Forza Horizon 3 on the test bench!

The game begins by choosing your character and his name. This will be important later as the game’s GPS is a sly name. After that, Anna assists you through the various stages of the game. It does this by calling your character’s name. you choose for him.

You’re plunged into the midst of a celebration that will be spread across a region twice as big as its predecessor. It was held in southern France in northern Italy. This year, Australia opens its doors to visitors through its vast plains of desert and hilly roads.

In terms of dimensions, the map is twice as big as Forza Horizon 2! You must be a winner in races and create your name known to unlock new options related to your gameplay comfort, the location of festivals, and the evolution of your Drivatar, which is the driver who is your driver when you’re not.

The owners of the most recent Xbox One S get the pleasure of HDR rendering, which is also available for those who play version Windows 10 version by having the correct setup!

Forza Horizon 3 is available for download on Xbox One and Windows 10 starting on the 27th of September with an early access option for those who own The Ultimate Edition, in fact being it is one of the very first titles included in the Play Anywhere program, players can play on any device of their preference, by buying just one digital copy of the game. Doing this will require a computer running Windows 10 will be mandatory, and the download is done through Windows Store. Windows Store after acquiring the game’s title from your Xbox Live account!


Forza Horizon 3 is back more powerful than its predecessor , which was already a huge success. It’s not always easy to overlook that it has added the Blueprint feature, which is sadly unusable however the lack of usefulness is not sufficient to cause us to miss this fantastic game.

The positives

  • The vast map
  • The music
  • The amount of cars
  • The crossplay Windows 10

The negatives

  • Blueprints can be a bit useless

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