Forza Motorsport 7, the return of a legend in 4K

If you’re one of the Xbox One owners who are even a little fascinated by car racing For those who are, the Forza Motorsport series is the most exciting and complete series pushing the console to its limit. As time passes, Forza Motorsport has become a benchmark in simulation. Forza Motorsport franchise has grown to become the benchmark for simulation and has even been allowed to be a part of a spin-off called Forza Horizon, which is equally successful despite being slightly more arcade-like.

It is also worth noting it is Forza Motorsport 7 is the very first episode in the series that benefits from the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which allows you to play the game on PCs with Windows 10 as well. Again, it’s the first episode; as it was for me, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex is a re-run of a failed test that required too much configuration to function correctly. Forza Horizon 3 was a great start, an entrance into the game that enabled the Turn 10 studio team players to bring their passion and energy into a more engaging experience.

For those who only know those who are only familiar with the Horizon segment of the series The Motorsport episodes appear as being greater emphasis and a primary rival to PlayStation equivalent Gran Turismo (and more to some degree, Project Cars). It is a pure simulation on tracks, with realistic layouts, which will fulfill the most demanding players’ demands. It’s as well on Motorsport that you’ll be in a position to evaluate the performance of your pedal and steering wheel combination.

A plethora of brand new features

Each new version of Forza Motorsport comes with its unique features, be they technical or the content. This new edition The Microsoft studio that handles licensing, Turn 10, offers us a wholly revamped game engine with support for the HDR renderer and also 4K resolution on the most recent Xbox One X and PC. We do not have the most recent Microsoft console at our fingertips. However, we could as quickly say it immediately as per the PC version 4K is welcomed and lets you erase more aliasing that is uncommon on the license. Additionally, you’ll notice an increase in lighting management thanks to the inclusion of HDR rendering.

In terms of content, the initial lineup includes no less than 700 vehicles (not counting the new additions to be created with DLC in the first few days of the launch), and they can be customized in every single detail by using new paint designs or even creations by the large community that is behind this game. We also consider the many settings that are also downloaded. 700 vehicles is a good number. However, you’ll quickly be able to see that a significant portion of them are designed for off-roading, except the fact that Forza Motorsport 7 does not provide any tracks for off-roading. In addition, there is the introduction of trucks which is a new addition to the Motorsport section, and it is carried out quietly, with just one truck.

Another significant aspect, also regarding the content, is that the number of tracks that have been significantly increased compared to the previous version, Forza Motorsport 6, which had only 14 ways when it was launched. Since the beginning, there are now 30 tracks that are playable in all variations, like the Dubai track has an option for rally racing located in high mountainous terrain. There is also the thrill of discovering the great Maple Valley Raceway circuit omitted from the game from its previous edition for the game Forza Motorsport 4.

A variety of components that are specific to the series remain in place. The players have the option of using or not using particular driving aids. The track display and brake aids that were the mainstay of the series, which allowed for the broadening of the car simulation for novices, remain. It is an option to incorporate “mods” (or handicaps) before the beginning of the race to gain points. He can be personalized by wearing a suit and will serve as your character in races, particularly multiplayer. But it’s nice to finally have someone in the driver’s seat instead of the absence of any.

Earning points at the top of your game in Forza Motorsport 7.7 is no longer enough to get you winning a Wheel of Fortune. Instead, you’re given to choose between the cost of a car, money, or a driver’s gear. I could also say that you’ll often select the vehicle that is, in addition to costing more, permits you to effortlessly and affordably increase your collection.

Another possibly irritating aspect revealed in the new FM is that it’s possible to buy a loot box that allows you to earn cars, mods, or even outfits that you can wear for the driver. However, it isn’t real money, it’s just the money you earn from your racing adventures, and it’s not possible to purchase anything with real money from within the game. But, there’s one drawback, that is, some cars can only be bought through purchasing those boxes … that’s enough to say that it’s challenging to find the vehicle you’ve been looking for to add to the collection…

When we talk about additional content, Forza Motorsport 7 also conceals specific removals. For instance, Forzavista exists, but there are no longer voiceovers that tell you the background that the automobile has. Similar to tracks, the voiceover is not available. Another troubling thing is that specific modes, like Forzathon, for instance, Forzathon, are identified by the “Coming shortly” badge. We’re sure to come back to this mode very shortly, but for the time being, it’s somewhat sporadic.

The arrival of a Tenor on PC

It’s a fact that the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 on PC is a great surprise. There are many racing games on the market, and there’s something for all players. With some degree of progress, the last game, which focused on simulation, could be Grid: Autosport and we must admit that it’s outdated in the present. However, the delivery service, PC gamers will be allowed to play to their hearts’ delight and, sometimes, even If you’re like me and also have a PC with enough power can run the game in optimal conditions, you’ll want to play the game on it instead of an Xbox One.

But, you’ll need to pass on playing split screen multiplayer. It’s not available on PC, but it’s available for an Xbox One version … but, while we should not conceal itfrom gamers, as a PC today is superior to the Xbox One (even One X).

The PC version has many significant improvements like ultra-wide resolutions or multi-monitors. The game is also compatible with a wide range of different steering wheels. As mentioned earlier, there’s no reason to argue the game’s 4K resolution in addition to HDR rendering. Additionally, you don’t require the most current and trendy graphics card to play, and it is stable with 60 FPS or higher. Graphically, it is an impressive technical blowout on all other games!

Some issues persist, and it’s not unusual to see the game crash on endless load… it’s also a nightmare and risk of losing your progress. I’m waiting for a patch to be released soon!

What’s the sound like?

From the perspective of sound it’s a game that is less tense. The focus is on sounds like the tunnel. But, it should be noted that this is among the best aspects of the game: the use of distinct sounds for each vehicle. The team behind Turn 10 must have spent some time digitizing all of the sound of the various engines to recreate the exact sound as accurately as they can in the game. But the absence of music is evident, and it’s easy to head towards Forza Horizon if the urge to have fun with radios is appealing to you.

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