For One Of The Secrets In Witch 3 You Have To Wait Seven Game Years (But That’S Sloppy News)

This year, Wild Hunt turns seven years old. It’s symbolic, as an aspect of the game’s mysteries is linked to the age of seven. It’s been called “the final mystery of The Witcher 3,” and they believed that nobody had ever found the passchalk previously; however, that’s not the case.

Certain spoilers that are essential to this side quest “Song of the Knightheart” from the add-on “Blood and Vine”. Geralt encounters a woman called Vivienne and discovers that the bird curses her. One option to remove the curse is using an oriole’s egg to end the curse. However, around seven years, Vivienne can be as old as the bird.

If you can complete the quest this way then you’ll be able to meet the Easterling. YouTuber xLetails played around with the console commands and discovered that, after seven years of playable, Vivienne actually dies.

“Dead” Vivienne.

The appearance isn’t very appealing, but The character has a damaged model, and it’s possible to communicate with him. To be safe, xLetails ensured that Vivienne’s death wasn’t an issue: it restarted. However, the woman was “dead.”

Additionally, the quest creator CD Project Red confirmed that the script was a custom script and was not an accident. He also clarified why the character’s character is not working. Typically, for deaths in plots in “The Witcher 3” prepared separate static models. The secret to Viviena was revealed after the developers were permitted to create new content, so we were forced to stick to half-measures in software. Perhaps in the patch, the hidden end of the quest may be rectified (and at the very least, one patch will be accessible for players).

According to the YouTube channel it, according to the youtuber, The Witcher 3 quest designer hinted at the Vivienne passchain, but didn’ provide any details. It was said that they were not yet available. So xLetails set off for the ultimate hidden information.

Living Vivienne.

However, the mystery of the female bird’s identity isn’t an undiscovered fact: people have already discovered it. For instance, in 2020, the ghost had already been mentioned in the Russian language “wiki” and on the German GameStar site. Likely, the CD Project RED staff didn’t have any idea about the mystery discovered, whether due to difficulties in communicating due to the inability to track everything that happens on the Internet.

In his video, xLetails pointed out a further interesting aspect. In “The Witcher 3”, there is a kind of end of time. After 10 years of games, the world collapses as the clock displays negative numbers, spooky visual bugs are revealed and disappear, while NPCs are gone.

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