Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Review – Procedurally Generated Routine Review

It’s an RPG platformer Firegirl Hack ‘n’ Splash Rescue features a unique setting that lets you become a firefighters and also tells a tale of creatures of fire that are threatening the city. But, there’s a chance you’ll never reach the conclusion of the tale. We’ll tell you in our review the flaws in the game.

  • Producer: Dejima
  • Publisher: Thunderful Publishing
  • Please note: December 14, 2021

The storyline of Firegirl Hack ‘n’ Splash Rescue is about an unassuming young girl enrolled in the city’s fire department. The girl’s father was also a firefighter, and many years ago, his death occurred while on duty.

The heroine decides to follow his path by pursuing the challenging and risky profession – which, according to the report, it’s very promptly: fires begin to break out all over the city. Eventually, it is revealed that a supernatural being is at the root of the problem and makes the flames come to life. Along with the girl, the player must find out the truth about what’s going on before the city is swept away in fires.

Utilizing procedural level generation, the game has three types of missions. They include putting out the flames of a high-rise structure and chasing down a train that caught fire, as well as exploring a cave that flames have engulfed. Firegirl Hack ‘n’ Splash Rescue randomly builds the location using pre-made pieces. However, this doesn’t improve gameplay. On the contrary, you need to explore mazes to beat the time limits.

Increase the timer’s duration by taking out the fire and locating an alarm clock at the right level that you want to use; however, the time of three minutes to complete the task is usually not enough. Next, you have to locate the trapped people in the flame and locate the exit. This is not straightforward. There is no map, and even in traversed rooms, you cannot return since they are surrounded by flames that are not able to be extinguished.

Many of my runs resulted in a trip to the hospital due to not having enough time to finish the challenge, or a participant burnt too frequently and a tumble from a height. This is a regular participant in races on moving train cars. If you don’t know the strength and the distance before the leap into one of the cars, your girl may be thrown off the tracks. The girl does not die. However, the task must be re-enacted once more.

The heroine has an axe and a pipe: the first blasts out locked doors and demolishes rubble (and when you purchase an Ice axe, you can utilize it to put out the flames). The second hose extinguishes the fire and allows you to climb up using the water jet to act as a booster for jets. This is helpful in the city since you typically need to travel vertically between different floors and also fly from rooftop to rooftop.

She was fighting the fire with all her might in the form of flames, taking the shape of beasts. Initially, firefighters’ tools aren’t powerful; however, chances arise to ramp the firefighter’s tools up, purchase health boosts, improve water pressure, and allow fans to pay more for missions that succeed. Yes, she has followers who support her actions and pay the ringing of a coin. This seems odd given the setting, but maybe within the realm of Firegirl Hack ‘n,’ Splash Rescue firefighters have achieved rock star status and have a lot of love.

Furthermore, a few rescued characters are on the station, providing their services, mostly selling upgrades and equipment. They do not work for free, and you’ll need to work hard to obtain top-quality upgrades. Also, they can do other duties, for example, helping kittens. The heroine gets badges. In addition to being tied to the suit, they also give passive bonuses.

I was hoping for more from Firegirl Hack ‘n’ Splash Rescue, rather than a computer-generated RPG that is boring, monotonous stages and severely overwritten difficulty in some places. The game is plot-driven; however, it fails to hold the attention for long and places the cards in the game quite quickly. The graphics are gorgeous, but there are plenty of bugsand issues with the reading ability of the background and foreground. The game’s gameplay lacks a sense of urgency as well as there’s not much incentive for players. However, the game isn’t bad; it’s not an absolute masterpiece. A weak match which you’re not going to wish to reach the end.

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