Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & Exercise Review

Nintendo is known as an pioneer in the field of innovative ways to play. It’s not even the first generation of consoles that attempted to get us out of our sofas and chairs and encourage us to move about a bit. A whole new type of fitness game was created and is in addition to entertainment that focuses on the actual fitness at home. Fitness Boxing 2 is the latest entry in the category that I’ve been training with for a few weeks. Impressions can be found in this review.

  • Producer: Imagineer Co.
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: December 4, 2020

What exactly is Fitness Boxing 2

Fitness Boxing 2 is the second game in the Nintendo “boxing” fitness-related game. It’s not really an actual game, but rather an interactive fitness app. With the joysticks with our hands, are guided by an instructor in cartoon form, execute different punches to the music. This must be completed within the time limit which is determined by the animated icons that appear on the screen. Based on our skill the score is based on our accuracy.

There are nine instructors for you to select from, each of them can be customised by combining a range of clothes and accessories. They are bought with the same points that are earned from the exercise. The music is comprised of music that is instrumental, featuring 20 songs from famous artists like Katy Perry, Pink and Justin Bieber, and three original tunes specifically written designed for this game.

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When you practice, a trainer guides you through stance and the various moves you need to master. Prior to and following an intense training session, there is always warming-up and cooling-down as well as an exercise demonstration. If you’d like exercise with a partner or soulmate, there is a way to do pairing training that is that isn’t to be mistaken for sparring. Two people standing side by side and hitting the screen.

What I enjoyed about it

The game humorously throws an entire decade in the wake of an unsatisfactory workout
  • Graphics. High-quality colors, vibrant colors and a nice style of visual. The characters are like an excellent cartoon.
  • A physical and mental challenge. Training for trial causes naive relaxation for about 10 minutes, including the time for warming up. When training is done and your normal routine starts, the exercise can last for up to 40 minutes , and is quite exhausting when not experienced to it.
  • There’s no need to purchase anything else. In contrast to Ring Fit Adventure, another popular fitness game on the Switch there are no additional controllers are needed here Two regular joykons are sufficient, but it’s recommended to use four controllers to play with two players. Additionally there’s no need for an TV in the first place. In theory you can play on the handheld mode, but having the instructor in the front of you in front of a big monitor is far more enjoyable.

  • Lavish statistics and tools for customization. You can keep track of your BMI as well as the approximate amount of calories burned and the number of strokes you’ve performed. It is also possible to set up reminders to ensure you don’t forget your next workout , and determine a full program of optimal workouts , based on your objectives.
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What I didn’t like about

Fight this man Unfortunately, you can’t
  • Training for difficulty. The entire training involves hitting beautiful colored squares that move from the bottom upwards with the instructor’s encouraging remarks. As time passes, it begins to become monotonous.
  • Insufficient sparring mode. This is boxing at the end of the day. I’d like to take on an actual ring, though in a virtual ring. Do not just fight on squares.
  • The absence of Russian localization. A lot of the information is understood in a way, but if don’t know English you may be unable to discern certain subtleties.

Are they worth it?

If you’re looking to move more comfortably at in your own home then, this app can allow you to turn the console you own into an fitness center, without the need for additional equipment. It is not expected from these exercises to get any exceptional outcomes, but they will certainly help you feel more positive. It’s also cheaper than the cost of a gym membership. If you’re unsure, there’s a the option of a free trial available.

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