FORECLOSED review – it’s nice to play boring Review

FORECLOSED is an adventure-based game based on an graphic cyberpunk novel with a stunning aesthetics are matched by somewhat unsatisfactory gameplay. A brief overview of the game’s strengths and weak points.

  • Producer: Antab Studio
  • Publisher: Merge Games
  • Please note: August 12, 2021

Amid a stormy day, Our heroes Evan Kapnos wakes up amid a depressing state. In the background of the massive, elegant windows lies a dull day filled with endless billboards and skyscraper components piled randomly over one another. In addition, there’s an email notification of imminent relocation due to the non-payment of rent and the letter of an acquaintance who is afflicted with nervous tension caused by a series of panic attacks that can lead him to the grave in the smog of the city.

It’s a day of chaos at Kapnos that is messy right from the beginning. However, that’s only the beginning. On the list of participants is a video in the legal entity informing the man that he’s been officially dismissed from his position at the security company because of its abrupt bankruptcy. All outstanding debts to the identification chip are sold following the trial. In case of the failure to show up, Evan has immediately declared a criminal in hiding.

It is the ID card and, in the world, is a hybrid between an authorized slave collar and an actual person’s right to exist; it is subsequently frozen during the process, and accounts are cancelled when Evan is released from his residence, unidentified men dressed in suits attack him and start a fire to murder. The game begins FORECLOSED, an action game based on a story with stunning story telling and very average, even dull gameplay.

Spanish Cyberpunk creator Josan Gonzalez inspires the artwork of the game. It features the signature Gamma and harsh lines that define the edges of three-dimensional world objects, and the use of color emphasizes essential details. The game’s player can never escape the sensation of being in a comic book. The cutscenes portray the depressing thinking of the main character. and the scenes of action are amplified in the text with sound effects, and the screen is continuously divided into multiple windows.

The angles constantly change The tips are also continually evolving. The camera can disconnect from the main character at any moment and then latch onto your local security system and, even in tight spaces, broadcast what’s happening first-person. You’re escaping your pursuers with the form of an almost isometric projection or switching cameras to search for weak nodes, or even shooting while watching Evan’s right shoulder.

The exclusive Capnos chip is an experimental device with hidden potential. For instance, using it, the player can spot shadows of enemy silhouettes from walls and capture encrypted data using a specially designed radar to track the enemy. In discovering new capabilities and abilities, you’ll travel through the various levels of the tale, which are infused with stealth, simple puzzles, and lots of gunfights.

What I loved:

  • The plot, while not the most important, is quite enjoyable. The main character, who has gone through everything instantly and is apathetic, views the world with a sense of dread and offers metaphors that are no better than Max Payne. The forced alliance with his previous Secure Tec boss, his journey through the filthy labyrinths of a smog-filled metropolis, and his battle against a powerful corporate force – are all repetitive and yet intriguing. If the creators had FORECLOSED, an everyday visually novel work could have benefited from it.
  • What FORECLOSED provides are excellent visuals. The art style is amazing, along with the graphic novel elements that enhance the experience. It is easy to get used to the unique colors quickly, and the design is a delight with its innovative solutions. This is an example of a different version of one of Philip K. Dick’s novels.
  • It is an element of character growth disguised as self-learning chips. After accumulating a certain amount of time and points, the player earns, which can be used for additional abilities, like an energy shield, mental release, freezing enemies, or improving weapons, including quick-fire, penetration power, explosive bullets, etc other. Unfortunately, the overheated chip limits the frequency of usage.

The things I didn’t like about:

  • The camera is stuck in the way all the time. It is widespread for her to lose focus on the person, which means that in critical situations, you could easily end up in an impasse that you can’t even see. There is no option to move the camera from the other shoulder when shooting. This is very irritating due to the huge character model that the character. There aren’t any navigation markers included in the game, which means that sometimes the process of finding your way can take long;
  • Shooting is a nightmare and is the biggest issue with FORECLOSED. It’s hard even to consider it an actual shooting range. There aren’t any marks from shots or wounds to the opponents or the hero. Instead of shaking the screen shakes, in place of the shooting sound “Bang-Bang,” you’ll be required to fire more than a dozen shells to take out even the most basic opponent without shooting at the head. There’s way too much gunfighting in the game. There’s no reloading. You hit the shooting button and wait until your adversaries lie on the ground. The guns here are not felt; they appear to be completely insignificant;
  • A bit disconcerting It is a bit frustrating that the game does not permit you to reverse the scenes. It is extremely easy to lose your life here due to accident or by an unintentional camera angle and the checkpoint will occur at the very beginning of the level or in the phase that is preceded by narrative monologues, scenes, or dialogues.

Are they worth it?

If you’re a die-hard cyberpunk set-up fan you happen to be; I’d strongly suggest the game. Particularly if you are playing it on consoles. On the other hand, the game looks beautiful and well-designed. However, the gameplay is basic and will not delight you. The developers have unique ideas and some very talented artists, but FORECLOSED is a weak game.

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