crowd of hippies and World WWII as well as the ancient civilization of Nikola Tesla, and who knows where else. The game’s gameplay is a combination of “Escape from Room” type puzzles and intricate action sequences. The developers also promise to provide detailed worlds with cinematic soundtracks.

Initial reviews for The Wanderer are positive. The press reported it is ambitious; however it is successful in its tasks, is awe-inspiring with its variety of events, and delights with gorgeous environments. The downsides are the lack of impression of interaction with objects and the developers’ lack of polish or experience, as this is their first major game.

In Steam, the game is rated with 72% of the vote currently. However, there aren’t enough reviews, with only 33 of them. Some studies are complaining about bugs and issues in Valve Index (as if the game wasn’t tested on this particular helmet); However, the positive reviews declare the game is the game is among the top VR experiences in the sense of its principle.

Wandererer will be accessible via two different VR platforms.

  • Steam 725 rubles.
  • PlayStation VR – 2 849 rubles (at the time of writing this report, it there is a reason why it’s not being sold for purchase, however, the price is listed when you search).

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